You cant argue that theres nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread. Trust me. I know the same thing can be said about mizuno irons. You cant beat the smell of a freshly baked set of mizuno irons, you cant all the way. Ah, this is this is silly its gon na go, though, see that i did that on my own, oh baby, the mizuno pro 221 iron, this iron right here, the older versions, the newer versions, theyre, all a huge highlight for me on this channel. I always get excited to see the replacement of this iron because deep down, i know, mizuno have got this in the bag. Pun intended in my head id already scripted out that this was going to be a great iron and luckily its not algae, ridden pond water. It is the same great iron that we expect from this company, but not everything this year is as it seems, if youre a huge mizuno fan youll know exactly whats happened just by that text there, because for the first time in three decades, the mizuno, sun and Moon have aligned to give us a global release, eclipse what that means is in a pro shop in japan. You will see this iron, the mizuno pro 221 and guess what iron youll see in a pro shop in the us, the mizuno pro 221 guess what iron youll see in a pro shop in australia, the mizuno pro two two one guess what iron youll see in A uk pro, should you get it okay for the last 30 years, the label mizuno pro was only available domestically in japan anywhere else.

We had a shortened version of mp standing for mizuno pro, hopefully moving forward. That means whatever gets baked in hiroshima, japan. We can also have as well. If you look very closely around this iron, you may notice little subtle differences. Mizuno is saying this year to align with the better player its got a shorter, more compact head size which, when you think about it, with all the stuff packed inside this iron, that is vitally impressive. Music, if theres one little niggle that i had with the mp20 – and i mean im really clutching at straws here – it was probably the shorter irons, werent compact enough and youd, be pleased to know with the two two ones. Mizuno really were heavily focused on that aspect. As its really early days, i only have the seven iron here, but well be getting the full ship well be getting the full set shortly to go out on the golf course and play a few holes with, because that is really where they excel. If you want to see that, and also if you want to help this video just comment course 221, that would be very nice. You and weve got thicker muscle this year behind the hitting area, so thats really going to provide a vibration dampener for better sound and feel also adding to the softer feel like its reintroduction with the mp20. The copper and delay is back in there. Somehow now were going to stop it there a sec, because otherwise this video is going to be longer than the lord of the rings return of the king extended edition very long.

We can all agree that theres a lot of marketing out there. I can tell you a hashtag: nothing feels like a mizzou now isnt, one of them and last but definitely not least, and i think this is where theyve nailed it on the head, its a combination of mirror, very fancy and shiny. But the problem is thats going to kill thousands of ants, which is exactly why weve got this anti glare finish on the face, so you can still gon na. Have the eyesight its great. So this is the seven eye and sitting at a very traditional 37 degrees. Weve got the project x, ls, shaft, 6.0, 120 grams feels beautiful and one of my favorite grips, the z grip or the zed grip just to annoy the us out there hit stiff smirk repeat, hits this minute, repeat: Music. That was karma. That was cool Music. You can really tell that its soft out the hosel Music. I did hit record now. Ah, what an ending? Why would you do that? Why i feel like i need to change the subject before we look at the numbers. Oh yeah, as this is a better play as iron mp mizuno pro weve, got the shot, shaping challenge coming up straight after this, you dont want to miss it because ive already done it all right. For the most part, those were unbelievable. This is guys no messing around an unbelievable golf club, but what did we expect again? Are you going to see a huge performance difference between the mp20 and this the answers probably going to be? No, but if youre looking for huge performance gains, youre, probably looking at the wrong golf club, if im being completely honest, you know im really enjoying a golf club when we see numbers like this, everyone just expects that i bash my butt bash me balls.

Oh, is it doom time everyone just expects, i just like bashing it everywhere, thats, not any better um. Yes, i do. But when i play golf, i like to have a bit of finesse. I dont look like i dont. Look very finessey. Do i, but i do like a bit of finesse – and this is finesse right here – um carry on average 170 total 174 total spin, six, five, eight six so again were going to be looking up towards the seven thousands, its just spot on with numbers sidespin for Days if you dont want to spin this is not your club. If you want distance, this is not your club, everybody else line up. You know. The sad part is about this. The real sad part is the predecessor of this iron was straight in my bag, and i saw it being built in japan. Obviously, due to the current climate, that is not possible. So when i had a bit of a realization, i was like ouch, you know, but ive seen how these things are made and, as i say in every mizuno iron video, hats off really hats off right, high draw to start us off! Oh yes, well ill! Just just stop it: there thats the shotship challenge, complete all right low draw. I mean these are going to be hard with the water, but if we get the sheet right, i dont really mind flipping. The heck were on high feed now this is where it gets.

Tough for the odell really trying for me arent. You look at that the same trajectory as the high draw can we do the same matching one as the low draw coming from the other side. That was just a pull. I think.