I know that we've got a little bit of low light today, which is something that you definitely want to be aware of, because the sky do works best when it's got contrast between dark and light. So I'm, really putting it to the test: cuz there's, some small trees, there's a lot of bramble on the ground and again it's kind of a shadowy afternoon. So if it crashes it crashes, I don't think it will but let's put it up and see so. I'M. Gon na take off here we go, rotors have taken off and it's up. Va bene, let me bring it down a little bit all right now, I'm gon na focus on me, I'll tap me to follow me and it's pulled back for me. That'S good good news. Let'S see how it does I'm over here it's trying to find a good position to track me and as a walk closer to it, it's walking away from me, che è grande. It saw that tree it's, moving that direction, nice very nice all right. Ciò è abbastanza fredda. Let me hide behind the tree and see what happens not that I could hide behind the tree nope. Let me come out yep, it's, definitely tracking me! So let's go over this way. It'S a little bit trickier over here, cuz it's gon na get pretty tight in this spot, yeah it's flying in it's, making some decisions about where I am. Let me walk over this way.

A little bit see how close it comes. Alright that's a tricky move right there between those two trees. But man is this thing good. Va bene, now I'm gon na run the other direction. Let'S see what happens hey I'm Way over here Scotty, oh it's, spun around and missed that small tree, which is incredible. Oh there's, some branches behind it right there let's see what happens nope it's coming at me, alright here's a big tree. I think I could hide behind this guy now, I'm gon na come out really fast and see what happens. Uomo. This thing is incredibly good at tracking, hey there sky yo I'm over here, you lost me dude, so it didn't find me coming off behind that tree. I kind of surprised it there. Let me go back and try it again. Yep nope saw me that time alright, so I guess I came out into the light. Let me try that one more time I just can't get over how incredibly good it is I'm, maintaining the distance between me and the height with all this trees and brambles and branches and stuff. Così ora, I'm gon na hide behind the tree. Ancora una volta. bastone! My head out give him a little peek. Now I'm gon na run for the car nope got me that time, man that's incredible, that's, absolutely incredible! Va bene! Back this way now I don't normally run like this, but this is really uncertain ground here.

So I don't want to crash. I can't get over how accurate this is no don't back up there's a tree behind you like. I have to tell it that that's incredible alright. So for me so far, the autonomous flight characteristics are absolutely amazing. Now I'm gon na do a couple more tests and we'll put a couple more Clips up to check it chasing a car chasing a skateboard, a bunch of other stuff, but for me walking through this really densely wooded forest, especially behind me I'm gon na give it A shot over there in a minute just to see how this thing does, but Wow pretty cool for this test. I want to see how well the sky do can track a moving vehicle now I'm out in the middle of nowhere and a Springsteen likes to say I'm somewhere in the swamps of Jersey, on an abandoned Road out here and I'm gon na put the sky. Do two up to about 60 piedi: I'll drive down this road and I'll have a track. The car I'll record the footage, so you can see how well it's doing but there's a lot of zigs and zags in the road up ahead now for safety I'm. In a lightly populated area I'm, not in an NF Z, we've checked all those things out. I have a spotter who's got their fingers on the controller, so something goes haywire out here and it's headin for a tree will land it safely.

But after those last tests I did I have to be honest, I think it's going to do phenomenal, but stay tuned and we'll see how it goes. ok, this guy too goes up in the air and we're driving along let's, see how well it tracks me. Man am i nervous I'm, so nervous, Va bene, pretty straight Road and I'm, going pretty slow I'm only doing about 15 miglia all'ora, it's gon na get kind of wavy up ahead here, so yeah it's really close to those trees. If you were in the car trying to fly this thing manually, you would have a hard time staying between those trees, because there's pine trees on both sides of the road, especially the left here, which is where it's flying all right. Let me speed up a little bit: yeah there's, no problem with this tracking me. This is unbelievable. This is almost like. I'Ve got a cinematographer in the car with me, and two drone pilots flying this thing. Anybody who's ever tried to follow a moving vehicle with the drone knows how hard this is. This like ran out of a summative cinematic movie from Hollywood. This is incredibly cool. I know I'm raving about this, but this technology is unbelievable. Va bene, let me pull over and land this guy, because I'm super impressed with this so far really really impressed those tracking capabilities were really impressive, but what I want to test now is its ability to fly autonomously when I'm flying it from the controller.

So what I'm gon na do is pretty much what I said I do when the sky deal first showed up I'm gon na put it up in the air I'm gon na fire it at that stand of trees across the road. For me just to see, if I'm trying to fly it straight, is it gon na find a path between all those trees to not crash into something? Now I have to be honest, I'm totally nervous about this, because I haven't tested it yet so, first time I'm actually putting it up to do this, but let's get it up in the air and give it a shot. We'Ll see how it does now I'll record the whole thing, so we'll get some good footage on it. So let me take off all right he's up, let me get it into camera range Music, and am i nervous geez all right, there's, no way I'm telling you right now. Maybe you FPV guys can do this, but there's no way I can put a Mavic between those trees without hitting something. Quindi per me, this is the ultimate test of how smart this thing really is. Oh man am i nervous here we go full speed. Oh geez there's trees, Alberi. Oh it missed that first, one all right, we're in there man. Where do you see this video it's it's? Actually navigating? I know this shouldn't be impressive, because it's exactly what the things designed to do, but it's seen a tree and it's moving to the left to get around it and then it's getting back on course, because all I'm doing is forcing it forward.

I'Ve got one joystick forward on the right hand, side and it's just moving it's, actually dodging all the trees. Now there's a really small one. ok, it stopped it stopped well that one's got some gnarly branches on it all right you trying to decide what to do. Oh, I found a way around it and now you can't see this, but you'll see it when I'm running the video all right I'm, pretty far into the woods there, something I should spin this thing around and try and get it back out. Let'S see where's the road where's, the road, okay there's, the road I mean it looks see if it works on the way out. Va bene, let's keep our fingers crossed. I can see it the woods right there all right. This is nerve racking. I got to be honest. All I can do is watch it. I can't actually fix anything. It'S gon na hit something I got to go in there and get it out. Yeah it's, doing a great job, it's. Actually looking for me because I got the controller it's coming back, this direction and it's it's really like weaving between those trees, it's, absolutely impressive. Look at that look at that. I want a high five if that's, how coolest thing is all right, so there's your test, I mean I tried to crash that I didn't do anything you didn't see me, move that joystick at all to move it left to right or up or down.

I just fired it at those trees. It flew in there got lost in the woods way back into dark part of the woods and then flew back out with no problems whatsoever, so check box on autonomous flight. This thing is brilliant and its ability to sort of notice things around it and when I'm telling it to go forward, it's gon na go okay Rick. I want to go forward but there's a tree there so I'm going to go around the tree. If you don't mind just hold on a second, così molto, very cool test, now I've got a ton more things planned for this I've got eight or nine different torture tests I want to put it through, but for today made am i impressed with this thing? It again it's my first or second flight with this thing out in the woods and I I'm just in love with it so far I think it's, a fantastic drone and I just can't say enough good things about it, so that's it for today. Grazie. So much for watching and until next time drop your questions in below. If you got anything you want to talk about about this particular drone, but until next time happy flying all right.