This from a lot of the other webcams that we’ve we’ve actually reviewed in the past and what’s it’s it’s the light you know, because not everybody has lights like like. I do here, for instance, and these aren’t super expensive, but it is a couple hundred dollars worth of lights and you may be someone who’s doing a lot of you know. Web calls zoom calls things like that and you’re in a room that just doesn’t have very good light, so being able to get a little webcam that has like a built in ring light can be super cool, so we’re going to take a look at the right. Now we’re going to connect it to my computer, see what the quality is like, because we also want to see you know, quality, how wide it shoots and how much of a difference. The actual light makes yeah yeah coming up Music, okay, my friend so here here. It is this: is it the stream webcam full hd? 1080. uh noise says noise reduction microphone cool, face tracking. I like that, because, if you’re something that moves around and even on my cameras, one of the biggest reasons that i bought these cameras that i shoot with is because they actually have like eye tracking so even further, but face tracking is still cool. Keeps it in focus ring light and h.264 encoding on the amazon listing just so, you guys can see here four and a half stars out of 154 reviews, that’s excellent, um 50 bucks.

You can’t complain again well, you can complain if the quality is no good but i’m hoping four and a half stars right streaming. Webcam with three adjustable ring fill lights, full hd 1080p adjustable angle, which most of them have, but this one also has it 120 degree vertical to protect privacy perfectly by adjusting the angle. Okay, full hd i’m with you plug and play usb webcam uh works with usb 2 and 3 ready to use in less than 30 seconds at wide compatibility. So it does say and i’m glad uh 1080p webcam uh such as says it works with uh twitch, zoom skype, youtube xbox, one xsplit, mike’s mix, facetime facebook live vlogging, obs and it’s compatible with mac windows, uh, android, smart tvs, etc, etc seems it seems like it Should be a dream right there, it is different kind of colors, oh long, press, to switch to the different color modes. So long press where i don’t know there must be a button somewhere i’m with you uh, oh it’s, a touch control, oh i’m, with you, okay, built in noise reduction; yep, accurate, autofocus love. It see that if that’s the image is accurate uh, i i’d be happy with that kind of width right and wide compatibility xbox. One i’m curious now i’m, not my xbox one is all packed up, so we won’t be doing that now, but uh very interesting and again we’ll see the quality all right here. It is.

This. Is the box right there’s your effective resolution, uh 1932 height by 1088 that’s funny, because it says that and then it says 2560 by 1440. i’m guessing that maybe the actual resolution versus what it’s, maybe it’s, uprised a bit i’m, not 100. Sure, video stream, uh fill light dimensions, field of view. Diagonal 90 degree wide angle. Right usb is about one and a half meters all right and, of course it has a little contact information, ajiga yeah. I like saying that, okay in the box, what else do we get? We get? We get a little stand, which is nice. This is kind of standard. Little stand that you and i get with these kind of things, that’s cool. We get a webcam. Oh, this must be just the manual yeah here we go there’s your manual uh. It shows you how to go through your lights, how to adjust the intensity of the light one time two times, uh hold the switch ring for two seconds to change the light. How to install plug it in question and answers uh i have. I have. I have good good thoughts, i’m thinking positively about this. Okay and last but not least, the camera oh, and it has the cable physically attached to it, which is excellent. Now for us on a on a newer like mac like a macbook, for instance at least at this time, who knows what’s coming out in the future. We need an adapter, because this is usb a and, of course, usb c is what’s on macbook pros.

So i have to adapt this voila to usb c for those of you on an imac or those of you on a possibly like a mac mini depending on the year or a windows. Computer uh, you won’t, need an adapter, so good on you there’s a little tripod, fella i’m gon na. Should we use a tripod now this just so, you guys can see right. I’M gon na move this garbage around here i’m hoping cause that’s. I, like the little light that’s yeah that’s, fancy i like it. So hopefully you guys can see this i’m gon na just move this over here. You guys, i think, can see that. Okay and you know, if i had, can you yes? Okay, if i had this, for instance, for instance, this just kind of goes – you know you open this like so it’s got a little little flippy guy here, which is kind of that’s going to attach on your back. I guess, and this tilts up and this basically you just get it here. You figure out how to snug it. You get your tilt angle. Oh, i see what it says see how you can rotate this a little bit like that or up and down ah that’s. What it’s talking about okay, i like that or or of course you can just mount it on this right if you’re like nope, just going on the little tripod guy, because the bonus of course of because you may have a computer, maybe in a weird spot, like Over here and you’re talking like this, so you want this somewhere else or just even on your own tripod right so i’m, going to minimize some of this stuff here and you guys will be able to see the quality and we’re just going to plug it in Ready plug it in boom, i don’t know if anything happened but i’m guessing maybe, and we are going to go.

Uh yeah we’ll go into facetime just right now: facetime we’ll facetime. Do it let’s see if face time, i’ll do it. So my guess is right now. So this is facetime and this is i’m guessing the standard. Facetime camera all right, standard, facetime, camera right here, uh, you can say hd, webcam right, so camera all right, very, very blue. I guess it’s got ta, auto, detect, but let’s see. Can we we have a little bit of a light, hold that all right, and then we, oh yeah, so i see it, you get these little differences in in here now see it needs the white balance right. I think the quality is not bad, but the white balance i’m trying to get some different colors here. Okay, so i want a little bit more yellow all right. That’S definitely got some bluish tone to it for sure uh let’s quit out of that for a minute and let’s go into let’s go into my photo booth here for for a sec all right and again, this is the uh standard right. This is the standard, camera and i’m hoping camera. I can switch this so quality wise. Actually there you go that’s not too bad and i’m in a weird scenario right, because you know, if i turn this way there we go because i’ve got all kinds of colored lights happening and it’s, probably throwing the white balance off. Can i change this? There? We go so, i would say, quality wise, you guys are probably you’re seeing it, but not fantastically you’ll see the screen here.

Uh quality wise on the screen, it looks, it looks actually pretty good right focus is good. There widthwise, i see. Widthwise is actually it’s. Actually, nice for width, it runs in my opinion, as you can see here, it runs a little hot. Maybe maybe – and it could just be my lights right. So if i turn this light off, for instance, hold on oh yeah, see that’s a little better and i think it’s just because like if i’m back here. Actually it does quite well that looks that looks great right. I’M, not in the best scenario, because um it’s it’s, having probably it’s, not designed really to get all these powerful lights. Let’S turn off one more light hold on okay, but this because it does have right you’re getting some some extra light. Let’S uh let’s let’s turn it here yeah and we got we got better color. It definitely has some problems with mixed light, but i do like the fact that you get some extra light, so even in a dark room like this, you know it’s, uh, it’s lighting me up and i’m getting some reflection in my eyes, yeah all right. I think, if you’re in an environment that’s it just doesn’t have a lot of light right, because now you know and i’ve got like. I said i’ve always got all kinds of weird lighting going on in here, but for the most part like it does have some you can see the white balance changing but that’s, because that light back there is changing its color temperatures, it’s a design thing, but over Here once it kind of figures out what the color is, it locks on pretty good it doesn’t start flicking around and changing white balance, all right, okay, but i do like the width.

The width is good, you know, and it seems to be locking on to me. Okay, all right let’s turn some lights back on hold on now. If you do have an aggressively bright light uh, it has a bit of problems right. Definitely, it looks cleaner because the sensor is small but that’s. Okay, it’s just it gets hot – gets a little hot. In there now, i do believe if you’re running a program like uh obs, obs whatever it is something like that. I do believe that in the program like that, you could actually adjust like the exposure, so that would be. That would be better um, that’s that’s. It right there, you guys you guys, are seeing it right, it’s it’s lit up and you can see there. You know if i tap this it’s off on and then she goes through your different color temperatures right and then, if you just tap, you actually go through how bright it is, so it doesn’t get crazy bright, but it has a like a softening on it right. A little diffuser, yeah, okay, that’s all right. I don’t mind it. You know for 49 bucks if you’re looking for uh well you’re looking for a webcam – and you know you’re going to be somewhere. That light can be a bit of an issue right, but you don’t want to be blasting lights because maybe maybe you’re dealing with someone overseas and so – and i do this.

Luckily i have a room but you’re dealing with someone overseas and uh. You know so it’s dark here when it’s daytime there so you’re in a room in a stark – and you know you don’t – want to wake anybody up. So a little light like this can be can be useful for sure all right, my friends i’m going to leave. You there i’m going to put links to this down below if you’re interested jigging, not focusing. Why are you not focusing there? You go, i think, that’s better with with a little ring light, yeah it’s, all right all right. My friends links down below like comment, share, subscribe, hit that little notification bell and uh.