TYPHOON H – Getting StartedSet Up and Your First Flight

This video is aimed toward new drone pilots who’ve simply bought, or are contemplating buying the Storm H. The video reveals the best way to get the Storm H prepared for the primary flight and a few fundamental flight expertise.

Hyperlink to the UPGRADE FIRMWARE video: https://youtu.be/e-xScUBG2nM

Hyperlink to the COMPASS CALIBRATION video: https://youtu.be/hzG30SlDhes

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  1. Would you agree that the Typhoon H with Realsense; a free backpack, 2 batteries and the ST-16 & at a Best Buy price of $999 is the best drone for pilots that don't need to fly in the clouds or 4 miles away?

  2. Cant. Drone, , I cannot get my controller to bring in my satellites and my flashing blue light does not stop flashing. Can you help with this procedure. JIM

  3. Thanks for this cold and cool vid CD! I loved it.

    Ok, now it is end of august 2018, after the presentation of the new DJI topdrones, Zoom and Hasselblad.

    Looking at the specs of this Typhoon H and the price I must say that this Typhoon is still a fantastic drone. Ok, the new Mavics have good options, but this drone is well build and still a very interesting proposition.

    Now well, Ho una scintilla, muuuuch smaller than this Typhoon. But when I want a really amazing drone this one will be on my list. Sicuro!

  4. Maximum flight time, flight distance range, length battery life, GPS call back, emergency low battery call back start-point landing option, maximum altitude, maximum headway speed, and vector & coordinates planning waypoints?
    Are these included sir? Im shopping for the ultimate civilian long lasting high altitude UAV. Thank you for great video. Cin cin.

  5. Domanda, if I one day decide to upgrade from my advanced 3 which would be the best choice? The typhoons h or the phantom 4 avanzate? I like the form factor of the phantom as it fits in my bag and can cycle around. Pretty sure I wouldn't be able to fit the typhoon in a rucksack

  6. Wow, what a great video! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and providing the step by step. I'm taking the plunge and this video inspired a lot of confidence. Good piloting to you!

  7. Just did my first flight and followed your guidance to the letter. It was AWESOME! Come lei ha detto, the T is a sheep in wolf's clothing. It was so stable and predictable and the inaugural video of Boston in autumn was absolutely stunning. Questo drone è incredibile! Thank for your help, Capitano!!

  8. Thank you Capt. Drone. Just did my first "square dance" with the Typhoon and all my props are intact! I followed your video recommendations and switch settings and had a wonderful flight. My wife did two trips around the pattern with two full stop landings. We have never flown R/C before. Thanks for putting in the time and offering quality instruction. Exhausted the last battery two hours ago and we are still giggling.

  9. Can you use the ST16 plus for your typhoon H first version ?

  10. i actually gotten 4 bad typhoons 2 bad q500 4ks and 2 bad typhoons H480s total garbage when i checked the data, they were all from early 2016 . the typhoon H480 i have now is from LATE 2017 and now its amazing

  11. You buy all your drones and do you keep all? 'whats your favorite drone?
    michael Huynh

  12. Grazie per il video. This has made me much more comfortable about my first flight. The ground station is very intimidating to me. Want to learn more from you so hopefully you have more videos. Subscribed now. Grazie ancora!

  13. Can you use the Android tablet and browse the internet without turning on the H?

  14. Ciao Capitano, any idea when you will give us a video on the H plus? Grazie, always enjoy your videos.

  15. Once again a tremendously helpful video from you!. I really am looking forward to getting the missing battiest and props and weather permitting getting this bird in the air. I think once I've finished my Part 107 it will really be a great tool added to my 2 DJI drones. Una domanda, do you notice that this drone is any quieter than the Phantom series drones from. our DJI Overlords??

  16. Video super cool, my complements !!

  17. Sub New
    Would u recommend this for my first drone?

  18. I am new never flew a drone should I buy the Typhoon H Plus with Intel RealSense Technology for $1899.99 would it be easy for me to fly . I watch all your videos but not sure what’s good . Is this there latest drone . It has sensors all over do it will not hit anything correct ? Where do you digest I buy one for a better price and where can I read more about it ? I was going to get the Mavic 2 pro but the service of dji sucks they are too slow shipping and what so ever . So please advice

  19. Great video I’ve watched it twice and will watch it more . And within a few weeks I will make up my mind on which one to buy . Still home trying to recover from my heart surgery . But I am following up trying to watch all your videos . Keep posting great way to learn from people like you

  20. I've had my Typhoon at least a month,and haven't tried it as yet. Tour video is excellent. Grazie. I'm 74 yrs old and this Drone looks scary

  21. Love your videos and how much time you spend on keeping your information viable. You seem to work very hard to keep your information relevant and I greatly appreciate your dedication to the industry!!! Thanks a bunch for all your direction! 👍👍👍

  22. Thanks for the tutorial! I just bought the Typhoon H. I feel a lot better flying it now.

  23. Ciao, Grazie per il tuo video, I am planning to purchase either this or the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, what will be your suggestion and why??? you will still consider purchasing this unit? considering is 2019? Thanks in advance for your help.

  24. I would strongly recommend removing the camera before doing the compass calibration, to avoid undue stress on the gimbal motors. It snaps right off in a second or two, and slips right back on when you're done. Volo felice!

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