The tj583 pro youve probably got yours by now, but i had to wait just over a month because i had to fly more combo so uh. I dont actually know why it took so long its a really strange release, this time um, but lets get on with the review and unboxing so uh. This is the uh dji mini 3 um. It hasnt actually got a um like a protector something to to wrap the arms in as youre transporting it, which is quite odd, but it makes it easy to open up. I always get confused because it opens up their way around to the mini too, but the good thing about this drone is um. It doesnt matter which arm you open. First, you can open them both in whichever order you like its luxury. How amazing, is that? Well, weve also got like a pretty big gimbal protector here. It does a pretty good job at protecting the gimbal. Obviously, but i do find its a bit tricky to put on at the moment. Im gon na have to have some uh lessons in uh. Gimbal placement: hey lets. Do it first time, look at that, so yeah sorry ive got on track. What am i doing right so here is the drone and if you buy just drone itself, uh youre gon na get a drone, a remote and youre going to get this little box. Its got a few of the cables to help you plug it into the remote.

Obviously, depending on what phone youve got depends, what cable you have and um. Basically, all the cables going to be in here all the foreign information. Everything like that all in this box, but mainly what were interested in, is going to be the drone and the remote um in case you havent seen one of these remotes before this is, i know theres two for the mini three. I should point out uh. I actually quite regret not getting the one with the built in screen. This one does not have the built in screen. So if you want to use this, you just pull this pop out. This is the antenna as well uh, you put your phone in here and you connect it. So i was saying them theres an extra about 150 pounds for the remote with the screen. When i was ordering, i dont want to spend all that money uh in hindsight. Now i wish i had um, i did go to cancel this and go to reorder it with the new remote thats really annoying. But what i found was that if i canceled it and then went for the new remote, it would have taken an extra month to get hold of it with the fly more combo. So i just went along with it and obviously its cheaper, and i can even use this with my um with my fpv goggles. So if youve got a drone where the screen is the phone, if you get an extension cable, you can put it into these goggles and use them like fpv, so its a pretty its a pretty good piece of kit, its not cheap, but its a lot cheaper Than having all the digital like fpv things out there at the moment, so there are some plus signs ive had in the old remote but um i do find it is a lot of to get your phone onto the remote um, especially if youve got to get A phone case, and then obviously uh just trying to link it all up.

Yes, itll, be a lot nicer to have the screen so thats, something to consider now youll. Also now now, as i said, i did all the fly more combo. So basically, this is going to be what we get with as the drone alone to remote the drone and the cables. We need how big my hands go forwards. My wide angle, there im in a very small space right so um with the fly more combo. We get the bag, it all comes in its like a nice little handbag. So you can look nice and classy as youre walking around with your drone. I say i do actually like the one that came out with the dji mavic mini, which was uh, which was a hard case. It makes sense, ive not had any issue with these, but um. I wouldnt mind mind a harder case. You know uh, you also get the charges, so this is a three battery charger, so you get the extra two batteries with it as well um. They slide it now, theyre, really nice and easy um you charge from one after the other, they dont all charge. At the same time, uh you can use this to charge your phone, its got an output on it, its got important, obviously to charge it. And then, if you press the button on there, you can see how much uh battery life, all your batteries have so thats. A pretty good thing you can see it, it looks glory.

Um ive got loads of stickers. I think that ive been using this. I dont actually think lets try that Music dont need any of that. So basically weve got two pairs of extra propellers. So basically, if you broke all your propellers, you would get one for replacement with this. Yes, you would and uh weve got another uh like charging cable um. This is probably going to be for the batteries. I imagine, but this would be useful, for you can plug you, can plug its a usbc cable. You can plug it into a drone. You can plug it into your remote. You can also plug it into your battery charger. I tend to just put all three batteries in here: i just leave them: okay, guys so thats, just a quick summary of everything. Youll get if you order the drag and the fly more condo uh. So the thing id like to point out is you dont, get things that i potentially thought you should get um and youve probably got lots of mini sd cards or micro sd cards around, which is what the mini 3 uses. They just plug straight into the back. Here but um, so if you havent got one its just something that might catch you out also, i feel that if ive ordered a combo for a professional drone, i should really get an nd filter to go on there, and that was the biggest thing for me. Uh, i actually didnt order the nd filter.

When i ordered the drone. I thought there might be a small chance that i could use the nd filters from the mavic air 2. uh. That is not the case. Uh you cant use any of the batteries or any of the nd filters from your minis or any other drone, i believe only the ones, especially for the mini 3, which is um its understandable its a completely new design, so um, i dont, feel theyre doing it. Just to be awkward, i generally feel its a its something to do with the design and they just wont obviously fit nicely and theres no point trying to adapt the drone uh if its going to push it over the 250 grand mark. Okay guys. So there we go if i was to order this again um, i would order the remote with the screen, and i would also order uh some nd filters for it. Having said that, when i looked the nd filters were like nd 16 and up to nd 256, which i believe more for photography, i found that long exposures are quite tricky with the drones, because if they move slightly in the wind uh youre going to get a Bit of blurriness uh: where is the video i find anything from nd 4 to md 32, really useful? It will help you get a nicer, smoother footage and um to be fair if im flying professionally its something that i just wouldnt do without nd filters.

Okay, guys! Why were talking about the costs? Uh? You can pay extra for the care refresh pack now again me trying to keep the cost down. I didnt do this a lot of people say its a no brainer um. I think its around 120 squid ill put it on the screen now um. Basically, what youll get is um up to two free replacements a year. If anything goes wrong. Um. I personally dont really crash my drone. Okay, i had a crush my drone um, but the conditions i crashed it under it. Wouldnt have been color barricade fresh because i had extra accessories on it that werent from dji so um it wouldnt have been covered anyway and um im usually really careful with my drawings, particularly now, and particularly with honest this expensive, so um thats it thats how ive Got my costs down so this actually ended up costing around 860 pounds, but you could be paying up to almost 1200 pounds if you take all the upgrades, which is a lot of money for a small drone, do i think its worth the money, absolutely its its A really good drone, okay guys, so all in all this cost me around 860 pounds. It was my own money. So what im saying about the drone isnt going to be affected by dji in any way – and i say i did all of this before i seen any reviews um – i just know – dji ive – got really high quality.

Ive got all my other drones at dji. So i expect it to be really good and it has fulfilled um my expectations. I think this is an awesome drone, its uh, its really small, its compact, so obviously thats a really big thing with all the legal or legal complications around the world. This is going to get you past a lot of them. You can fly this in the uk commercially without needing any licenses at all. All youve got to do is read the user manual um and you can fly it close to people. You can fly over peoples. Heads you havent got to ask permission. It might be ethical to do so, but its not a legal requirement. Uh just be careful with any privacy laws. Um that will may dictate how close you can get to people, but, ultimately, being so small is a really great advantage. It does really well in the wind as well. Ive put it up in some fairly powerful gust, so its held its own and its been able to fly back against the wind very easily. So this is not a drone that im going to be scared of losing in the wind. Now its got obstacle avoidance on it. Its got active track, its kind of got a little life of its own. It very much reminds me of an ant yes, because its small, its powerful its got a life of its own and uh its also a little bit kind of ugly.

You know in a cute way. You know, like its got these little bits here. Imagine the antennas coming out its got a lot of character, its a lot of fun to fly so lets talk about some of the features so and we can shoot at 60 frames a second at 4k, its an 8 bit camera, not a 10 bit camera. For me its a i would like a 10 bit. It would be something really exciting and id be happy to pay a little bit of extra money, for that weve obviously got the obstacle avoidance, um weve got front and weve also kind of got back. So this this uh weve got the sensors here and here which kind of go backwards and outwards, theres, no side, sensors and we have bottom sensors, so um. This basically means when were flying, use it obstacle avoidance uh, you can. If you try to get things going sideways and if youre, using it in like spotlight mode or and putting it in like an automatic mode such as active track, you have to be really careful that youre not flying it sideways, because you can and you will hit Things and knock this out the air ive done it with my mavic air, too ive learned my lesson so, whenever im flying it on a autopilot, as uh lindsey hayes has said to me, um when you engage autopilot, engage your brain first im, not sure. If that is exact words but um, i have a lot of respect for them and it makes a lot of sense just to be aware.

Theyve got no success so when using active track, i found it was actually very good. Theres two types of attributes track. You can use youve got the uh, basically the trace mode or the um parallel mode with trace. It basically just follows you, and it goes where youve been, and in this uh and in this mode you can actually use optical avoidance, and i did actually use it. Uh going around a bush, i decided to use a bush because its not a like a completely solid object, theres, sort of branches and leaves coming out so its a bit harder for the drone to detect. But it did a really good job and it managed to chase me around this brush a few times now, when i was flying this in trace mode um, i wanted to see if i could outrun it. I actually could do particularly if i ran away from it and ran towards it. It couldnt react quick enough uh to know what to do, and then it kind of got confused, poorly and um. It didnt really know where i was so um. We had to reset all of that so um. It is a bit of learning experience. You can lose it on active track, but i did have to try to do that so thats all in trace mode. Now, if you look at parallel mode uh, something really worth noting is that you cannot use optical buoyancy in parallel mode, so im guessing.

That is because uh in trace mode, where it sort of follows you its going to be using mainly forward sensors, whereas in parallel mode you can have it following you sideways and um, obviously its not about to see what its doing anyway. So it doesnt want to give you that false sense of security now ill do a whole video to give you a lot more detail on active track. So if that interests you uh hit that subscribe button and youll know as soon as that. Video comes out now. Another thing id like to talk about is the freedom you have with the gimbal so um, where theyve got this little cutout at the top. The camera can actually go up to 60 degrees. Now i found this fun its nice to actually fly underneath trees and be able to look up at the sky um. Obviously, you could do that from the ground, but when youve got it on a drone, youll get nice smooth footage on a gimbal, its really lovely its really nice to have so i really i really do enjoy that feature. I think its something im going to be using a lot more in the future. Now another thing with the mini free is that it can turn its um. You can turn its a camera around to shoot a true vertical shooting. Now, when i first got this, i never thought i would use this just like the tiktok instagram, its not what im into when im shooting in the air im thinking, landscapes, youre thinking a landscape shop.

So when you start putting into portrait mode its its a bit odd, it feels odd, but, having said that, me thinks im never going to use it first time i went out and flew this commercially. They wanted stuff for tick tock. They wanted stuff for instagram and you can turn the camera around. You can shoot them upright and um. You can do it at full full. You can do it at full 4k, which means that, if youre shooting at 10, if it means, if youve, got a video thats at 1080p, a bit smaller, you can do things like the vertigo effect, upright without losing quality, which is exactly what i used it for. So i love having it on the drone. I know i never thought id use it, but actually its something thats useful where i dont want it personally. Um customers do so its useful to have on there. Now this drone has got a ton of features its basically the mavic 2 into the mini 2. So um weve got like the mini 2. Here weve got the mavic air too um youve got all the benefits of the mini 2 being small and theyre reliable and everything magic air 2, having similar kind of sensors, pretty much the same abilities and even slightly more so um. It kind of makes these two drones redundant. If youve got this, the um, the only thing ill say about the mini 2. That has a slight advantage.

I think its like very slightly smaller, its very slightly lighter, but its not enough to be a bonus point really. The only other thing is that if youve got an android phone, you can fly this with litchi, meaning uh. You can uh use that fpv screen uh with your lychee app and um. So you can use way quite much of this, but youve got waypoint mode on a mini 3 anyway, so um. In my opinion, it makes all my other drones redundant. Quite frankly, okay guys lets talk, uh, quick speeches and statistics so were going to get about a its just, a 34 minute battery life. Out of this, what i found realistically, the useful amount of time i got out was about 20 minutes um. I usually bring it back at 20 battery life, its not good to run the battery down all the way um, but then youve got three batteries, so ive got an hour of flying time, which is usually plenty um ive, never really needed to fly more than that. Although, if you gave me more id probably fly a day, if i had the option, it says its got a range of seven point: five miles, uh again: youre not supposed to fly at further 500 meters, so um its, not something that i can test legally. So now, if we uh go and have a little look at the app um, we can see its actually really easy. Weve got this button here.

We can just turn the camera around upright and just by pressing that there we can um. Obviously, click up the photos here, so if you want to choose your mode, its really easy to select lets go for video first now it does automatically shoot in hdr, which i think is really odd, um its something i would like the ability to turn off. There are some times where its um its not preferable, so maybe thats something ill fix in the future. Um weve got the option here to shoot your color temperature um. I would always have mine on manual. It looks a lot more professional if the color temperature isnt changing as youre flying or the white balance. Even sorry, um weve got the options shoot up to 4k at 60 frames. A second and the um. The hdr stops working after 30 frames. A second something i forgot to mention is: you: do actually get internal storage for this drone at one point 1.2 gigabytes, which is which is a its not a huge amount. But if you cant forget your memory card, which i have done before with other drones, its really useful to have it on there uh, we can shoot in normal uh d stinger like so normal will be um if youre just going out exploring and if you want Some nice footage, if um, if you want something really nice looking, if you switch over to the stimuli um, it will give you some flatter colors and then you can calibrate them afterwards.

So you do have to be working afterwards, but youve got more flexibility in what you can do with the colors. Um were looking, weve got um h624 and h625. Basically, h65 is more modern one. It should work faster and, if youre shooting 4k, its probably the better one to be using and then weve got mvp, okay, guys so id always recommend shooting a manual its going to give you more professional. Looking footage. Another thing to point out is weve now got slow motion. I say the mavic air 2 does have a slight edge because it can shoot slow motion at 240 frames per second, whereas the mavic uh wears a mini. Three can only shoot at um 120, but thats still plenty and its still very fun to play with Music um lets. Look at photos, so weve got a single shot, which is just your basic photo. Weve then got your 48 megapixels. This is going to be taking huge photos, its actually bigger than my professional camera can do. Oh no, you can see one. You can see my setup here. It looks really nice, a messy camera um. So weve got these kind of two burst modes here: im not actually entirely sure the difference um its not gon na – have to research, but what they will do is take three to seven photos all very quickly and then you can put them together and make a Hdr photo and uh, then weve got the time slot.

We can set it to intervals to take pictures so often um. Whilst this is useful to have it here, theres a better way of doing it later on, which is using the hyperlapse, because you can get your drone moving while shooting so lets cover the hyperlapse really quick, now actually uh, we can fly around three, which i wouldnt Really recommend, because its very hard to do a hyperlapse keep a constant speed and get something really nice like that um, but its an option. Uh. We can circle something in hyperlapse, of course, a lot which is where you just go and straight forwards and you dont deviate. This is what ive done here with this piece of 10. Second footage: it took about five minutes to take, but um i found it did a good job and then weve also got the waypoint down the bottom and again you can set waypoints and youll follow it. If you would like more information on how to use these um drop a comment in the comment section down below, if i get enough people interested ill make a video about it, weve got pano youve got loads of options for the pano. I cant show you last night in flight, but youve got a chance of like a really wide angle. Youve got chances of using that sphere, um its a good thing to have its a bit of fun, and you can get some really nice shots with it.

Okay, lets go back up and look at master shots. I cant show you, but basically master shots is where you just select something on the screen and your drawing will just fly around taking a different shot of it. I personally thought its not something im going to use its a bit gimmicky. I did give it a go and i was testing it um. It nearly flew into a tree. It detected the tree, was there and just stopped so um, maybe something youll use, but i cant imagine being on holiday or shooting for a job or even just using the fun, because uh youve applied for fun. You want. You want the control over the drone or with a job. Youve got a very specific thing with what youre going to want and then, if youre exploring, i i wouldnt want to spend ages just on one thing with trying flying around for a few minutes, and it does play some pretty funky music when youre flying, though so, Maybe youd have a bit of fun with the music a bit about a little rain, just dancing around okay. Moving on from that uh weve got quick shots. The good old, quick shots again cant. Do why its not in flight? I cant show you, but basically uh youve got all the typical things. I think everything from the mavic air, too youve got your drowning, where it flies backwards and now youve got um one which the shoe straight up.

Youve got helix where it spins around your moves away and then youve got circle which straight hits around you and i think its got comet as well, where it just goes up into the air and makes it kind of like a circular glow its um. Not to my face that one but theyre useful to have the option to shoot now i found the optical avoidance to be pretty good. As i say, if youre flying sideways its not going to work um, it can detect the trees and bushes, but if youve just got some small twigs or something its gon na miss them so um, i would always be aware of them when youre flying to her. Just to make sure you do know the surroundings and whats there its also worth pointing out that obstacle avoidance only works in a senior normal mode. It does not work in full speed or sports mode, and this drone is actually pretty nippy. You can turn really quick. Okay, guys im gon na do a follow up video about my first flight and the things i did and things i tested. So you can see it in a lot more detail. Um. This video is getting a bit longer, so im going to start cutting it shorter. Here, so what i want to do is uh give you my opinion on this drone. So if you are watching this video, because you want to know if this is the right drone for you, as i say – im – not trying to push strand on anyone im just trying to give everybody all the facts, they need to um to make their own decision.

So um, what i found is, it is a really great drone, i believe, its really reliable um. There was a bit where i unfortunately had to um had to run through a woods to keep my visual line of starting australian, and when i was running through the woods um, i didnt lose any signal at all. So if i i dont have any worries about losing the strength really its uh, its got a great its got a great connection with the remote, its uh, its very good in the wind and its very responsive. So ive got no worries from that aspect. Lets say the biggest downside for me is its price. It is expensive, but i believe it is worth the money if this is what you want in a drone, its very much worth it um. I wouldnt recommend this for a complete beginner whos, never found a drone before theres lots of theres a lot of extra gadgets on there like um. When i fly this professionally, i still tend not to use active track. I still tend not to use the automated um. The automated uh like options so uh thats, where the mini 2 comes in, really like if, for a first drone, the mini 2 for me is still a really great drone. You dont need the optical avoidance. This offers you a lot more extra and its great to have but um, if you dont, want that or you dont need that mini 2, its still a really amazing drone, so um, i highly recommend that you see it there.

We go so um its a lot of money. Is it worth it? Yes, now um? Having said, i would never recommend it as a first drone uh, my moms partner is going cycling. He circles around the world and hes like. I want a drone that i can just put up that will just follow me and i was like plus this drone. You know, thats youve got a small drone. You havent got to worry about um flying over people distances from buildings or whatever you know, particularly around europe, which is where hes cycling. You can put this drone up. It will follow him and um. He hasnt got a great deal of worry. You wouldnt be able to do that with a mini two and with manic air too youre gon na have all the extra legal issues that go with it so um. This is certainly a highly desirable drone um, the advanced obvious or someone thats going to get a lot out of it, particularly for someone whos, a professional video maker or a semi professional video maker, like myself, uh. This is something i use a lot its its great to have in the camera bag. I say i take it to a job. I just tuck it in the bag. Um. If i want to use it, i just buy insurance and then i can put it up in the air i buy insurance. For that day, it cost me about 10 pounds for the commercial insurance, which is a legal requirement and then um you dont need any qualifications.

Just literally uh ten pounds right and then you just charge that onto your customer youre flying commercially, its, not um its, not a huge amount for them and its someone thats um, paying for a video, its a tiny amount, its not something theyre, even gon na notice. So um, so there we go thats what id recommend it for so many professional people, if youre, if youre a filmmaker or if you shoot videos from pr companies or anything like that, its a great tool to have in your kit and its easy to carry with You so i do highly recommend it, but i also um. I also say i cant i cant mean to its like. So if youre, if you want to get into it, id look at these two drones and decide which one suits you, okay. So, if theres anything you want to know about this drone that i havent mentioned, drop a comment in the comment section down below im a small channel. I reply to all the comments, but as long as youre nice to me always put a little smile on there hit that like button and um, i will give you a reply um.