This is a ground vehicle drone and a boat, so i’m going to do an unboxing and then we’ll give us a nice closer look at the actual vehicle itself and then we’re going to actually do some testing so stay tuned and find out exactly what i think Of this little rc model, okay, so let’s get this little thing out of the box. Have a quick look at it and then we will do some testing so what i will say guys straight away i’m, not at my house, i’m somewhere else. So uh video going gon na look a little bit different but um. Nevertheless, this should be a cool little video, so straight away. You’Re gon na see you’ve got a usb charger and four spare props you’ve got your instruction manual, basically telling you everything you need to know. I don’t need to go over that it’s, going to be pretty basic and simple, so let’s go and get this out it’s. Pretty small guys let’s take it out well, as you can see, it’s, nice and small. If i quickly get tape measure and show you the exact size, so in boat form it’s, just over five and a quarter inches, which is pretty tiny and the drone itself is just over three inches. So, as you can see, it’s a tiny little drone quickly show you the transmitter. First, i must admit i’m, not a big fan on these tiny transmitters. I’Ve got reasonably small hands, but this thing is obviously tiny, but for kids, perfect size and even for me and other adults, it is a usable size but quickly go over some of the features the transmitter has so you’ve got a speed button here, a trick button.

So you can do flips and stuff like that. You’Ve got headless mode. Button, you’ve got an on off button and then you’ve got your trims. Then you’ve just basically got your input controls. That is basically it for this transmitter. If i open it up there, you can see it runs on two double a batteries, and there is my spare battery. So i bought the uh two battery version, which i think was 16 pound delivered for this whole thing, which is a bargain now, at the end of the day, guys, this little model is pretty gimmicky. Gimmicky don’t expect it to be an awesome boat or an awesome ground vehicle. The drone itself, though, is pretty cool and it performs pretty good as well as you can see here. This is a jj rc h36f. Now it is a very small drone, but because it has these ducted fan type uh, props and surrounding this thing has quite a lot of frost, um, it’s, quite a powerful little drone, but one good thing about these little guards here: you’re, not gon na damage. Anything if you do or your kid bumps into anything, so what i quickly do i’ll flip it over that’s, where you put your battery just like, so it has a single cell 3.7 volts 200 mah lipo battery that just literally slides in and then you connect it And plug it in and you’re ready to go, i am pretty sure once you plug the battery in it powers up there’s no on off switch so to actually pull it into its boat and ground vehicle form.

You just literally pull the back outwards a little bit and then pull it up that allows you to bend the drone in half. Then you just literally sit it into place, just like so there’s no clip, but that is a tight fit and, as you can see, underneath the electrics are then sealed, but bear in mind guys you will get water residue underneath um if there’s too much splashing and Stuff, like that, but yeah very basic, but pretty cool. What i would do, i will cut the video we go, i’ll charge the batteries up and then we’ll do a little bit of testing and see how much um, how much fun i have. With this little thing and like i say, then i will tell you whether i recommend it for yourself or for a little kid or something like that. So let’s cut the video and i will go, do some testing and show you guys Music, but, as you can see, it does work Music, um, Music, um, Music, uh, Music Applause, Music, very stable little quadcopter see. If we can do a trick there, we go little trick there. Oh and we went down like i said, it’s a bit windy today for it, but Music, i thought, give it a little go, see how well it goes. Music, okay, so let’s give it a quick indoor test flight as it’s a little bit windy outside so let’s. Take it up. We’Re gon na put it into speed mode, one Music very stable Music like it doesn’t, have altitude hold, but because, obviously you can keep the transmitter stick in one place.

Obviously it can puff off really stable that’s, how much left and right and forwards and backwards. So in slow mode, pretty slow, nice, nice little uh speed here, as you can see very stable, okay lynn. So, as you saw from this video, the drone actually performed pretty well in drone form. It actually handles really nice it’s super stable inside um, good speed, good power, while there’s no wind in boat form. It was okay, don’t get me wrong. It’S not gon na, be any speed records or anything like that, but for a little gimmick bit of fun actually performed reasonably well on that pond in vehicle mode, though, trying to drive this on the ground i’m, not a fan, to be honest, it just doesn’t perform Or feel like a vehicle should and you’re only going to be able to use it really on laminate or hardwood floor you’re not going to be able to take it outside and use it on the concrete or anything all right. Just will not move it’s not got the power, but in boat form it works and it works reasonably well, it’s not fast, but it’s, quite maneuverable, and it is a little bit of fun, but in drone format it actually performs really well inside outside, though you’re going To only really want to fly it on a very calm day, no wind whatsoever really because it just doesn’t have the power or the angle, the pitching angle, to fight through the wind battery life.

You’Re gon na get around six minutes flight time. But like i say, if you pick up the two battery version, that’s going to give you like 12 to 15 minutes flight time, and they only take about 25 minutes to charge, so you can have a few flights uh and then obviously um just charge it up. As you go, and then you can take it out again now what i’m going to do guys, i will leave a link in the description below to this drone, but i’m also going to leave a link in the description below to one of my favorite micro drones And that is the hubsan series now i highly recommend them. I’Ve got a few of them and they just perform awesome indoors and outside, even in wind, so i’m going to leave a link in the description to a few other drones that i highly recommend so that’s.