Now this is the one in two of the vehicles of the one million dollar vehicles that i have uh. The drone is the other one. I have actually sorry, not the drone, the the vault pike that’s, another one i have, and i do have to say the drone is one of my favorite vehicles. I use it a lot. It’S it’s really easy to get uh the one, not the one million dollar jet pack, just the jet pack it’s really easy to get the jet pack, because you just got ta fly over here and then boom. You have a jet pack, while with any other road vehicle you got ta, go all the way to power plant down this road down over here. Then you have to do a zigzag until you get to the jet pack. So, overall, the drone is doing really good right. Now you can get a jet pack, it’s, really cool now, what’s really nice is that it goes pretty fast and another. You can like go down this tunnel, it’s, really good. Another good reason why people want the drone is because, unlike the military helicopter, it’s it’s small, which means you can go inside the volcano base with the military helicopter, you can’t go inside the volcano base. So if there’s campers and then you exit there’s a very good chance that you’re gon na get arrested, especially if you go to a place like museum, where you can’t hold a gun, you have to hold a bag, but let’s say you have to get in and Out quickly, let’s say you drive backwards, because that makes it faster.

So you go backwards. You can just boom like that check in your money and then just go that’s one of the benefits to go in backwards because just go in and out of there quickly air vehicle you can’t uh, you can’t, just get. Stun, like it’s, tires popped out because it doesn’t have tires, but i mean like it’s, not like any other it’s, not like the default helicopter, where you can go as high as you want. This is literally the highest point. I can go i’m holding e and i was not aware that it it you could only go limit limited up into the air. I was not aware of that when i bought this. So when i bought this i was super excited. I was like wait. What the heck is happening? Why can’t i go up and it was sort of really annoying, but you know what i get used to it and it’s and it’s still a good vehicle. Overall, you go in, and out of volcano base really quickly. It’S, nice uh it’s, really small it’s fast, and you can let’s say if you want it’s, if you, if you’re thinking between this or uh or a land vehicle let’s, just say that so you can go over mountains like this boom. If you want to go to museum really quickly, instead of going around and around all you got to do is just this boom done, and then you can just jump back up there.

It’S really nice, uh i’d recommend it to you before. I end this video off we’re going to see just how much money you can get by doing a volcano robbery. Now that doesn’t make sense, uh a powerpoint robbery. Oh wait! These people did it for me. Thanks i’m gon na go backwards because i think it’s faster or i might – or i might just be dumb uh wait hold it hold. I can’t wait for this to go down i’m just going over here because it saves me money and oh, i was gon na say if i got stuck there and i died. That would be sad, well. I’M gon na go in here and then i’m gon na go backwards, and this will help me get in oh wow, my game, just froze i’m, not sure. If that’s gon na affect how much money i make off this, but we’ll see uh. I usually make 6.9k off of this. I think i haven’t really used this that much because i just got like a few days ago. Okay and i got stuck there that might affect it and i got 5.85 cash. That is really good, considering how i don’t have vip so obviously, and i only have a level two bag. So, for me, power plant is like one of the best strawberries, but if you have like the best bag in your vip, then i’m not sure well, yeah it’s definitely going to be better than thinking bank and uh bank and jewelry store because they still get they Only get like 5k at most because i get into a lot of servers with people that that have the best bag and have vip.

So i think it’s, 5 000, pretty sure seeing how this does on like a regular robbery like jewelry store. So yeah did 5. 850, 000 cash, okay, let’s, pull this and then we’re, just gon na see so like let’s, say: there’s a camera. Oh no i’m gon na die help and then you, oh psych, see ya and then you just escape let’s see uh let’s do a race with the default helicopter. I sure hope this is better than the default helicopter. We just got. We just got tricked. Oh, oh yep, it is faster, even though the default helicopter can go higher up in the air, but not. This is faster. Oh, oh and boom to the cash very good, so overall, i’m gon na have to rank this drone. I have no idea what the heck i’m doing uh what this this was a mistake. Ah get me down from you: okay, there it can go, it can go into the level four area which is really nice. Overall, the drone is a really good vehicle. The only complaint i can have for it is that can’t go higher up in the air, but what are you gon na do like you, can’t make a vehicle too overpowered. I guess so. Yeah overall it’s, a really good vehicle i’d rank it in a and uh. If you don’t know what an a is then go to school overall, a is really good vehicle. A is a really good rank for a vehicle, and i was gon na go in there, but no there’s no cops in there.

I thought that was a cop, so i do hope you enjoyed this video and again i did rank it in a so. If you haven’t, bought it and you’re thinking about buying it i’d recommend it it’s, really nice, it can go into the volcano base really easily.