Se è così, if you're at spin up 2019, l'arci avrebbe visto parlare della sua avventura incredibile, atterraggio un grande grande uh, uav yeah on and moving boat. Sì, Allora, but he's here today, because he's actually never flown the gepp, RC, uh rocket or rocket light, and so we're gon na do a comparison between the gep rc rocket and rocket light to see if the extra weight or savings from the caddos vista is worth It or if they fly about the same Music Applause all right so jace tell me a little bit about just just in 30 secondi. Tell me about yourself: oh uh, forze aeree, veteran yeah helicopter pilot got out of the service uh two years ago and come into drones because that's, where the future of aviation is so bounce around doing cargo drones for two years and then got picked up to fly. Uh for a manned ev toll company that's here in austin, Sì, sì, so so this is something that is actually on the horizon. You guys have already done test flights with this thing. You'Ve got hours on it, you've got lots of redundancy in it, but a little different story from these little mini quads right, it's, a it's it's, but in some ways it's, like the same tech, just blown up big a lot of the same um uh processing power. The same kind of motor, same kind of batteries just everything's at a much bigger scale for that aircraft.

In realtà, nice nice! Bene, we have here today the as i said, the um cadets vista version rocket, light right there and then in this other backpack. Here is the rocket plus we'll get that out, and he and i are going to fly together. I don't get to fly with other people that often so i'm super excited, so let's get them out and get them in the air let's. Do it all right? So this is jason's first time flying this little guy yeah let's see what you can do. Oh uomo, just just the hd to start, is just amazing yeah. It really i mean it's such a game, changer from analog no it's it's. Incredibile. One thing i love doing is flying along the top of the fence, like that yeah yeah. It gives you yeah it's a great line kind of shows you specifically with this little drone and the this with the stabilization on here. It makes you see like how good that flow is that it just it just holds a line if you're just really gentle with the input. So i can see how you could you could get some good film yeah, absolutely in a small package, especially if you especially if you um, did some uh post to it. If you did some warp stabilization to it in post yeah and then of course, it'll be interesting to see how the video between this and the plus comes out. I love.

I love the fact that i can actually see a little ant. I can see some ants crawling across the yes, i can confirm they are there it's a real thing? Oh sì, that picked up a lot better. ok, i saw you come off i'm chasing you now. Oh, okay, haha! You looped back around yeah all right! Bene, i'll! Try to be nice to everything, ok, Musica! Bene, whichever man i'm. Just i see you down low down low by the fence. Oh, this is cool i'm gon na go through oh man. Now this is the challenge huh, i call it the red devil, the red devil. Gotcha see, i know that back in the day, i lost you: ok, i'm down low in the middle next to one of the football lineman hitters. Oh sì sì. This is such a nice field to fly at whoa there. You are hey how's it going uh. I don't see you yeah, i got you, i got you, ok, you're orbiting me you're orbiting my orbit. Oh oh, were you like a so you're like a? I got you a visual. Ah, this is why i am. Ah that was cool. Did you make it through the red devil uh? L'ho fatto. I did oh Music, ok, i'm. 14. 8. So i'm, ancora, oh nice time to follow. Oh that's, great okay, i'm. I'M on the outside of the trees towards the parking lot swinging Music. Oh, the red devil.

Are you an acro or staff? ok, see that's the thing, Naturalmente,, Va bene, so you just switched over to acro for the first time how's. It feel it's, it's, feeling great it's, uh good, liscio. Look at that yeah. It just does what i want. I i finally, i finally realized, because i used to be kind of afraid of acro and now, when i fly and stabilize, i really do feel that sort of fighting against me thing that people talk about. You know they say they say that stabilize fights you it's, i can see it's really good for different things and if, Se è così, for chasing or being a good platform for someone to chase, i can see how stabilized would work really well for that versus being the Chaser having that extra ability to to point down and motion your camera, the way you want oop yep turtles, ok, we'll, vedere, i disarmed it on hitting the ground, but then it won't rearm, because it's upside down, Naturalmente,, so so she's right over there we'll just Have to go get it is it in the field yeah it's, very close to the um to the pole, bene, field goal: your choices are uh hop the fence or walk around. I can probably make defense Applause Music. We Music Applause, hey Applause, così la musica, Applausi musicali, Musica. All right here we go all right. The uh c 51 is in the air Applause, Musica, Applausi, Musica, Musica, fish, Music Applause Applause, Oh sì.

Oh, i think i just caught that. Spero: Applausi musicali, Musica, oh Musica, oh Applausi, henry Applause, Musica, Applausi, jason, thanks for coming out today, uomo. What did you think of the rocket and the rocket light? I i really enjoyed it um. I have limited um real world uh quad experience, especially digital, but this was really fun. The word that kept came coming up between us was accessible um. This makes flight accessible uh. We were able to kind of go between this small field. We were chasing the plane, you're able to come and explore in the trees here and every and and feel like. You can send this guy out, and you know if you hit something you go pick it up dust it off. We did that today, courtesy of me, this is a really good way to just go out and enjoy the hobby in a you know, you can have a smaller space, um and i've. I really enjoyed it so overall, you know you said you couldn't really feel a weight difference in your hands. Did you feel a difference flying the rocket light versus the rocket plus? I didn't, ma si sa, i'll chalk, that up to experience and the lack of a really good scientific method. You said you were noticing some, maybe flight, time difference, and i i i imagine that a really well tuned set of hands would notice the weight difference in the air, but to someone who's uh not quite got that depth of experience on the this type of platform.

Uh it wasn't readily apparent. I enjoyed both so and i would say overall, too uh. This was my first time to fly the rocket light and then the rocket plus back to back. Quindi per me, i did notice uh the flight time difference uh. It seemed to get it felt like the rocket plus was dying out a lot quicker than the rocket light, and then um performance wise though you're right, they're, both just they're, just both little beasts. You know that that can do all kinds of stuff and the confidence to fly around in tight spaces. I i really can't, say enough good things, especially if you're just getting into fpv um yeah my recommendation as i've said a few times. Now is one of these guys, maybe the rocket light if you don't care about 1080 Filmati, if you're, okay with 720 Filmati, then you know you're, not a youtuber or something then just go with the rocket light with the cadex vista and the digital system, and it Really really is something that's very accessible, especially in um horizon mode. Sai, when you start offline in horizon mode or angle mode, it's, it's, a super. It really is um pretty easy to just kind of push it around. Ovviamente, you don't have the gps that you might have with a bigger quad, but then you'll get into flying an acro, and then you won't want to fly in an angle or horizon anymore, Sì, sì.

We we started out the day. You know it had been a while since i'd flown something like this, and so i started out in angle mode and just really quickly went into acro and it was. It was great. You needed it to do the chase and grab everything in footage um, Ma sì. If you're starting out, you know it was it was there and it was stable and you know flying down the fence line. It was man, it was just great well jace again, thank you so much for joining today, uh very excited to have more stuff with you.