JJRC H49 Sol Foldable Mini Drone Full Review.

Cool little pocket selfie drone. So it flys okay outdoors so long as there’s not loads of wind. The Cons I see with the drone, is that it has to have a excessive alitiude to do …


  1. hmmmm looks like will buy it 26$ for h49 + h36 not bad on aliexpress

  2. I am first here and this is the best drone channel!

  3. drone video output is low quality, but cannot expect much for $89. Wonder how frame capture grabs look during editing?

  4. So nice droan ….whot price..pilz riply…

  5. 20.00 cheaper on eBay ,eBay always cheaper

  6. Why isn't their a place on the transmitter,to hold the cell for fpv

  7. Great review thanks Donnie. I got one a while back and just never got around to reviewing it. Wanted to see if there was anything special I needed to know about this one and found your review.

  8. How long lasting is the battery charge on the drone. Fly time?

  9. i think the little one can't backflip

  10. nice video! so watchable, thumbs up! new sub here! let's help each other grow 😉

  11. man..you get to play with all the cool toys. damn..nice work brotha!! A+ as usual 👍

  12. I might get this one really like the looks and so far it flys great watched many of videos lol Thanks Donnie

  13. The Rc Saylors had this drone on their channel it did not fly that long only about 2min.

  14. Nice video Donnie, perfect for the glove box when the urge becomes too great.

  15. Them poles are like magnets to your small ones. Lol thumbs up on the review, just can't get into all these gimmick drones. Fun to watch y'all review em tho.

  16. If you said it i didn't hear it, whats the battery life?

  17. Thats nice how it folds nice review 😊😉

  18. Excellent review video. 👍

  19. Nice review and demo bro. It flies good and very portable.

  20. I’ve seen this one; definitely unique looking. Pretty stable though.

  21. Donnie Hampton and the poles, eh eh eh… It looks so cool, maybe if you put bigger props on it, it will fly better outside… But then doing that will also afect the flight time, but it looks so cool with those spring popping motors… Thanks for another great review Big D

  22. Good vid I got one on the way today

  23. looks cool like they wanted the quad and radio super thin. thumbs up brother!

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