In realtà, in the box check it out, you know that i love my jeep products and because these only come in gray and red at the moment, i'm sticking with the red theme baby. I always think it looks fire when i'm driving out on the trail now check it out. Why would i actually get a second jeep? Bene, once there was no jeep truck now there is jeep truck it's. Just that simple. Look at this all the way down here. This is the axial scx 103 jeep gladiator jt, Le 110 scala. Electric four wheel drive ready to run model. Does that mean a battery comes in here uh for you to run the vehicle? No. Does it mean that there comes with a charger? It is a no, but it does have your radio, it does have your electronics, everything is installed and ready to run. So all you got to do is make sure you are hooked up and ready to go. I couldn't have one jeep and not have the other. You got to be a jeep family. Look on the back here. This is one of the most interesting things i find about these new smart technologies, the spectrum, the dx3 2.4 gigahertz dsmr transmitter the smart radio technology. One of the things i love about this is that there is an indicator on the side here that will actually tell you, the lipo or your battery charge on board here. So you know how much battery life you have left just by reading the indicators here now.

I'M gon na, let you guys go over the back of the back of the box because i'm more interested on what's on the inside of the box. Look you can see on the box right here, which one would you guys pick comment below right now? Are you a gray gladiator or are you the red gladiator? I almost want to get both, so gem can have one of these, but she's got her merc so i'm. Thinking that she may not want another jeep, but you never know one too many rc's jam. No such thing that factory seal no longer sealed so nice, so choice, look at this from this portion portion. It just looks like it's, the jeep and then wow. This is immediately my most favorite jeep model of radio control. Guarda. Questo è fantastico. That says new age all over it and look at a nice deep truck bed. You can actually keep stuff in the truck bed. Amazing let's unpeel it so nice, nothing but a little static. So satisfying took it out of the box and flipped it right upside down. So you can have a look underneath. Look at that i'm loving these extra long links at the back. Look at that drive shaft as well insane and then how it's shorter up front. Adoro il design di questo. This is so different than what i'm used to seeing of just basically equal size links, front and back. These are like at least a third longer, and also this this jeep it's.

This is the same. It comes with portal axles, which has given you a huge clearance on the front. Look at this like there is substantial room here to go out crawling and look at there. Look at all the links, they're, tutto in metallo, even the uh inside eyelets, the holes they're all metal for the heim joint as well that's insane. Do i see an aluminum is that an aluminum steering horn, yeah aluminum steering horn aluminum coil over shocks? Sì, i almost hate taking these out, because then they go from so pretty to characterized and look for anybody that hasn't noticed. Ancora. Do you see anything on the hood that normally is there? I don't see anything around the back of the truck that normally you'd be putting a pin through here or here. I don't, no body posts up top Laughter. Grazie, jim legit. I hate body clips. I lose them all the time. Bene, i didn't mean that they're, not here they're, just not on top of the machine, see they're here under here. Sì, it kind of takes away from the appearance. When you see a big um, you know like pin sticking through your hood, especially when you're trying to live the imagination. I'M gon na. Take it all as one rotate it over look at the amount of suspension movement in there, unbelievable the fact that they have a nice deep box on the back. If it means you can fit a lot of stuff in there, hey babe right on okay.

Quindi ecco che andiamo. What does this attention disconnect the battery when the vehicle is not in use of course, because if you're using lithium polymer lipo batteries, you want to make sure to store them, use them be proper with them, because they can cause a lot of damage. If you don't know, you can simply youtube lipodanger and you'll find out more about that, but we've covered that in the past. Look at this all nice scale engine up front. What i'm loving it! I know it's not like the first machine that we've seen from axial to have things like this, but in a ready to run vehicle, something that's, so nice and easy. You know it looks beautiful here's the steering servo right there, which i think is just ingenious. How they've put this in there as part of the engine hiding it and then with the steering horn right there absolutely beautiful coming around you can see this whole transmission. The transmission is completely redesigned as well from their old original. You know transmission i'm dumbfounded at what i'm seeing right here, because this is basically the dig function. The dig function function is going to lock up the rear axle, which gives you a pivot point, and i've talked about that on the other um version that i had so i'm not going to rehash it. But when you're in competition. Anything like that, you guys can say: oh it's, not like full sized jeeps, but i actually have seen jeeps with dig transmissions before now.

That'S the neat thing about this. The option to either have a two speed transmission, which they do have the the armature for right. Qui, where my thumb is, or you can have dig it's, either one or the other just because of the limitations of the radio itself, so you can switch this over. Se vuoi, you got to open up the transmission. I haven't done that yet, and i won't be doing that today, but i will be doing it in the near future and it will give me a two stage transmission, because one jeep i can have with the dig transmission and one i can have with a two Speed transmission and i think that's going to be a great feature to have, depending on whichever trail i'm going out to that day. Unbelievable the articulation like just that just look at the suspension. Guarda. I always like to see three points of contact whenever i'm crawling and a lot of people like to get their crawlers, you know going 90 degrees of articulation where it's it's too much. It will basically just fall into a hole and cause a roll over, and you guys can argue with me if you want over on that one, but it doesn't matter. Why bother i'm just going to slide a 5 000 3 cell smart battery in here so it's, going to communicate to my radio look at the radiator up front too too cool on some of these scale, accessories that these big companies are coming out with? Plus you also see the lights, are pre wired and ready to go so front and back lights just plug into the two leads that are already on the receiver: Ehi, hey babe! Before you put on the rubber glove, i don't need any more testing and you're using a dirty one.

Let'S just put the paint back over here. Will you do me a favor since my back has been killing me since all week? Will you take me out to the rocks and maybe film this on the rocks and we can put the first scratch on the body uh you're, putting the first scratch on the body? Sì, i'm, not scratching! That body. I don't know how this works hey. I know they're not going to let me off if i don't take this out and test it i'm not allowed to make the first scratch kind of like in hardwood floor. I can't drive, andiamo. Why start it at the beginning, where we always start off? I want this truck to look as good as possible and look at that on an angle. It looks totally sick. Bees are loving. It look at like i'm moving this one handed controller because they have this thumb on there. Ora. That means i can move it anywhere. I want jem. Will you do me the honor, please of filming for us. Thank you all right, no sound kit. Let me know right now in the comment section: are you guys fans of sound kits or do you like just to hear the rc roll? Oh guarda che. I had to be extra careful but that high clearance, bumper clearing the front, look at the tire flex right away. No rubbage, Sì, try to make my way onto the bridge, but it is an uneven bridge and it is just wide enough for this wheelbase.

I knew it was gon na turn, like just totally turn. I wan na go high up on this rock though, and then start riding the ridge. That was the right way to do it right there. ok, i'm gon na back up now, i'm gon na use the dig function, which means i'm gon na lock up that back axle. So right now on my radio i'm using a function, that's locking that back axle, oh and i'm, not sliding the way i want that's. ok, i'll back it up still giving me that pivot area. Guarda. I can position it right to where i want to go down into the rocks and re engage that axle. Can i go forward yeah there. It is pushing through the fire hazard plenty of jam. Can i get it up on that? Back rock wheel, velocità, we're, gon na have to hop it there. E 'lì, è lì. It is nice cross to the side hill area there. It is longer wheelbase helping me with the side. Hill gives me extra traction across the scallop side check this out. I got to go high because i can see my my passenger tire has a hole right there. I didn't want to flip it over beautiful nice and quiet, not a scratch yet i'm going to try to approach this on an angle. This way i can get my driver's side, then the passenger side, tire up and up oh i'm gon na back out.

Oh, i got real lucky, lì, i'm loving the gladiator. Sì, now let's pause here for a second, because i want to talk about wheel base and look at this is a longer wheelbase which normally helps me going up a hill or side hilling, but it does not help me when i'm cresting a hill look at this. It looks like i'm going to get high centered in the middle i'm, going to have to go slightly faster, just to hop across get that nose to get a little bit of air and to get me down on the other side. I think if i was actually driving the vehicle i'd be puking about thinking about this right now. ok, so i'm backing it up to give myself a little bit of speed here here we go three two one wheel, velocità. Oh, i love that it was perfectly executed. Sì, the truck is so well balanced. This is almost like their answer to a six by six because of the length of the vehicle there. I don't want to gouge anything crawling got my fender okay. Ci siamo. Can i straddle this is important? Can we straddle this look at this? This is where we always struggle going through. Come on baby straddle get right in the middle. Oh, i drop it down. It is so hard getting through this area unscathed. Oh don't, say too soon yeah, i can't believe it. Oh, Mio Dio, not one scratch on the paint.

Ancora, thank goodness! ok! Now we have this growing tree here. So i'm gon na tread lightly i'm going to drop down one tire. This is very difficult because it's an angled climb where there the rocks, are angled opposite to each other. Oh i'm stuck and hung up that's. ok, my front end: does it get up fast enough? Sì, oh i'm, stuck in the back no so i'm going to turn my tires. They'Re already turned to the maximum. To that side, a little bit of wheel, speed trying to drag that rear end off the lift. Oh, i cannot do it there. E 'lì. Lo è, i just don't want to hurt our tree, but you know what, if it's happening, it'll recover, locking up my back axle swinging my nose over there. Lo è, then engaging the back axle to try to climb doing the slow climb here got to bring my got to bring that front end around a bit more. Oh, ok, let's! Try it again a little bit faster wheel, speed after i line myself up now, i'm lined up three two one wheel, speed good, then i'm, going to lock my front axle. My back axle swing, my nose around and then unlock my axle. You can see how it repositions my vehicle and why that can be so important, oh back it up just dropping it down nice and slow. This is what i love about scale competition driving as slow as possible as fast as necessary.

Can you give them a nice little side shot here? Look at that suspension drop down, get in there and give them a good look at how much that is flexing look at the rear tire you'll see that it fits perfectly inside the wheel. Bene, that is a perfect amount of flex right there that's what i'd love to see see if it kind of, if it let me flex anymore right here, i would roll the whole truck over because it would fall this extra distance. This is why i think limited flex is a good thing to a point. Shall we continue to climb three points of contact? I want on everything. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, oh i'm in bad shape, i'm gon na try to back it up a little. I am in bad shape i'm in good shape i'm in good shape i'm in going forward shape, yeah just a little crunchy. I can replace the tail light. Is one of the contact points allowed to be your body Laughter? I like to have three points of tire contact: oh i'm, stuck in a hole down here. Look at that it's that front uh. I'Ll show you it's right here, so this hole was causing the whole truck to sag back. So we would have to get like a cheater rock or something there, because we could do it, but we couldn't have you met my friend cheater rock he's right here: Sì! Oh, do you have another cheater? Oh hey, cheater rocky! Come stai, how are you that's? Convenient there now what we were saying was there.

Andiamo bene, cheating round number three forward, riding that rock with the passenger front tire: oh lì, è lì, è lì. It is we're going to keep it up there. It is wheel, speed to make it over okay, so maybe we can get a top down shot, so we can see it lock up that axle because i'm going to want to do a descent here so i'm going to lock that axle pivot. My way around the outside then unlock and move forward, then lock it again and try to pivot it around then i'm, going to back up pivot and then onto the rock itself, unlocked good to go, pull the descent up and over the crest look at that. I was able to get it now if i wanted just to control my descent and not use drag break i'd. Put that pivot point on that lock you'll see. Oh, even though i gave it a little bit of throttle, it will stop me i'm, going to unlock that easy. Look at that easy to come down and there you have it i'm ready and done done so there. It is the gladiator it made it through the unboxing and the rock course relatively unscathed. I don't see any uh scratches on here, except maybe a little bit on the fender but that's, non così male. You know you're always worried about taking out your new radio control hobby truck because you don't want to get it scratched, but i just showed you you can do an entire rock course and if your driving is and half decent, you can probably get there without a Scratch and who cares? If you get a scratch, it just adds character.

Amici miei, thank you so much for joining me on rc adventures today. Grazie, jen for helping me film, and we will see you guys in the next episode of rc adventures. Bye, look at this once i get it inside. You can see even all that crawling barely used any battery at all that's a handy feature. I'Ll leave a link to everything i used today in the video description box down below.