We are totally off grid here. We have no electricity. Today were going to be looking at the jackery 2000 pro the jackfruit explorer just sent it to me. Basically, what im doing right now, i pulled out of the box only had about 20 uh charge in it here. Let me go outside ill show you right now, im running a generator outside my little honda were shoving about seven well over 700 watts in it pulling 79 watts thats the lights in here for filming got four of them. Super bright leds, plus all the little fancy. Dancy lights, there too were gon na test it with a fan, hair, dryer, coffee pot, all kinds of stuff. Let me show you where were getting our power right now from though heres the little honda eu 2200. I carry with me in the band its propane powered and over here i have the two theres, the jackery 200 saga, solar saga panels, the 200 watts each i got them in parallel running into our studio. Lets go back in so im gon na. Let this run a little bit well get her up around 50 60 percent and then well do our test so im going to take it off the generator and well do strictly all solar. Do the fans and whatnot so be right, back Music still waiting for this thing to charge up, but look at it the fast charging this it just kicked up to 1523 watts, wow thats, pretty impressive, still run off the generator well get back to it, but i Heard the generator rev up a little bit man, so you can really drive some wattage in this uh jackery explorer 2000.

Pro all right, im going to wait, get up around 50 and well get this thing going just want to show you that okay man, this puppy, is fast charging. Look at that 1500 watts going in 61, thats plenty im going to turn off this noisy generator and then well get going on our little setup here see what we can make this battery do. That is a one good load generator, but it sure is noisy all right. Now we got our panels once again: thats two jackery solar 200 sagas going into the building. Okay, it says input off the solar panels right now, its still early, its, not even nine oclock. 70 78 watts thatll go up yesterday. I was getting almost 200 watts out of them and thats set up on the ground on that piece of plywood, okay. Well, first thing: i want to do im thirsty lets, make a cup of coffee see the output just jumped up 1400 watts thats a cute little coffee maker. I keep this in the van, so basically, what this is doing, its showing a jackery in an off grid situation, instead of out camping, were using it an off grid in a building. You could easily run an electric skillet off. This thing see yep its starting to perk, so while were waiting on the coffee, hey lets kick on the fan: Music. Okay, the fans on high the coffees making 14.76 all right. Well, i just got out of the shower: lets kick on the hair, dryer.

Okay, we got the hairdryer going the fan going, coffees brewing and were at 1863 watts, so you can have your coffee draw your hair stay cool that fans on high by the way thats a 110 volt. All this stuff is 110 volt pulling off the battery plus. We got all the lights going to uh for lights, for filming leds. This studio is still under construction, were gon na be doing live streaming out here, a lot of product demos. Look at this hay bike, the mars series heres, the jackery – ought to put their box up here, so you can see it better. So once again we had the coffee going. The fan, the hair, dryer coffee just shut off. Look at that just dropped. So, with the lights, the fan its a 160 watt draw, we were a little over 60, so we dropped about two three percent off the use of the battery. Once again, these 2000s, they are beast of a batteries theyre. This is their brand new one too explorer 2000 pro 2160 watt, 2200 watt heres our specs on it. So once again, in may, jackery usually comes out with their new products, their other 2000. They didnt uh theyve, really improved this over the other 2000 id ill put. It that way, okay, i can enjoy my coffee stay cool with the fan Music, see what else i can get into. Oh, you know what i forgot. I get asked a lot lets see we can charge the bike.

Hang on im doing this one handed ill unplug, the coffee pot, because its done okay chargers on so it looks like its pulling 110 120 watts to charge a battery on this thing. So your question: will it charge up e bike? Yes, plus coffee plus a fan? Maybe not dry, your hair, but yeah. Definitely jackery 2000. Pro check them out. Links are in the description.