You want thats what the engineers at jetson are: selling freedom, Music, oh Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, all right heres. The part that youre probably going to start asking questions about this awesome machine so lets dive right into the details. So jetson is a swedish company founded by peter turnstrom. Hey. My last name is wallstrom. I wonder for family. Maybe a cousin, also founder in chief, is thomas patton test flight engineer, anna kwasniska, head of communications, san sooner and chief financial officer, jorn lagerkrantz tech specs, the jetson weighs in at 190 pounds or 86 kilograms. Maximum pilot weight is 210 pounds or 95 kilograms. Hey im. Just 10 pounds overweight with when folded this things foldable got ta, get you more details on that flight time with 187 pound pilot wait a minute. I thought it was a 210 pound pilot flight time with 187 pound pilot is 20 minutes top level speed software limited to 63 miles per hour and im sure they do that to classify as an ultra light. Aircraft 63 miles per hour is the red line on your speed. Flight controls are via three axis joystick and a throttle lever battery type high discharge lithium ion max total power output is 88 kw. Chassis type is all aluminum space frame, really no carbon, fiber or kevlar guys motor type, high power output, electric brushless outrunner. So this thing weighs in on your wallet at 92 000 us dollars and is delivered to you as a partially 50 percent assembled kit.

It contains everything you need from the aluminum space frame to motor controllers, propellers and motors. You will also receive detailed bill instructions, good plans, that a book plans in a build book, and if you want to have your very own jetson, it looks like youre gon na have to pony up 22 000 as a deposit, but wait. It looks like theyre sold out get in line for 2023 guys all right lets talk about safety for a minute because its their number one priority has race car, inspired space frame safety, cell design, hands, free hover and emergency functions. Ballistic parachute with rapid deployment time can fly safely with the loss of one motor id really like to see these things lose half of their motors and still maintain flight to be honest, triple redundant flight, computer, lidar, sensors, driven terrain tracking and obstacle avoidance welcome to the Future, well, i hope you all have enjoyed this episode of the experimental aircraft channel. This is all the information ive got at this moment, ive reached out to peter turnstrom via email, hoping hell get back to us. We can get an interview all the way across the pond and get more details about this amazing aircraft. Hey guys, one second, hey guys, youve, probably seen me traveling a whole lot these days. What makes all this possible getting this original aviation content? Is sponsors like these dine on avionics, at air tech coatings at air airworks at airworksaviation.

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