This is the JJ Pro P, 130 battler pretty cool little 130. This is a Super Micro size compared to what we've been flying. We normally fly to tens to 50s and 180s, but today, we're gon na take a look at this 130. This is super tiny, but it is a really nice clean little build, and I want to talk about this really quick before we do this flight, because there are some things on here that I want you to know about and also for the setup on the radio. Now, when you get this kit in the mail you're not going to have any of these switches set up and the auxiliary channels are actually set to VR let's CVRA here and VRB these two channels right here, so you want to switch in the radio. The auxilary channel to be sba for your arming, switch and your swc for your mode switch, and you can set that out using clean flight and going in here, and you just simply go into the radio set up. You got an auxilary and that's where you can change to SWC for your auxiliary, switch and swa4 your arm switch. So just wanted to repeat that really really quick for you so that you know okay, so we're gon na go ahead and set it down now. One thing before I start flying: I want to talk about the way they have this laid out. Now it has a nice three millimeter bottom plate on here and it's kind of cool, because it looks like a throwing star kind of got.

Pointy ends on here to protect the motors in a crash. They have some nice padding foam padding on the bottom of it. The receiver is down here and the antennas I actually put underneath here with a little zip tie here, because they were sticking up front out. The back excuse me, and they were just kind of hanging out, so I wanted to make sure that those didn't flop around and get caught by the props so go ahead and use an extra zip tie on the bottom and get that set up properly. It does have nice four LED on the bottom and you have noticed that you don't see the es es anywhere it's, not a 4 ml na SC they're, actually on the bottom, underneath this piece of foam. So my recommendation to you is: take a zip tie and go around these just to give them some extra security there. There is some sticky tack on the bottom of this foam holding those all in place, but a zip tie around each Cesc would be very beneficial. So this little guys got 3 inch props on here super cute, and it also has an SP race and f3 board up in here with the latest update from. I believe it was about April 2016, so it's got a fairly new firmware on here, for you, you've got a 3s 850 on here. You have 5.8 40 channel camera with race band, and you also have 800 TV, l and sort of a tilt table camera.

You don't get a whole lot of tilt out of this, but you know 130 you're gon na be cruising and then also on the back. Here we have an XT 60, which is pretty standard for most of the racers right now and we have 1306 let's, see there's a 2300 kV motors, so not a bad setup from JJ Pro. These are getting better all the time from this company and it looks super clean up inside there. All the wires are nice and wrapped up inside and nice and tight and tidy inside there. So it looks like a really nice tidy build all the way around. So my transmitter is kind of beeping at me down here and remember. I have this as my arm switch, and this is my mode switch, so I can go angle, mode horizon and then air mode all the way down so I'm. Just going to make sure that my goggles are recording, so I can record some flight footage for you. Guys. Let'S show you that nice, 800 tvl camera so I'll go ahead, an armed it and now that I'm recording on the goggles let's fly this thing, so it's gon na be pretty small in the air for me to fly but right away. That'S about your bank angle, your full bank angle, right there left and right backwards and forwards. I'Ve got a little red LED on the back kind of lets. Me know orientation, wise and I'll, just still punch out for you real quick before we get draining this battery too much ready.

Here we go one. Two three now on three s: doesn't have a lot of punch, but you know this is kind of a cruiser 130 won't have the same power as something like a 210 will have. You got blue LEDs in the front and I can switch into horizon mode and get myself a little more angle, and I can also do flips and in horizon mode see – and I don't have any rates setup in this, so it's gon na be a huge help. Oh, oh, so it's going to do a really big flip. So when you do flip into the ground, make sure you hit your kill, switch if you're in air mode? Okay, guys here it is let's inspect the crash damage, see if there's anything damaged. Here it looks like we had the the wire went around the outside of the prop so kind of a long wire back there, probably a little longer than we really need. I would add an extra zip tie here if I were you and you want to push that down a little bit to make sure that the wire is not rubbing on the back of the carbon frame, pretty important, it's gon na look it over one time before I put it up back up in the air, so yeah those uh those modes or rates rather are gon na be kind of high. So if you want to do a nice tight flip with this, make sure you set it up and clean flight and add about seventy five percent rate it's going to give you a really nice tight roll, you can do it less if you're a new person, maybe Put it on like 35 start out with 35 percent or a point 35, and that should be good, so I'm still recording on the fat sharks.

Now I'll go ahead and take back off here we go, I won't do any more rolls, but that was a good little durability test. I wasn't flying in acro. I was just cruising and horizon and remember guys this is not gon na have the punch or power like a 180 or a you know something like a 200 210 but 2205 motors. This is pretty much small scale racing right here. Now these ESC s also do support BL, Haley and one shot, so they are upgradable and updatable. I got to the end of my stick: there, the flight controller kind of overcompensated, a little bit kind of wondering what that's all about oh we're, just cruising some guy walking over to my right, so I'm gon na stay over here kind of close. But I just went on their website and looked and there's like a flash sale or something going on right now too, so you can get an art version of this for like 150 150 dollars right now, which is not a bad price. They also have a ready to fly version, which is the one I'm flying right now comes with this transmitter and that one's around 150. I believe somewhere around that price point. These are a pretty good price, so the battery is pretty much gon na be close to dead, but not a bad flying a little 130, especially since I didn't have to build it myself and that's that's super nice, because I have built one 30s and the smaller They get the more challenging they can be to build, so this one's, pretty nice.

I didn't, have to do anything. I used to come out here and cruise with my 130 just put a battery on it. Do a little in a clean flight and you're good to go, not bad at all, so I guess you know for my videos too, I want to talk about good stuff and bad stuff, good stuff Abby. This thing is already set up and ready to roll for you. You don't have to do anything but plug in the battery that comes with it after you charge it up turn on the radio and fly that's very nice for a 130. The props are nicely durable. I did crash at once and the frame held hold it up. You know it held up pretty nice it's three millimeter carbon on the bottom 1.5 up here. The only thing – okay let's talk about a few things that I don't like real, quick before I let you go the antennas sticking up front here: I'm, not a big fan of that, but it's not right up front. So I would take some maybe some hot glue and just put some hot glue coat over top of those metal antenna. Just in case you hit them, it'll make it a little more durable, because I do see that they, they got pinched a little bit in that that last crash, but not bad. You just want to make sure you bend those back, so you get the best reception, but not bad at all.

This is one of the first 130s from JJ Pro, so I look forward to more frames and more kits coming out. This is the P 130 battler.