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The WLToys Q333 is a brushed, geared toy grade quadcopter bought in three variations: Q333-A with 5.eight GHz FPV, Q333-B with WiFi FPV and Q333-C with a 720p


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  1. Wondering if you can mount a gimbal underneath

  2. comunque. Absolutely love the intro! Bang on accurate!

  3. I bought this quad a couple yrs. fa. It is still one of my favorites to fly. I used to have a problem with drift and figured out if I bind it with a downward angle to the front and right, it fooled the gyro and stopped the drift. It became much more manageable to fly and hold position. My buddy has one too and has to do the same thing. One day mine had a brain fart and just spiiraled into the ground. I ordered a new flight control board ($25) and now it flies great again. Not a pro camera drone, but a heck of a lot of fun to fly.

  4. where did you order this inspire clone plzz give me a link thank you

  5. I bought the q333a back in October of 2017. I attached a gopro off the back end with a swing arm and flew it once trying to film the sunset. Si trattava di 20 degrees F and about 80' above my house it started to drift out over a busy intersection. I tried to bring it back but it soon spiraled into the biggest tree in my backyard. After impacting this tree about 50 piedi in su, the only thing that came to the ground was the gopro. (I did recover footage of the crash off the gopro). Well this drone spent the entire winter up in this tree and that not a good place to be as Alaskan winters are brutal and long. It hit – 35F on a few occasions. Last month around the 5th of May a wind storm with 60mph gusts knocked the drone outta the tree so I recovered it and sat in on the heater for a few days. The T bracket on the right side was broken and the smaller of the carbon rods was missing as was the attachment clip where it was seated to. The entire right arm with two motors was free to spin around so essentially the right side motors where upside down. I sent away for these parts, used hotglue, half a split straw and tried to fix it. I've no experience fixing drones and this was my first drone. Yesterday was its first flight and the damn thing flew better then when I first flew it. It's stable and all the LEDs work. Amazing for a toy drone.

  6. duwe you know the origenel website toe buy it

  7. bene, it easily lifted a 500 gram camera when i tried

  8. Cool replica. Video quality is good for the price. Better than race fpv drone for sure.


  9. Would this be a great practice drone before I buy a dji inspire

  10. where can i download the manual instruction ?

  11. Mine Crashed from around 100 ft and the only issue after the crash was a Bent Prop and had to replace a couple of screwsit was still working and responding after the crashSo I would argue it is actually pretty sturdyIt's not an Inspire but it sure is fun to fly!

  12. Bella recensione , Ho una domanda , have u tried to add an action camera to it , like a gopro ??

  13. What a cool intro hshshshsh and review too 😀

  14. what application can be used to view the camera's footage ?? @RCview

  15. You're videos are funny, dashing. And the production quality is great!!!!

  16. If you're interested, please take a look at another dji look-alike that has been getting good reviewsthe XS809W/HW. It's affordable at around 40$.

  17. it's 400 dollers in my country

  18. Brilliant Intro & that "It's like comparing the features of a helium balloon to those of a space station" was hilarious!!!😂

  19. Alguém pode postar um tutorial desse drone em português Brasil. .. pois não existe em brasileiro. afff 😩😩😩

  20. hahaha I really like your imagination. Wow 🙂 #twothumbsup

  21. hahaha I really like your imagination. Wow 🙂 #twothumbsup

  22. my camera takes pictures but will not record video any longer ,any reason why this occurs?

  23. Ran across your review and thought I'd give it a go and was quite impressed! Really enjoyed your review and especially your humorus commentary. I'll be subscribing so I don't miss any of your next reviews. Two thumbs up.

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