Drone inseguitore – Creare giocattoli E901 RC Quadcopter recensione – TheRcSaylors

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  1. Take me prop grads off looks better with out them

  2. Yea control looks like a transformer lol

  3. Nate your life is way better than mine.

  4. Abs rips that drone around like a boss!!! 😀
    Shame that the video & pics didn't save to the MicroSD card though. 🙁

  5. Wish I’d had seen this video before I wasted my money on my junky Sky viper V2450gps Drone.

  6. I want your lives you get to play with all the cool stuff

  7. She was cute. I like women who are into tech stuff.

  8. Is that a shed you are standing in front of? With power? You can make a Shop/ studio out of that!

  9. That was one of the funniest unboxing videos I’ve watched from you guys!

  10. I love this video because the drone is pretty cheap and good for beginner drone

  11. My first drone was the x5c by Syma it has exactly the same camera set up, and sounds like the syma and flys the same.

  12. Very nice Abby you are a born flier for sure! You are also cuter than a Rooster wearin socks! Sei un grande!!!

  13. abby is a great pilot and cool quad i like it

  14. Quite quad and Abby's become an excellent pilot.

    Dance the Skies

  15. Its so nice to have two opinions,I just bought my first quad copter ,because of your video,I really got two ,I bought a smaller one to learn on first,the big one is already here,I waiting on my little one,then I go out and play,I think when you can start with a cheaper one first to learn .but first watch the saylors videos,so you don't buy a bad one.

  16. I love how happy and giddy she gets, great videos guys!

  17. Abby is a really good pilot.. Finora! Just catching up on the videos but the name of this drone caught my eye, but it's like click bait.. nothing tracker about it, lol.. still a decent looking quad tho!

  18. Nice bit of flying there Abbey you've defiantly improved.

  19. It looks like a copy of any amount of Hubsan quadcopters.

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