What other people think hey everyone mikey here with electric and today were reviewing the jackrabbit 2.0, a hilariously fun little electric scooter lets check it out. Music, the jackrabbit sort of defies definition. The company calls it an e bike or a micro bike id say its technically more of a seated electric scooter, but ultimately it just doesnt really matter what its called. What matters is what it can do now. I know it looks funny, but give this thing a chance here, because theres a lot to like with the rear motor packing 300 watts continuous power rating. It gets up to 20 miles an hour, and it does it surprisingly quickly too. I dont have any hopes that its going to climb its way up, pikes peak, but it sure, does fly on flatland cruising and i reckon that small hills will still be within its wheelhouse. The jackrabbit doesnt attempt to be overpowered, though, because it doesnt attempt to be over anything. The whole point is that its a small, easy to use personal electric vehicle for city dwellers or college campuses. Now they say this thing is 23 pounds, but im not sure. I believe them because it feels like it weighs 10 pounds. I mean im sure theyre right, but it just it seems like you can pick this thing up and throw it around its just so lightweight with such a lightweight design. The thing is super convenient to use its lighter than a typical folding e bike, which makes it easy to carry up a few flights of stairs to an apartment, so you dont have to risk it getting stolen by locking it on the street.

So in that way, it kind of beats a typical folding e bike and compared to typical standing electric scooters, it has much bigger, wheels and wont get rocked by a pothole the way a standard scooter would the wheels are 20 inches in diameter, with a thicker 2.5 Inch wheel on back where most of your weight is and a narrower 1.95 inch wheel up front for a nimble and lightweight ride, theres only one disc, brake and its on the rear wheel, but that feels like a prudent design choice youre, basically sitting on the rear Wheel and so youve got plenty of traction, meaning that brake has a lot of stopping power, and you dont have the danger of going over the handlebars from a powerful front brake on short wheelbase vehicles with so much weight high above the front. Axle tipping can be a problem with front brakes, heres what it looks like on a different brand of seated scooter with a powerful front brake so yeah i get the single brake decision and it still brings you to a stop quickly and safely: Music. Music. Now, im not saying the jackrabbit doesnt look funny. Frankly, it looks hilarious and if youre the kind of person that is self conscious about how you look to others. Maybe this is not the ride for you, but also. Why are you so worried about? It? Just have fun man. I look ridiculous on this thing and im loving every minute of it.

Now, if you thought things were weird just wait because they get weirder, this is actually a folding e bike, though folding is kind of taking some liberties there. What you do is you open the safety clamp here. You release the handlebars. You spin this around theres, actually a pin that locks in there. So now this is locked backwards. You cant turn the headset around and now the handlebars come around here and see. If i remember how to do this right and they just sort of clip on to the fork here, how do you lets try it like that? Oh yeah and then the uh pegs fold up here lets get those up all right. Now. Ive got a folded jackrabbit and this i could probably fit in the trunk of most cars, not bad unfolding works. The same way, you pop that off you push in the little safety thing until you can turn the steering tube around put the handlebars back in lock them with the clamp turn that on pegs down kickstand up all right were ready to go Music now, theres a Lot to like here its fast its light, its convenient, but there are also some downsides. I would have loved to see some led lights included on this thing, to make it safer at night and the range is also quite low. The small little removable battery is just 168 watt hours, which is tiny, but that also means you could buy another 199 dollar battery as a spare and carry it in your bag without it taking up much space.

The little battery is also low enough capacity that you can fly on us airlines with it. So thats kind of a neat perk. The small battery also means small range, though they say, youll get a maximum of 12 miles or 20 kilometers. But if youre riding fast like me all the time, then youll be lucky to see 10 miles. This is, of course, not the vehicle for someone that has a 10 mile commute its just not for that its for someone with a 3 mile commute that just wants a lightweight and fun little runabout that they can bring into their dorm or their office when theyre, Not using it, but that will also give a much better ride than a typical standing scooter so for that niche use, i think theyve done a great job here, plus its pretty darn cheap at 1199 bucks, its, not the best performance for dollar out there, thats for Sure you can get faster e bikes with more power for less money, but those are also gon na weigh three times what the jackrabbit does. Good luck carrying that up a flight of stairs so again, this obviously is a niche vehicle but thats what they built it for its a short commute: easy to use fun little urban dinghy and for the right type of rider thats. Just what the ebike doctor ordered. Thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the jackrabbit 2.0. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle videos ill see you here next time.