The reason its going to be cracking is because ive been sent something extremely exciting and thats been put into something thats. Also exciting, the result is lots of exciting. First of all, a huge shout out to my friends at la golf guys. Thank you so much for sending me this shaft and it was a while ago we finally got round to it, but theres more of a story to it. So the funny story is, i got a little bit obsessed with collecting, really cool shafts. I wanted a little display piece on the wall, of course, shafts that i collect over the years. So i had no intention of this going in the golf club yeah that was until the golf box md. He puts his triple diamond next to my desk and goes have you seen this? This setup is really cool thats, like i recognize that shaft? Oh yes, it was mine, its not anymore, but this club has become a little bit controversial because absolutely no one can hit it except for me not one to brag about it, though well just forget about it. After this video is done so guys, a quick mention, ive now joined tiktok ill, be putting some funky videos up on there. Im sure so itd be great. If you give us a follow, so for anyone, thats been living under a tree, thats, not the right saying, is it well go with it? La golf along the last few years have collected some huge pga tour and lpga partners, the og, of course, being mr bryson de chambeau, which got me randomly thinking.

Can you imagine bryson playing with callaway equipment and if so, how does bag look? I cant really imagine that. Can you well, i think, with how this drive has been specked out, theres a real good chance that this would be in this bag. Callaway brysons bag right. I know weve been waffling but were going to talk about the specs before i hit this. So, of course, weve got the callaway rogue st triple diamond ls, but then we get to rod stewart its literally a lamp post shoved into a golf club, la golfs, trono, 75 tx shaft monster. I dont talk about shaft decals, very often in reviews, but i think la golf youve got to appreciate how beautiful this is its quite simple, but its so effective. Its like a surfboard effect, which kind of makes sense its built in california. So the troll now excuse the accent if thats not pronounced properly, but obviously you look at the 75 and you think 75 gram, but its actually, the 75 series, the weight is 78 grams, were pushing 80 grams. With this thing were going to need a warm up. Music Applause, Music, ten shots, nine degree: what can we cheer now before? We then move to lower the loft. This is a workout, not that i know what one of those is look at me: im fat. That was absolutely shifting its a shame right to left. Three. Five: three nice: that could be a brenda didnt release 338 – that was a nice drive that was 2 6 on the backswing thats.

What stopped that from really getting out there? Probably a thousand rpm more than what we need bit bottomy, but absolute rocket ship nonetheless get in 3, 40., so thatll be a low launch yeah mid to backspin. I reckon solely down to strike location. Two five, six, five, eleven point: eight launch. Somebody knows what theyre talking about not me. I love the drive, though that looks so good with a naked eye. Why is your eye naked? Why is it just not an eye? Why does it have to be a naked eye, so what i mean were going to off topic a little bit thats a power power tow right, 349.. Music! Is that it Music? I would have had a naked eye after that whoa. Do we replay that we got to arent we Music thats one to tell the grandkids quickly that was a 360 yard lip out Music dont! Look at me. I have no idea. Oh. I deserve that. Oh, that what is karma well that ones a bit different. Oh yes, keep coming now. I really wanted to didnt it its just gone again: nah, im it Music, okay, im ready for this im gon na do something that might i may regret a little bit one down draw setting. I reckon the turnover is going to be huge for lowering that spin. I love how this is set up now. It looks like theres no loft. I like that ive so missed that Music.

Oh okay, all right, Music! Oh yeah, oh talk to me. I want some of that 360 362 action. I could feel the difference immediately with this setting ill have to knock it. I want to knock it back. They want that is having a really good effort at it, Music, another 360. and who would have thought a draw setting had straightened me up a bit magic, isnt it that was at the bottom. I think i turned that over. I did a bit low on the face, though i think Music, Music thats turning hello, hey up, i think weve, just clicked Music, yeah weve got this now, oh no its because i went closer. It looked like it was good hold on. Okay, no, maybe not! 368. 368. Music monster, i think ive been out monstered, i feel like im worthy or i will be worthy of this setup. We are not worthy but its going to take a fair bit of practice with it. Ellie golf. If youre watching, i wouldnt mind a few more shafts thanks. Well, if you dont ask you dont get dear to finish Music, its, not a bad end of that one, oh dmv, oh dear! I cant get over that shot. It made the whole noise. It made the whole noise, i know i say i enjoy myself a lot. I wouldnt be doing this if i didnt enjoy in the first place, but there are certain things that you test and you like.

I remember this one for a while, and this is one of them this combo im so jealous of the md. Can i steal it back numbers wise man, average and weve hit 30 shots there with average 179 ball speed, um 126 mile an hour club head one. Two five: two backspin three, two four carry 351 total right. This number here vital for everyone that follows the channel mentioned earlier about the 33 yards 34, 000, 35 000 yard challenge, weve weve just hit 30 shots and right at this moment, 30 of the way through weve still got a long way to go. We would be one yard ahead and thats ive hit all sorts in there, so thats very promising. If you didnt make the whole noise, i wouldnt be as bothered, but it made the whole noise. I flipping love that guys. I hope you did too. If youre not a part of female already and you enjoy the content, please hit the subscribe button. The bell notification follow the social media, facebook, instagram, twitter, livestream on twitch and also now on tick tock. Thank you.