Now this company basically took a racing drone, the kinds that the kids fly, call them fpv drones and they scaled it up. So you could climb inside of one and fly it yourself. So if you thought drones were cool now, you dont need the first person view anymore, which is basically where you would feed a camera with the drones perspective back to your goggles on the ground and then it would be like you were flying around. But now you actually can get inside the drone. My reaction to this video was it blew my mind. I wasnt expecting to see this so soon and ive been flying drones since i came out about 10 years ago. So for me personally, it was super super cool im gon na read you guys real quick. While we watch the rest of this video, some of the specs and stuff off the jetson arrow website. Jetsonaro.Com jetson is a swedish company with a mission to change the way we travel. We aim to make skies available for everyone with our safe personal electric aerial vehicle justin was founded by peter turnstorm and thomas pettin in 2017. It says we intended to make everyone a pilot. Our prototype proof of concept was finished in the spring of 2018 and until now, weve been very busy working on a consumer friendly version. That project resulted in the jetson one, a commercially available personal electric aerial vehicle that you can own and fly wow safety is your number one priority: whoa race car, inspired space frame safety cell design, hands free hover and emergency functions; ballistic parachute with rapid deployment time.

How cool is that you can fly safely with the loss of one motor, interesting, triple redundant flight computer, lidar sensor, driven terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance, wow awesome. You can start and land anywhere. This is a vtol vertical takeoff and landing. It weighs 190 pounds or 86 kilograms. Maximum pilot weight is 210 pounds folds up to 900 millimeters its got a flight time of 20 minutes top level flight speed, it says, is 63 miles per hour. Flight controls are a three axis joystick and a throttle lever. The high discharge lithium ion battery max power output of 88 kilowatts chassis type is all aluminum space airframe. The motor type is a high output electric brushless outrunner motor awesome, its just like a giant rc toy and you can climb inside it. I mean this is exactly what the specs on the racing drone look like you guys. A complete vehicle is 92 000 usd and is delivered to you as a 50 assembled kit for home completion. It contains everything you need from the aluminum space frame to motor controllers. Propellers and motors youll also receive detailed, build instructions. Of course, if you want to have your own jetson one, please contact us for purchase 22 000 usd deposit to reserve a build slot. We plan to have 12 build slots for autumn 2022, with production starting during the summer of 2022.. Please contact peter turn storm at peter at to order or for questions, delivery, 2022.

awesome and looks like theres already uh. Oh all, 12 of those first chassis are reserved. We got two guys in san francisco, someone in sweden, italy, brazil, south carolina, mexico, spain, santa fe, california, irvine california, germany and washington, usa, thats, where i live, super cool all right. You guys thats it on this.