I have been flying helis for longer than i’ve been flying drums and fpv over 10 years on the channel um as well as 3d helis. I do a little bit of sport flying but today i’m interested to show you something new from omp hobby that’s. Coming out. I am going to fly mine on the t6 controller. This is compatible with either of the flight controllers that are on the m1 heli and the m2, so they are compatible with s bus receivers as well. So if you don’t want to fly this, you don’t have to, you can bind it up with your tranus and you can also even bind it up with dsm or dsmx. I believe there’s a dsm. I think it’s a dsm, 2 port on the flight controller. I will show you that a little bit closer up later, but right now let’s go ahead and take a look at the two boxes in comparison of the m1 and the m2. So you can get an idea of the scale and the size. The difference is pretty crazy, so let’s go ahead and check that out on the bench and then we’ll go out and we’ll do some flying with it and i’ll show you how great it flies in stability mode and in full, 3d mode with idle up one and Two modes as well so around 80 percent idle one and then 100, auto up too so 100 throttle all the time.

So you can do 3d. We’Ll talk a little bit more about that in the review as well. Some of you guys that are new i’m trying to help out the new guys getting into our hobby as always, no matter what you fly or drive, so let’s go ahead and take a look at this on the bench. Uh m1 coming right up all right guys here they all are on the bench. The m1 series right here i have two different ones with the m1 orange canopy and the pink canopy and what’s cool about this. Is they actually match the anodized aluminum parts in here to the canopy? So the pink one is the same way: it’s all matched out. Blinged out and matching the canopy that’s like super cool, i love that so um, depending on which one you pick. It looks like there’s three different colors of these available. I believe there’s. Also, a neon yellow version like on the m2, so that’s typically been their color scheme, is the orange purple and the racing yellow. I actually kind of like the yellow um, when you’re flying, helis and especially 3d, always want some super bright canopy and for 20 years. That i’ve been flying, helis people always love super bright, canopies um just works great. If you’re professional take the canopy off and just fly it black, some guys can do that and do full 3d, but not me i’m, a sport flyer, so i like to be able to see the heli now.

One thing that they don’t have is like a blaze orange on the tail and i think maybe future versions would be cool if they incorporate the canopy color into the tail so of a bright orange tail back here and a bright pink tail and maybe some more Bright, yellow on the tail they do have this analyzed aluminum piece back here to match up front but again check that out. They did also match the canopy to the color in here for the motor and the rest of the anodized aluminum parts on the m2. So you got some matchy matchy stuff going on here, but also i was wrong about the flight controller they’ve actually redesigned the flight controller for the m1 using similar flight modes, you’ve got stability mode and full 3d mode on both these style helis. This one does use a much larger flight controller in here, and this is the original flight controller that they developed for this series. So i don’t believe that it does have a name but i’ll show you how large that flight controller is it’s pretty beasty. So it is quite a bit bigger and you can see right there. It does support s, bus and dsm and x, so guys that want to fly spectrum on these bind up your spectrum receiver and set it up in your radio, and you should be good to go. But god these helis look good up close all of everything that you’d possibly want.

As far as anodized aluminum upgrades super simple head, very similar to like the goblin series helis and with that forward, slung undercarriage. I love this right here. So super sweet. There has a kind of a nice aggressive stance to it and same thing on the m1 looks super good, and i will just try to pop this canopy real, quick and show you this flight controller in comparison, it’s like so much smaller you guys so much smaller. So it is also d cased, so there’s no case on top of this one – and you know maybe what this is is uh, maybe even this one decays, but somehow they made it fit on this m1 heli and just the details of everything on this heli looks So cool i mean look there’s even m1 kind of engraved on that middle. The t part of the fly bar – i can’t, forget what that part is called, but it’s been a very long time since i put took all this type of stuff apart and i’m proficient in fixing things, and the biggest thing about this is that it is fairly Simple, it doesn’t have a whole lot of moving parts anymore in the head, because we’re flying fly bar lists these days, so everything’s been really simplified and you know i did a great durability test with this copter. Actually i broke um one of the the rear tail guides right here. This one is intact this one on the orange one.

I did a smackdown. I was trying to lift the gopro, not very smart, but playing around just wanted to get you guys. Some more onboard footage that didn’t work out so well for me, so don’t try to lift the gopro, but you can see my tail guide is um or my uh elevator guide is is broken there, so um that is really easy to replace. You just take these two posts off and you kind of sandwich it in between these canopy posts and you’re good to go again. But um yeah cool thing about flying helis is that when you break something it’s kind of like putting a new bumper on a car – and it will look as good as new again and uh you’ll be back up in the air. So why don’t we go ahead? Now out and do some flying with the m1, and i will show you how much fun it can be, it can be a beginner heli or something that someone’s already a seasoned pilot would love. So the motor on here super hopped up and we’ll check this out. A little closer on the bench after we do our flight test. If you guys want to stick around and just look at this, this copter a little closer up. Um i’m loving these canopies super sweet, so let’s go ahead and uh go out to the field now and let’s fly the m1 and have some fun here we go so i believe the way this transmitter is set up is we have throttle here, y’all rolling pitch On this side, you can see the swash moving.

We do have dual rates on this switch. So when you hit dual rates, you get way more swash, so that’s like the expert mode, then we have low rates there i’m going to start out in low rates. We also have two different flight modes on here. We have stability mode, which is cool for the m1, for the beginner, so it’ll keep the copter stable, no matter which way you point the stick on the right hand or left hand, side it’s, going to keep the copter coming back to level which is super nice. So built in gyro flight controller, then, when you switch the other mode switch down to full, no stabilized mode, then you can do 3d flips and things like that. But if you do a flip, you want to be in idle up mode. That is this switch right here, so idle up is going to allow you to maintain a throttle, a constant throttle, no matter where the throttle stick is from zero to a hundred, so we’re gon na go ahead and do just a standard takeoff and i’m gon na Come up into a hover so now i’m in stability mode it’s. Looking super super stable, wow, it’s, almost a hands off hover there’s like no wind today, so we’re, just going to kind of like see what happens with some forward flight with the m1. So you guys that are kind of brand new to flying helis. This might be an intimidating copter for the full 3d mode, but if you’re starting out stability mode like this, this is a lot of fun and you can kind of use this one as a trainer.

It would it’d be a lot for your first heli, you kind of want to start out with something maybe small, like the blade mcpx, like a lot of guys, have been doing for the past 15 years or more, but this might be a nice second one. If you really really want to go for it, you could start out with the m1. I don’t see why not because it’s so docile, but the biggest thing you want to do is just kind of like keep it like tail towards you at first and play around with going to the right to the left, backwards and forwards to start and then incorporate The left stick, which is going to turn the nose left and right so that’s, going to allow you to get into forward flight turn the tail one time and go forward just like that, and now you’re doing forward flight, pretty cool right so i’m, not in idle Up right now, so i’m gon na come back and we’re gon na go ahead and switch the idle up, switch and that’s gon na throw me into 100 or 80 throttle notice how the quad, the copper, just kind of dipped and there’s two levels of idle up. So it looks like we do, have three position switch here, probably 80 idle and 100. So 100 will be full 3d mode. So if you do crash it’s going to be quite a crash in idle up so now i’m back to like traditional takeoff mode and i won’t flip, but listen how much quieter.

It is like that. So super quiet like that, when i flip into 100 percent idle up, i don’t know if you can hear it, but it’s super super super hopped up and let’s. Just do some pitch bump yeah see that so super hopped up and 100 idle, so um guys that are brand new beginners. You don’t really want to mess around with 100 idle to start with play around with idle number one first and then, when you get more comfortable with the heli play with number two, because number one number two can throw you into the ground. Pretty quick! Call that, like a slam dunk, you don’t want to slam dunk your copter so now i’m back into regular mode and kind of wondering how long we’ll be able to fly this battery. The aw feels pretty good it’s fairly soft. In this mode. Now let’s try dual rates in stabilized mode, so that should make it move a little quicker now so now, we’re going to be flying a little faster, just a little more pitch forward and side to side and with your up and down collective, so um, quite a Bit faster in this mode, with dual rates: i’m kind of scared to fly this heli in dual rates in the full 3d mode, because uh yeah i’ll probably make a mistake today and you guys will get to see a crash. But i know you guys want to see a durability test.

I just don’t know if i want to do it to this copter because it’s so pretty. I love that orange canopy. You can really see it good, good, so i’m going to go ahead and flip back into low rates. Now the tail seems to be doing pretty good, but i haven’t done any 3d. Yet so we’ll see how that goes down now, i’m going to switch into idle one, and if you switch the top switch on the left here, i’m trying not to take my eyes off the copter, but you switch the top left switch that’s going to take you Out of beginner mode and put you into a full 3d mode, so now we’re in idle one, and we can go up and kind of bring the tail around this big loop there it looks like this is gon na. Do a big loop. So if you try to do a loop in idle number, one with low rates, you’re gon na do a really really big loop. So if you try that close to the ground, you’ll probably end up in the ground, so i’m gon na try on dual rates and dull rates. The high rates are much better for making flips. So if you want to do flips go ahead and do that with the dual rates, looking pretty good, though fun copter wow never want to copter over your head. So i keep having to remember that my throttle cut is on my right side.

So up at the very top i wish it was kind of on the left, but that’s, usually how i have my transmitter set up with it on my left index finger but kind of a fun heli i’d like to do some uh aileron tick, tock i’m. Just a general sport flyer, i don’t do a whole lot of like crazy, stick bang 3d, but this copter feels really really nice. I actually think this flies maybe even a little less anxiety than like the m2. The m2 is like pretty wound up, and this one feels really good feels more like a beginner. Copter whoa almost had a durability test there, so that was in high rates, but the aileron roll was pretty wide there. So awesome heli, i think, we’re getting close to the end of our battery. So this is a fun flight demo, i’m going to go ahead and switch back to low rates now i’m going to come back into stability and think about landing. I hear my transmitter beeping and it’s going to kind of just go right down so um at the end of your battery you’ll hear this beeping and you’ll be done with your flight, so it looks like we got a pretty good flight time out of a tiny Little battery so let’s go ahead and uh play around with a little bit of um camera action on here. I’Ll try to put a camera on here, but if not i’ll, just bring it right back to this type of video, maybe give you another flight, but i am really liking.

The m1 and i’m also happy that i didn’t slam dunk it into the ground. It’S, a beautiful little heli, all right guys here we go so i think i got about maybe close to eight minutes flight time out of that battery that’s that’s, not bad. You guys it’s, actually pretty good for this little tiny, heli Music. So i just for kicks. I put the gopro hero 7 on there and it was just way too heavy even take off and it crashed every single time, but it was kind of cool because i threw it into 100 idle up to give it a test and see what would happen so. Um came up finally off the ground, but we went into the ground hard and a full idle up, so that was kind of a quick durability test for this. This copter and the only thing that broke on the entire head. None of the links popped off. The only thing that broke was actually the the rear, servo guide so um. I guess that would be the uh. The elevator guide, so that’s what’s, broken on here and that’s gon na be super cheap to fix so uh yeah. Anybody wants to buy this one i’ll sell it to you. It’S super cheap uh, a crash and dent sale. So anyway, guys um, it was fun to fly. Let’S go head back now to the bench and let’s uh let’s show you a little closer look at the heli itself and the components they used and um.

Also your receiver options. You can fly it with more than just this radio, so spectrum guys and s. Bus receivers will work on this copter as well, so just like the m2 works with pretty much any radio out there super easy to set up with this flight controller. Here we go guys let’s go back into the shop and on the bench, all right guys. Welcome back from the flight test now, this is going to be a really great review for you. If you’re thinking about either one of these helis really honestly i’m going to give you some quick overview about both of these and right away, if you’re looking for either one of these in stock, it looks like buddy rc, my guy over there, buddy rc is out Of these right now, they’re sold out because everybody seems to want the m2, and now everybody wants the m1. So i have two of them. Yeah lucky me. So thanks to buddy rc for making sure these were sent out to me and uh my guys over at banggood as well, it looks like banggood has them in stock right now the buy button is live, so it looks like you can get one of the m1s And i believe the m2 might be in stock there too, so um, what are the biggest differences um, but wait before i do that. I got to tell you that my guys have buddy rc. If you guys are looking for parts for these, he has a full list of parts on his website and i believe they are in stock.

So um. I will be needing a rear, servo guide back here, so that’s. The only thing that broke during my demo – and it was my stupid fault because i tried to lift the gopro with the m1 don’t – do it guys it’s just totally stupid to try to lift a gopro with this small of a heli and this small of a Motor um not going to happen, the m2 might lift a gopro. I know a lot of you guys want to film and stuff, so we’re always rigging up cameras. But if you want to put a camera on this one, i suggest the insta360 go and that link will be down below for you guys and it would still be under 250 grams, with an insta360 go camera under here or an fpv camera. If you decide to fpv this uh be super careful. You don’t hit somebody with this thing, uh if you’re doing fpv, but i love the the price point on this: one it’s around 250 dollars, uh for the one battery combo and then like the two or three battery combo, i believe, is around like i want to Say 16269 this guy over here the m2 comes in at around 350 buying and fly without a radio. So if you want an omp hobby radio, the radio comes in, i believe it was around 50 or so. This is the t6 radio that i showed you in the demo. It has all the switches on here already programmed, so the cool thing is that this flight controller – it does have a bind button on this side right here, and this is the m1 flight controller.

You can see the bind button is in the very back right here and i’m, not sure what this other button is right here, but you have a little tiny antenna coming off dipole antenna and we have the balance port connector for the battery. This is a 2s 350 milliamp battery that comes along with it, an omp hobby if you’re listening. Please make this an xt30 version of this battery, so it’s just easier for us to charge on our own chargers. They do give you this little adapter right here. It plugs in just like this on this side and then you can plug it into the xt60 port on your charger and the balance port here. So if you get more of these batteries, you will need more of these to be able to charge multiples. So you have to buy more of these converters so yeah in the future omp hobby. Please make this a straight up: xt, 30 battery connection to the flight controller. I don’t know if that’s a problem with the voltage or whatever, if it’s too much of a spike. I know some certain flight controllers can’t handle direct xt 30 voltage, so that will increase our power a little bit as well and give us a little more kind of oomph at the high end of the throttle and that’s that’s really what a lot of us are. Looking for, but as far as performance goes, this will 3d all day.

The tail does hold pretty well. I was doing some mild tick tocks with it. I also tried an aileron tick, which tick tock, which seemed to work out pretty well also, the durability factor of this copter is pretty high. I slam dunked this orange version, so i had it 100 idle up and i went in sideways. I believe three times one time on the concrete and what’s crazy is nothing in here broke for, except for the tail guide, and that was my last straw there trying to lift the gopro so kind of dumb. I know, but i did it anyway, guys because i’m, a reviewer and i do crazy stuff, but this is the tail guide that’s broke back here and none of the other links on the head popped off, so that’s really really cool. Now these are plastic. Props they’re, not carbon props. You could probably find some carbon props, but i feel like to start out with these. These fly pretty good. These blades are actually pretty good, so um i’m, not not i’m, not mad at those 290 millimeter rotor diameter. My diameter on these. So all metal head in here we have metal geared servos, also on both the m1 that i have here and they come in three different colors for the canopy we have orange pink and what they call racing yellow. If you look on the box here, it shows you racing, yellow, oh dull, purple it’s called looks pink to me, you guys maybe i’m colorblind, but it looks pink and charm orange, all of which are super easy to see up in the air which i love.

Now. The m2 has fiberglass in here, which i kind of prefer, but maybe it’s just harder to manufacture such a small canopy fiberglass. So these are plastic by the way, so that you know, but these are fairly durable, because in my crash this orange one doesn’t have a single crack in it. And you know i i threw this thing across the concrete and there’s no scratches on the outside. Of the graphics really that i see here even on the front right there, i don’t see a single scratch which is kind of wild, because i went in sideways. I did lose a grommet, though maybe that’s here somewhere, unfortunately, but you can get new grommets for these. I believe on the buddy rc website, so we also have compatibility for receivers again like s bus right here and dsm or dsm, x right here, so you can run a taranis radio or a spectrum radio or you can run that t6, which is cool so plenty Of options there for receivers, which is nice – and i mentioned earlier – that these were the same flight controller. But again these are apparently different. Maybe this one is a shrunk down version of the original one, but it looks like they might have just manufactured a whole new flight controller for the m1, which is super cool. But this motor is also quite a bit smaller on here. Obviously, because wow and look at the difference there, gigantic difference and both are sunny sky motors, which i love sunny sky, and these are also both metal gear servos, which is sweet.

So you can see that metal top there. We have metal gear servers on both the m1 and the m2, so very nice. They won’t break most likely in your first crash, which is good so back in the old days. I would crash just barely touch the ground and break blades and servos in the head. So i ended up having to go, buy new blade. I believe it was a blade 350. I was flying back in those days, but super cool, so i’m gon na go ahead and power on the scale here and let’s just go ahead and set the copter on here and i’ll move the blade. So you guys can see you can make this full screen. We’Re at 100.8 grams, that’s, that’s, really great 100.8 grams that’s without the battery in there i believe let’s just double check yep without the battery and now with the battery let’s, see what we’re weighing in at still way under 250 grams. So if this is, you know something required in your your country. You fly rc under 250. This will be well under 250 with the battery, so your total takeoff weight is going to be let’s, see if i can get that grommet there. All right let’s see what our total takeoff weight is going to be, and even still plenty of room to add an action. Camera 121.1 grams total takeoff weight for the 2s 350., so i’m, not sure if you can get a bigger battery in that canopy it’s it’s.

A pretty small slot underneath the canopy there in the frame, but 121 grams is really really competitive. That’S that’s awesome well under the 250 gram mark. One thing i would like them to do in the future aside from adding an xt30 on this just be so much more convenient, is add a matching tail back here so i’d like to see that this tail fan back here was matching the canopy that came along With it they do match, however, the anodized aluminum part, so your motor matches up with your canopy, your landing gear. You also have extra parts in here. There are no pink parts on the tail for the exception of the motor. They do have yeah the motor. The base of the motor is pink, but everything matches out even on the m2. They have matching anodized aluminum motor to match that racing, yellow and this little plate on the very end of the tail looks super nice and you have carbon fiber back here and carbon on the frame here. So quite a big difference in in quality versus the m2 and the m1, but this one’s more of kind of like a trainer slash just all around 3d banger. So, if you’re looking for something as like kind of like your banger heli, this is uh a really sweet one to learn on and just try new things and the biggest thing about this one. Is it doesn’t feel scary when you’re flying it? When i first opened the box and looked at this heli, i thought – oh, my god, this is going to be crazy, i’m going to crash this all over the place.

I mean, for example, flying the xk heli a couple years ago when that came out. The xk heli is super fast, and i just slam dunked that one a few times this one is really easy to fly and it’s really quiet. So, if you’re looking for something you can fly around people and not like freak people out this guy doesn’t sound, even super wound up in idle up too so 100 idle up sounds still really smooth. Now this one, you know that this one’s in 100, idle up when you switch that switch this baby sings um. This one is quite aggressive when it’s in full idle up. So this one is really quiet, but again when you’re flying helis guys be careful because man, you can really take someone out with the heli so um. These are very, very dangerous and they’re they’re, not a kid’s toy. So if you know, obviously, if you’re flying this with your son or daughter, be extremely careful that you keep it well away from people and of course yourself. But we have some venting up in here and the same thing: a brushless motor on the tail on this one, no direct drive on either one of these helis or any moving parts in the tail which actually makes things a lot simpler to work on so years. Past i would touch something back here and maybe break the belt uh we have belt drive and we have torque tubes so um.

Sometimes you break the teeth on the torque tube, no problem here. You just have a brushless motor back here with a power cable running to it and that’s it so uh worst case scenario: you you snap the tail and maybe you sever the power cable going to the motor. But you know most of us know how to solder things back, but i really like the way these helis look. I think they’re pretty high quality, so i think they’re really giving like the oxy copters a run for their money. I don’t know if you guys know about those you probably do if you’re into the heli community, but i think we got a home run here with the omp hobby m1 and the m2 series that’s. Why they’re selling out you guys they are super fun to fly and they’re durable and they’re easy to work on so a really easy way to get into flying helis and they just look super cool too so i’m gon na give this one two thumbs up for This review i haven’t given any thumbs up on my channels in a quite a while, but i love this and i was at first so intimidated by it, but now i’m at the point where, after i’ve flown it a few batteries that i really really like it. A lot and i’m gon na have to look for that grommet there sad i’m missing that grommet. So anyway, guys thanks again for watching my review i’m justin davis.

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