This is the tamron 35, the 150, and the reason why this lens is so hyped is because the starting aperture is at f2, and while it does vary when you zoom its only up to f 2.8, which is quite impressive for the amount of range youre getting Off this lens and tamrons done such an incredible job, keeping the barrel size small, only 82 millimeters in diameter. This is a very unique range, something thats not very common. They claim this is worlds first, but who really knows anyways? Who is this for being a 35 to 150, covers plenty of range for any type of photography and video, but i find it particularly useful for portraits events and video. We have all the popular focal lengths for portraits here, 35, 50, 85 and 135 running between f2 to f 2.8. If these are enough to give you that nice subject and background separation and just for your information, these are the focal lengths where the aperture begins to change, and these are impressive numbers because were still getting f. 2.2 at around 50 millimeters and its not until 82. Millimeters that we are hit with the f 2.8 aperture and f 2.8 is still plenty good when youre shooting 85 millimeters and beyond. It still gives us enough bokeh that creamy background blur that many desire so weddings. This would be ideal for events, especially concerts festivals. It has great lengths for plenty of coverages wide medium telephoto, and we can take that same principle for video as well and especially for video.

We want the different angles right. We want our wide our mediums and our close ups to cut to, and this will be a great lens for that in our other recent video on the xperia pro i we shot about 70 of that with the tamron, and we were just blown away with how Many varying shots we can get, especially with its crazy, close minimum focusing distance, while its not macro close, its still good enough to capture some amazing details. This lens here really takes some of the best focal lengths from the more common 24 to 70 and 70 at 200, and just mesh them together, leaving out the wider 24 millimeter and the closer 200 millimeter, though i will have to admit i kind of do wish This lens was just a little bit wider, thats, just a personal preference, something that im just used to for using a whole bunch of other different, versatile lens and them having 24 millimeter in them. While the 35 millimeter is still considered wide angle, its not enough in most cases where you really want to show more of the environment, but this can be largely forgiven. Given the fact that the reach is a generous 150 millimeter, which we found, we used a whole lot, even if it doesnt have the same reach as the 200 millimeter on the 70 200, a flip to aps c mode will usually get us to where we need It moving on to autofocus capability.

It is using a linear motor focus mechanism which works incredibly well with sonys autofocus calculation. We found the autofocus to be very snappy in photo mode, which is great, and we found the autofocus transition in video to be very smooth. No pulsing no choking and it even kept up really well as im walking towards the camera. On the other hand, manual focus the throw can actually be set in the lens utility software. Unfortunately, i didnt bring the provided usbc cable with me on our travels and none of my regular usbc cable works so uh. Keep that in mind. Dont lose that cable. So unfortunately, i wasnt able to change anything, but the loaner unit that was sent to me seemed to have the manual focus, throw at 360., its incredibly responsive, with the focus change after twisting the lens its very well controlled focus. Breathing here is also very well controlled, as im twisting the focus ring here. The framing stays relatively consistent here on the sides. The lens utility software also brings in other features that are helpful to video shooters, such as the av focus rack and the focus speed preset. Where you can set the focus distance between subject with a push of a button and change how fast or slow the focus shifts between them? There are three different custom slots you can program up to and there are three buttons around the lens that you can press to activate the different program settings for a7 for a7s 3 fx3 a1 users.

I think the built in focus shift control on our cameras. Might honestly be good enough already, since we can actually adjust the speed and sensitivity with number based settings, but for older sony cameras with the vague speed and sensitivity settings you know instead of numbers its just literally slow medium fast, the tamron lens utility will bring more Focus control and smoother change rates to your cameras. Now this does not have lens stabilization, but im not docking any points. Any recent sony full frame cameras will have in body image stabilization and we found this combination to work very well. A lot of the handheld videos. Look smooth and i think, thats in combination of the weight of the lens as well. On top of that, i was able to get a few photos at a very, very slow, shutter speed, handheld. Now speaking of photos, image quality, it is incredibly sharp, even at the widest aperture. Personally, i think the corners are handled well, no, crazy, noticeable, fringing and the bokeh balls are nice and round now the star burst at f9. On the other hand, they look like they can kill. Somebody i mean. Is it just me? Am i crazy, or do these look extra pointy and sharp for some reason, but speaking of flares, like some of the other reviews, have already pointed out its not terrible, but it can be distracting if youre shooting directly at the sun for scenic shots. It might look like a cool effect, but for portraits it might ruin it alright, so look and feel of this lens.

This lens feels like its very very well built and the zooming action is very smooth and the zooming direction is the same as sony counterclockwise, and the focus ring is right above the zoom ring. I know certain lenses like to have it the other way around, which kind of throws me off, but uh. I like having the focus ring right up here. We also have a autofocus manual focus toggle built onto the lens, which is always nice to have, and the lock button, which is also really nice to have so when youre, not using the lens the barrel, doesnt slowly protrude out, which can happen, given how heavy this Lens is which brings me to my next point as versatile as the range is as awesome as the f2 starting aperture is, once you have it in your hand, its hard to ignore how heavy the lens is, its a thousand one hundred sixty five grams or 2.57 Pounds making the entire setup incredibly front heavy while there isnt another exact lens like this here are some of the other closest comparisons in terms of weight for professional work. I think the weight can largely be ignored as youll be in the zone. Shooting youre probably not going to be thinking about the weight too much more so on getting the shot. However, you might feel it by the end of the day for my video shooters, if you plan on using this on a tripod or monopod, make sure to use a larger base plate.

However, if you plan on using this lens casually as a general walk around lens during those down times when youre just walking around and not shooting, it can be a drag to carry around all day. So, during our travels here in paris, weve also brought the sigma 18 to 50 f, 2.8, and while it is an aps c lens with a much shorter reach, we find ourselves gravitating to this lens more just because of how lightweight and small it is and has More than enough range and versatility for what we do funny enough. Ninety percent of the product shot of the tamron in this video is from the sigma 18 to 50.. Of course, the image quality in the bokeh may not be as comparable as the full frame lenses, but for its size we honestly dont mind it, but if youre looking for a nice casual full frame, versatile lens, then the tamron 20 of the 75 has always been A hit amongst the alpha community and if you need certain focal lengths at a faster aperture, pick up some 1.8 prime lenses to pair up with the lens with all that said, i am still glad. I brought this with me to paris, the reach of the 150 oftentimes came in handy and it was nice to be able to zoom all the way back to 35 for a wider perspective without having to change lenses. So if you can largely look past the weight, this lens is amazing and finally, lets move on to price.

A thousand eight hundred and ninety nine dollars may seem like a steep price, probably tamrons, most expensive lens for sony. But given the fact that there are no other equivalent out there and still priced lower than the 24 to 70 g master and 7200 g master. While still offering the best focal lengths in between honestly its not a bad price, like i mentioned at the beginning of the video, if you love, shooting portraits at varying focal lengths or if you do a lot of events or a lot of videos – and you can Look past the weight of this lens, then this is probably the best lens to pick up for those use cases. On top of that, the tamron 35 to 150 can be a solid replacement for a 24 to 70 70 to 200 combo. Downsizing. To this, one lens would actually save you on the weight, although i suspect the new 70 200 g master version 2 will probably be a lot better at focusing in terms of high speed action, shoots like sports. Otherwise i mean i still highly recommend the tamron 20 to 75 over this lens and they recently just launched a version two of that with the updated linear motor focus mechanism, which is gon na, be excellent for video, but really for its price. 8.99 excellent range with a constant, f, 2.8 aperture, great image, quality, extremely lightweight, just a joy to bring around with you wherever you go.

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