Today i am super excited. We are taking a look at an awesome class b motorhome. This one can safely travel four people. This is a 2022 jayco swift model. 20A. We are gon na. Take a look at the outside features first, and the inside features then were gon na give you three things. We love about the jayco swift and three things we dislike about. It were starting in three two one, hey everyone again welcome back to another video. My name is matt from matts rv reviews its worlds, only channel giving you that true, unbiased review about everything when it comes to rvs and again today. I am super excited to be taking a look at this awesome class b, camper van on the dodge ram platform. Chassis, but before i begin, i would like to say hi to andrea, hey, andrea, hi, everyone hows it going. Oh matt, you just stumped me why i didnt know jayco made class bs. Yes, yes, they just got into the class b market. This is the sister product to the integra ethos. Oh yes, and thank you so much to rv1 of tampa. Yes for letting us be here today, 813. 659. 0008. If you like this motorhome or any motorhome, make sure you give them a call. Yes, im excited to see this. Yes, absolutely and big. Shout outs to all our sponsors andre. Did you notice the new intro? I did big shout out to my waggle rv share and campground views, wow andrea, that theyre the reason why were able to be independent and theyre the reason why were able to bring you a new jayco swim? Thank you.

So much to our sponsors model is jayco. Swift, 20a, the actual tip to tip length of this motorhome is 20 feet. 11 inches. This is the jayco swift and, as andrea said, this is jaycos first class b, motorhome very nice theyve been doing really well, it is on the ram chassis. It does have the 3.6 liter v6 engine 188 horsepower very fuel efficient and nice. This ones such a unique and different floor plan. I really really like it coming on down the side here check out these tires andre theyre, the nixons. I love those lt225 75r16 right here. We do have the mirrors okay and then this is the front part. It says: jayco we have a nice running board and everything and andrea. This is. This would be considered more of an entry level class b um, because its on the ram jayco doesnt make anything on the mercedes, not yet anyway, opening the door. First and foremost, we do have a nice tully awning with led lights. Okay check this out andrea. When have you ever seen a ram chassis with four captains chairs i have not neither have. I makes it super awesome, super unique and rare and again technically, hang on a second. Let me go inside technically, you could sit six people in here if two people sat back there but thats, why i said in the intro: you can safely seat four people, because four theres four captains chairs. I love that and then right here, andrea uh.

Oh, i dont want to break that. It is a nice screen door right there, very nice coming on down the side here, got speakers speakers on the outside yep power for the outside and then right heres, where they located their truma, instant, hot tankless water heater coming around the back. We do have a nice bike rack. Thank you so much to jayco for elevating the bike. Rack. Yes, to make sure i dont smack the back wow. We do have a hitch: 35 uh, 3 500 pound hitch. I dont recommend towing anything behind these ram pro masters and then andre check out this area in the rear. Here nice very unique, very open concept. You can put a bike, a kayak in here very nice right here. You do have an outdoor shower power, outlet and everything, and then right here in the door. Andrea got some storage not much, but something, and then you have these uh privacy for right here very nice. This is definitely a unique class uh a unique floor plan of class b. So listen guys. I want you to do me, a favor hashtag van life right. We love our van life. Now um leave a comment down below. Let us know what you think about this motorhome, because ive never seen anybody do a floor plan quite like this and i think its different and we like different ones. Also. It looks like we have a backup camera up there, yes, maam and look at the little bird.

The j cover. Yes, yes, coming on down the side here: andrea heres, where you dump your tanks, black and gray tank love that solar right here, tank flush, city, water connection, 30, amp unit, everythings, right there, very nice heres where you dump your holding tank theres, your propane fill and Everything in andrea thats, an exhaust, no thats, an exhaust, oh theres, the generator here you go, it does have a generator. This is the onan 2800i generator. Well, andrea up got that yeah coming on down the side here, heres, where you fill up your fuel, your drivers area and everything andre the outside of the jayco swift looks great, but the inside looks even better lets. Go. Take a look! Oh! I cannot wait to see this. Yes, oh thats, cute the led lights, all right, everybody, as you can see. This is how it is look at this i mean, like you, said what a great walkway look at that oh interesting, how the kitchens back here wow! This is interesting yes and andrea. Before we begin, i want to give a big shout out to the sponsor of this episode. Campgroundviews.Com, you guys know, they do 360 digital tours of their campsites. Whats really exciting. Now is that they partner with So not only can you tour the campsites, you select your date. If you like that campsite and that date, you can book that actual campsite, no ne. That way you can book the best view.

I have an interview with mark the ceo of ive, linked it up there below. Also we do have a special promo code down below. Please use our link if youre interested in and thank you to because of them we are now 100 independent. Bringing you awesome reviews like this jacob. Yes, thank you so much and you guys it really is a one stop shop, so make sure you check that out. Perfect andrea lets get started up front in this cockpit area. All right, typical, dodge series, chassis, andre, no need to sit up here, its kind of hot up here, um we do got your power, mirror windows and everything right there. The mirrors are power as well. Look at that new. It has that um it lets. You know if somebodys in your blind spot its like a lane, yep yep for sure uh. You do have your steering wheel right here. You can see over very very nice features, theres your uh screen and everything – reverse neutral, drive, auxilary everythings right here, super nice in the passenger seat, heres, where it is, i believe, andrea. I dont believe, hang on a second storage up there, lots of storage. I cannot tell if these seats swivel yep, they do swivel nice seat up there and everything. Just your typical ram chassis. You are sitting up a little elevated and thats just what it is with, though, with the dodge uh right there.

We do have the storage above there and then look at whats going on right here: okay, up up nice dang, that is cool. This is very cool. I wonder if this can be turned on, while youre driving down the road. That would be super nice, especially because you got the two captains chairs here right, pretty cool! Yes, very nice right here, it looks like you got your radio player and everything usb okay, nice cabinetry, hero style, yes, maam, very nice: you got it yep, okay, very nice, and then you do have these windows here and they do appear to open yep. Just like that, and then you do have a little screen as well sure is: it has a blind mcd, shade, yep, yep and then andrea. Why dont you sit in this passenger seat all right, oh, my goodness. Is that not nice, oh wow! Is this not cruising? No, no. This is really comfortable. Im serious, like i could totally just sit back here. While you drive and work and just work. No, i would take a nap. This is really comfortable. This is probably one of the most comfortable seats. Ive ever seen, dude im telling you this would be a great motorhome for matts rv reviews, oh yeah, for for us to have like you know, somebodys driving. We have a chauffeur and were editing videos on the road. We got like a lagoon style table here. Yep electrical outlet, usbs um, a little storage.

You know cubby here, yeah really comfortable. Have you sat in it? Nope? Oh yeah? Oh yes, it is. You got your little privacy blind here chauffeur! Please take us to rv one of orlando. Thank you and lets see this tv is super cool. That was easy. Yes, very, very nice got your panel. There yep looks like we got some storage here, its probably going to be for the kitchen so well save that in a second, oh and lets see. Okay, all right so yeah i got ta go back. This were gon na have to do the macarena, hashtag van life. Oh wow, not bad yeah, not bad! For me, a lot smaller, but not bad, for a bee. This is your wet bath. Okay – and let me tell you guys something – this is what ive learned people arent people are buying these theyre not using these. This is for when theyre in the badlands or theyre in yosemite or yellowstone national park – and there is no bathroom around for a hundred miles. Then you use this, but for the most part youre using the bath houses, youre, taking your shower at the bath houses or youre, driving this to a hotel for the night and getting all cleaned up and everything this just for emergency and andrea im not going to Give it a prime poop position but its awfully awfully nice and, i must say, a pretty spacious bathroom for it being the ram yeah and i do see a shower curtain.

Yes, maam, okay, i mean i thought it was going to be a lot smaller me too. Yup nope, they did a great job. Well, andrea! Do you know what time it is its now time for the msrp now lets, kick it over to jaycos website, so we can build a 2022 one of these, so first go to jayco and select the class bs. You then get two floor plans. The 20a and the 20t today were going to price out the 20a. So, while on the website, you can see your interior decor is autumn exterior decor theres, no options theres only one um, but in the future, when there is options. Youll be able to see it and then check this out guys. Look at this. There is absolutely no options on this class b motorhome, so the msrp is 137 400, and if you live in canada, it is 137 693. great and again big, shout out to rv1 of tampa florida, eight one, three, six: five: nine: zero: zero, zero! Eight! If you want to buy one of these jaycos or any jaycos, make sure you guys give them a call make sure you tell them, you saw it on matts rv reviews because theyre going to give you one of, if not the best price in america. So, thank you to rv1 andre. I want to show everybody the kitchen all right, okay, so im going to start right here. Yes, so it looks like we got some storage here.

Okay, i guess you could use it as your pantry, yes maam or wardrobe yep. Okay. I, like the cabinets very nice: okay, oh my goodness, this wow holy moly. This is big that is holy moly, oh wow, guys andrea thats, one of the biggest fridges ive seen in the classroom. I have never seen one this big class b and heres your freezer. Oh yeah, that is incredible, wow and look thats, so nice that will change, definitely be a game. Changer. Oh yeah, okay, heres, the kitchen, another tv. Why wow? That is insane? Okay, so we got another cabinet here for storage, yes, maam, theres, storage behind the tv. I think so um, you know what matt i dont like messing with these. Why dont you try to get that? Okay, oh! Is it up here? It is look at that storage wow utilized in every space. Yes, okay, very nice. Over here we got a tower of power: yes maam they gave you a window. We got the two burner: propane, cooktop, okay, okay, im gon na go right here; yes, maam. We got a convection microwave, so nice interesting, oh whats, this, oh nice, nice little pull out solid, surface countertop and it has a tower of power right there. This is actually shocking, yeah, very nice. This is an entry level and then storage. We got a drawer there. Then weve got come on down over here. Okay, im, not a big fan of these uh huh looks like they gave you.

Oh look. You got a little. Oh okay, yeah put your dishes and cutting board thats nice. This turns, and then we have another cabinet down here, yes maam, which is actually a great size, wow very yeah. I like it very nice, perfect and then over here across, is storage and pillows. Yes, maam storage right there there and there now. I want to just see – probably not anything under there. No, if you slide through jeez, if you slide through it does this does come out to make a bed. Okay and – and i dont want to demonstrate it andrea, but im going to these are always complicated to me hold on just gon na slide. Okay, it should be oh, its heavy lets, try to move these off real, quick to see how it works. Oh, is it locked over here? Oh there, you go okay, okay! Now that is a very little bed. Its not locked in so were not going to lay on it. No just leave that off, but both cushions do go right there for it to um, be a full size bed, but its definitely interesting a little set up there. If you give me that cushion there, this is what van lifes all about andrea hashtag, family, hashtag yeah this. This definitely is for. This is an outdoor enthusiast yeah. This is not for this bed isnt this rv isnt for people who like to sleep in it right as much.

You know what im saying definitely pros and cons its more almost like a day cruise, its a great tailgater, actually yeah for sure. Well, andrea thats. It thats the review thats the jayco swift now before everybody leaves its now time. We give you three things: we love about the jayco swift and three things we dislike about andrea. What do we do? First, um, three things we just like about it: okay, heres. What im gon na say first dislike is gon na, be the best set up here uh. This is really a single sleeper, even if you pull it out and do a double um. This is a four seater, so four people can travel in here, but only two people can really sleep. I will say i almost rather see it be the electronic kind, where you can just push the button and it slides for sure for sure that is number one. Andre, do you have a number two dislike? Yes, im, not a big fan of um. You know when, like driving a dodge thats, just me yeah how elevated it is yeah it just it its weird to me, but thats just my opinion. It is a okay, so thats gon na be number two and then number three dislike andrea, its really hard to find dislikes in here yeah i mean for what it is. You know right i mean it gets the job done for it being what it is um.

I was pretty impressed with the bathroom and do you have another one um, not really sorry. I cant help you much there. I know right yeah, i mean theres, not really much that i dont like about it. I mean it. The kitchens great stole my dodge thing. Okay, i will say: okay talk to me all right, i kind of wish that it had some more storage as far as like um under here, okay um, especially when you open up the back doors, people normally like to be able to get to some put some Things away perfect and theres, not really any storage, thats good thats, a dislike thats number three thats number three! Well andre thats, three things we dont like about it now its time for three things: we love about this motorhome, you ready for me to go. First, you are, i love this concept here of it being like a day cruiser right or when youre traveling like really far yeah, and you got long drives, yep its really comfortable yeah, exactly um thats number one. You know this isnt, like a uh, a camper van, where people are gon na, be its more of like a day cruiser okay, i i dont know how to say or like a mobile office right, definitely thats number one number, two andrea im gon na say i Am pretty impressed with the size of this bathroom im gon na combo it andrea with the size of this phrase? Well, you stole my dislike very big fridge.

Very big bathroom for a very small motorhome was not expecting that very impressive impressed as well. So thats number two okay i have to. I have to give props to how comfortable the chairs are im, really not kidding um. You know i we get in class bees all the time. This really is. You know the most comfortable chair, ive ever sat in im. Gon na combo that andrea im gon na combo that with the fact that there is four captains chairs absolutely again guys, this is a unit for traveling in you know and its comfortable and so think about it. This way, this is more for the people who who take long road trips, who dont like the flying planes. Yes, who have special dietary needs? Yes right they got all their food with them or who might have um restroom problems right and then you always have everything with you or you have pets yeah. You know i mean this is great yeah for travel. Not only that i mean yeah, i mean this. Is just so nice for traveling? I agree, dont buy this if youre going. You know two trips a year this for the person who plans on putting some miles yes and its like a commuter rv, hybrid, yeah, yeah, its nice well andre lets step outside. Okay. Well, andrea thats, it thats the review. Thank you guys helps you everybody so much for watching and thank you to rv1 of tampa florida again, six, five, nine, zero, zero, zero! Eight give them a call.

Let them know you saw it on matts rv reviews, and i promise you guys. Theyre gon na hook you up with a fantastic deal on this jayco swift or any jayco big, shout out to again ive linked links to their websites down below and all our sponsors down below also make sure you watch the video with mark the ceo, its A great company a great product – and i know you guys – are really going to enjoy it and because of them thats how were able to be independent, andre anything you want to say: yes, hey everybody, oh yep! Thank you so much for watching. Let us know the three things that you like about this rv and the three things that you dislike uh jamie from jayco will be reading the comments. Yes, so make sure you guys leave feedback, you know, since it is brand new. Yes, they like to know what you think um. Thank you so much, yep uh. We appreciate you and rv1. Thank you. Thank you guys, all of them, everybody absolutely so much. We hope you guys are safe and well thanks for watching. Thank you.