In some sun very sunny day so ill be setting up the drone real soon um, just to give you guys a update on the center master leg off the highway and just to show you guys around so definitely stay tuned. Remember to leave a comment. Let me know what you think about the progress of the work remember to like the video and, if you have not subscribed yet were trying to get to 10 000 subscribers so remember to subscribe as well and share the video. If you think you want to donate, we have paypal, you know donations go to ours, making this video possible so stay tuned. While we do a quick update on the center mass leg of the southern coastal highway project, all right, so this is part of the flat level – are the flat area of the highway, and the road that is being used is just down that side. Thats. The current road, so this is a part of the highway so, as i mentioned its mainly a drone, video so ill be setting up the drone real soon. So you guys stay tuned for that and remember to share the video guys so that a lot of persons can see the progress of the work here and just of some of the projects thats happening in jamaica, especially persons overseas, as well. So share a way and remember to comment all right guys. So lets stand up the drone Music, Music, Music, Music, all right.

So this is another section right outside of grand spin um. So i think they may make a bridge right here to to cross the existing road or im not sure if theyre going to delete the existing road altogether, um ill make it obsolete.