Oh my gosh thats. What im calling it? At least these are what is this edf edf motors? What you would typically have on like a foamboard jet? Okay, a matter of fact, i got the idea from quad mover just recently. I saw one of his youtube videos and he was flying something similar to this, but when he flew his he didnt have fpv on it. I thought itd be really cool to stick fpv on one and see how it flies the last time i remember seeing anything like this or hearing about it was back in the flight test days and they talked about how bad edf motors were. I figured what makes an edf bad. I dont know i think that maybe theyre not as responsive as a regular motor, maybe theyll, be slower to respond at least thats. What flight tests experienced back in the day when they talked about using edf motors for a drone. So edf i think that stands for electric ducted fan right. Could you technically say this is a jet? I think it is technically a jet. I think we should say i think weve got jet drones, so yeah the edf actually comes as a plastic tube with the motor mounted to it, and then i actually had to cut this frame out of g10 on my cnc router and then glue the ducts to The frame yeah theyre just glued on there. This is not the type of thrust system we usually use typically on a drone.

Weve got a motor mounted to an arm and a propeller mounted to the motor, but this is not really a prop in there thats like a fan. What is it like, 10 blades, and they overlap? How many are there 12 blades theres? 12 blades? What would you say the size of this? I mean these look like two inch fans yeah its two inches. Finding clockwise and counterclockwise edf motors was a challenge like the first time i bought these. I ended up because it all comes as one unit its not like. You could just buy four motors and then buy different direction. Props yeah, like i, i originally bought four clockwise by accident thinking. Oh, this will work fine, then again, im like oh darn it you need the spinny boys to spin in two different directions on the opposing axises and when you want to yaw, you spin up the props that are going in the same direction to get that yaw Force, if all four props were spinning the same direction, it would just go whoa but im curious how much yaw authority youll actually get out of this, because this seems very heavy for whats effectively a two inch prop right yeah, it is pretty heavy. Those are some pretty big motors, its taller than it is wide, so this is a 2611 motor. This is a bigger motor than we use on any of our five inch quads and its all driving this little two inch fan, which is telling me theres something going on here: 4600 kv yeah thats insane right.

So what what type of battery are we using? A four cell, its rated for three or four cells, what a four cell on it: yeah 45 amps four times 45. I mean thats about what our drones are rated for. I mean thats a lot of amps yeah. I mean, i think, well hit the limitation of the battery like theres no battery. I dont care what the c rating tells you. I do definitely have some durability concerns. I mean this whole thing is plastic right, so the motor is actually suspended by this plastic duct itself and its hanging out there. I think, on a crash. If you hit that bell, youre, probably just going to shatter this thing right. I would not call this crash proof. These were made to be glued into foam board airplanes, not hung off a g10 frame and power loop. You typically dont crash a foamboard airplane, very often yeah youre, not flying it again. Yeah come on lets fly this thing. I want to see what this thing can do, maybe its going to just rip by like a five inch. Maybe this is the next wave. Maybe i think banggood will clone this. I cannot believe, did you see they did? They did bone drum a nice one too? Its so it is nice i i kind of wanted to buy it its so fun, bang good. That was a joke. We got you. I guess we werent trying to get you all right.

Rock paper scissors rock paper. All right. You got a battery yeah. Where should we take off because the motor is on the bottom? I dont think i want you jumping it off the table. So when you arm it, oh god, oh yeah, it goes a little wild huh should we hand launch it. I mean i guess this is actually totally safe to hand launch yeah. You would have to try so hard to get your fingers in there. Yeah yeah lets hang on to it. Oh its instability, okay, now its Music, oh no way! Oh my god. I can tell this: has a lot of power thats crazy? It is not at all stable, like it feels very badly tuned, but i just i also think thats just a function of the motors. The sound is so crazy. It does sound like jets, doesnt it its quieter than i thought. I think it is, i think, its pretty loud man all right bring it up close. I mean then like a thin whoop right, its going to be quieter than that. I guess it is youre right, or at least maybe the the tone is more pleasant. I dont know i think the tone is cool, because it sounds like a bunch of little jets, so this was fully charged. We started im already down to 15 3 and ive. Only been flying for about 57 seconds, so i dont know how efficient it is. I think its all right, i mean at full throttle its sagged down to 14 7 thats, not bad, so this is when you just send it right and so do a trick.

You havent no, i wan na im. Just gon na do im just doing a shakedown run ill. Let you do the first trick im just flying through some gaps, yeah its really bobbly. When you see it like it, doesnt have, it seems like any authority like it. Just drops huh yall is fine. I was very concerned about yaw. I didnt know how much angular momentum youd actually get out of those little ducted bands um, but uh yeah, its working, just fine, no problem with yall all right. Im gon na do one roll and do one roll here im gon na come over, so you can get a good pick all right someone to do it three, two one roll whoa. Did you see that snapback yeah? That was really weird. I dont know. If i got that well, it was like you, you didnt, make the full roll and then, when you applied throttle it kind of wanted to all right ill. Try it again. Okay, if i ever its anytime, i go low throttle. So heres, what im doing im just cruising here, im chopping throttle and getting back on it. I have to be really smooth im, trying look, how slow i get back on the throttle so chop and just bleed onto it, and it still bobbles like if i really get aggressive with it like chop and get on it. Oh, it seemed like it was gon na fall out of the sky there, so you really have to like, i think, thats what it is, its, not responsive.

So, like the pid controller, i i think is like too fast for it or its very responsive and we need to lower p. I dont i cant tell okay. I got that roll a lot smoother because i just went way slower on reapplying throttle so rather than like catching it like making it really snappy. I like im gon na stop while rolling Music. Oh it just totally went crazy. It looks broken. No! No! Oh! No! Its on tape, its untaped from this piece – oh cause – you mentioned that you mentioned that theres two plastic pieces and they were just taped together, so we could just put it back together and re tape it or re glue it of all things to fail. Yeah. I think i was wondering if i should have put a second that bead of glue around it. The motors are pretty warm. The basic rule is like: if you can touch it, then its not too hot thats what people say, but that seems pretty hot to me, but maybe not too bad like if you can touch it for a few seconds, its just a little tape. So this thing came in basically two plastic pieces, the one that has the flare to it, the actual airfoil and then one thats just a tube, and i guess it was just taped together, dude im, sorry, i could not like it just went into like a death. Wobble, i wonder if it came loose plastic and then that was because that might have what happened because it seemed like it was doing fine, but then it was just like nothing like i had no control lets see if we can fix it back up Music.

I wonder if its going to fly better just from having the reinforced tape yep give him the throttle. Oh, oh it just died, did it yeah it stopped one motor is not spinning. It went like turbo mode. I think one of the motors may be bad and you know how it limits power to the other motors one motor one one motor goes bad itll power, the other three thats. What seems like whats happening to me is that its shutting down one motor and the other ones were, i think, its, that front left. One was acting up Music, all right guys, so its kind of a bummer that the edf drone didnt work out, because james was pretty pumped to uh fly one of seans, weird drones and today is his last day in orlando hes, getting on a plane in four Hours and we were just at the warehouse getting ready to get him packed up and sean shows up and i got it fixed he might have been fixed. What did you do and whatd you have to get that? Well, luckily, i knew this was going to happen. So i automatically ordered six motors instead of four, so i had to basically cut off two of the ducks and glue on two more ducks and restart the motors, but were back together again we got four working motors. Hopefully it goes better. This time we dont have any spares right, thats it. No, that is the last.

This is last chance all right its alive, not dead. Yet all right, well just do a little cruise. It looks so cool, oh yeah, i mean line of sight. It looks wicked its got these four motors hanging down looking better than you would think it would get a little more juice. All right lets see if we can. What about a high speed? Okay, wow, okay, all right, yeah yeah whats the voltage, no its its nothing like 15, 4 from 15, 8. kind of so like yeah. It seems pretty efficient yeah all right. We got the radar gun ready, but i got a low battery here. Come with me come towards 15.. That was pretty quick. I mean considering how small of it yeah try to come from a farther distance away, yeah full throttle from all the way back there. Yeah thats better yeah, 70., 70., okay yeah – that was wow. Okay, okay, i mean its ducted, so i cant hurt you is that the first time we landed it yeah? This is the first time weve landed this way. So you think that was all that you could give it 70.. That was like all the way up. That was up all the way. Yeah i mean we could throw one more on. Do it right the first time, yeah and then maybe well, get that i want a fully charged battery? Okay, i mean jets are supposed to be fast right. Edfs, like yeah when you use edfs with planes like the whole idea, is its really fast yeah.

Its really fast and youre not supposed to slow down very much with them. Oh nope, that was, it did uh. Oh, i think it lost a motor or something i i went full throttle and it would just well again i mean i applied throttle. It was pretty sure its going to be toasted. Ah, i think its more broken than the last time it was broken, yeah, its its oh, oh yeah. We broke it again. Edfs are bad dont. Do it thats the lesson for today edf drone bad idea? I mean it was a fun idea: yeah, it sounded really cool. It did sound like it looked interesting 70 miles. An hour may not seem fast relative to some of the really fast drones that weve seen here before 130.. What were you saying about this yeah? I mean whats like the fastest two inch drone that youve ever flown right right, like yeah, i guess, if you compare it to a two inch drone, then this is incredibly fast. Its got a ridiculous amount of thrust coming off the bottom yeah, but im not sure you could compare this to a two inch drone because its using the same battery, we would use on a five inch drone. It weighs a lot about the same as a five inch drone. These are very beefy motors. These are bigger than the motors we use on our five inch quads. I think what was most interesting about this.

It continued to accelerate for longer, like these motors, seem to just continue to take a lot of spool up right, so we might have been able to get it even faster if youve been able to start further back and hold full throttle for longer without it. Just rattling itself, apart a couple more attempts at it to figure out what the top speed actually was. You know i think we got a decent idea it just it was too much power, yeah too much power for hot glue and tape, yeah and thats. The other thing is just building. This was obviously a challenge yeah right yeah. I think if i designed the frame a little bit different, i could have made it a little bit stronger but were still dealing with plastic yeah. I think you approached it as you normally approach putting things together, which is make the frame really tough in this frame. Yeah youre not gon na break that its a really tough frame, but the frame is by no means the weak point, its these motors that oh yeah, i feel like. I can just break it just like if i just cranked it yeah there. It goes so yeah practical yeah for sure, but it was cool to see and it was cool to see just a different type of of motor used. I mean theres a good reason why we use outrunner motors with direct mounted, props and theres a good reason.

Weve settled on five inch. Props for most of the freestyle were doing. I mean, i think, the thing that surprised me, the most is how well it flew like yeah, i didnt, i didnt think it was gon na. You know maneuver as smoothly as it did and have the throttle response that it did, even though it took a little while for it to wind up it flew great yeah, so guys, if you enjoyed this video hit a thumbs up to.