Fai due droni e mostrarti alcuni degli accessori che le aziende hanno rilasciato. Questo può davvero migliorare la tua esperienza di volo. But before I get into this, I know some of you are probably thinking Rick. The drones been out for a couple of weeks. What took you so long? Bene, honest truth is I ordered the sky. Do two the day the website opened up and, like all of you, I waited patiently for the email to show up announcing your sky. Do two is ready, we're shipping it and the email never came now. I know these guys are working twenty five hours a day and they've got robots flipping these drones around doing all kinds of optical calibrations and all the other stuff. They have to do to make this thing perfect, but I just wanted my drone and we were leaving for a family vacation over the holidays and two days before we left for the vacation. I got the email of the drones on the way, so I'm camped out on the front porch waiting for the UPS guy to show up. So I can take this drone down there in the warm weather and fly it like crazy. Bene, the drone never showed up and, as luck would have it halfway through the drive to Florida, I get an email from UPS hey. We dropped off a box on your front porch, so you can imagine my frustration heading south well, this thing's sitting on my porch up here in the Northeast, so I couldn't wait to get back.

I had a great vacation. We had a lot of fun down there, but I could not wait to get back and rip this thing open now in a show of zen like restraint, I haven't opened up this package, yet I took it out of the box, but I have not opened this Up yet so I'm gon na do it here for the first time and I'm telling you right now I'm extremely excited about this drone, and I know we get crazy with all the drones that are being released. But this one in particular is different and I've talked about different drones coming along and prior Clips, where I thought they were kind of game changers. I mentioned the Maverick Pro when that first came out. I thought that that was sort of a shift in the way drones are being built. It really heralded in a new era of drones in a lot of different ways, and a lot of companies have copied that design. It has really changed the design philosophy. A lot of companies, I think this one has the potential to do the same thing for autonomous flight. Ora, I'll talk a lot about that in future clips, and I promise you this clips kind of an unboxing at a closer look clip but I'm gon na. Do a lot of clips talking about the technology behind it and what this technology means for our hobby, because I think what sky Tio's got here is a new generation of drone that has artificial intelligence in it.

That'S autonomous that does a lot things really well. That'S. Gon na make drone flying safer and a whole lot more fun for a lot more people, so I'll get into all that in a later clip, but for now I'm gon na rip. This thing open and I'm being extremely patient. So let me get this thing because they've got these zippers clipped together so before I tear this thing, open I'm impressed with the case. So when I popped it out, it's a really nice durable case, it's a crushproof case and everything fits inside the case. I think it'll hold two batteries too, but again I haven't open it. So I'll take a look but it's water resistant it's got a heavy duty. Zipper. It comes with a shoulder. Strap it's got two clips on either side. You can put carabiners on them. I think they've done a great job and I think a lot of the newer drone companies are starting to include cases like this to really protect their products and, Credo, it's, a great idea. So they've cable tied these guys together with a little piece of fishing line here. Let me cut that okay, so we'll get rid of that alright. So now that it's open, let me look inside so man. This is my favorite time it's, when a new truck shows up that I haven't played with yet, and I get a look at it for the first time. So here we go alright, so there's a getting started, guide, there's a nice cleaning cloth.

I guess for the cameras and there's the drone. Now let me get this guy out. Oh uomo, oh uomo, oh uomo, Va bene, so there's, no battery the battery compartments on the bottom there's, a nice lock. Quindi, the Kimball's and I'll tell you my first impression of this thing is it's built to last. This is not. This has got a very high end feel it's got a very professional field. You can tell based on the gaps and the fit and form of this thing, that the engineering behind this is incredibly solid, it's it's, a midsize weight kind of a drone, but it's a rigid frame now that's something else. A lot of people were asking about they're like why didn't they make one with a folding frame. You have to remember: they've got six cameras three on the top and three on the bottom that actually create this 3d bubble. Questo 360 degree bubble where it's looking at things that could run into and if it's extremely important, that those things are calibrated correctly. So if you're folding out arms there's too much play in those folding out arms to really ensure that kind of security all the way around the drone, so they had to make it a fixed frame, but you can set two here: oh uomo, this is beautiful. This is a beautiful looking machine. They'Ve done a phenomenal job at the engineering on this, so good on you guys at sky, do for this product, it's, fantastico, so that's.

Il drone. Let me set that down now, in addition to the drone inside the case there's a battery there's, a cable here, it's a nice heavy duty, Cavo, which is a USB C to USB C. So I imagine the Chargers also a USB C, so huh look at that. That'S, piuttosto fresco, so they've actually built the charger in a little rubber foam holder that you can either carry the charger with you or imagine. You'Ll fit another battery on that side, but that's pretty cool all right, so it's a fast charging charger and it is a USB C connection. So I'm sure you can use a standard charger that as a USB a connection on it, but I would recommend whatever charger. You'Re using to be powerful and be a quick charging, Q C compatible charger and that's. What they've, given you here so it's, a really nice charger, but it's a single port and that cable will charge the drone. Ora, if you only bought the drone you'll charge the battery inside the drone, but they do make a battery charger that again can use this USB C connection and charge two batteries at the same time, Va bene. So the cable and the charger looks like two props for replacement. I imagine one clockwise one counter: clockwise and the battery and there's the battery and it's got a nice protective cover on the battery now one thing that's interesting about this and I've got a lot of ideas for testing.

This thing has to do with the way the magnetics attach the battery of the drone. So when you get this close to the drone, the magnetics clip it in place and the contacts are made to the drone. My curiosity initially is if I've got a huge magnet like this, getting close to the electronics on the drone is not going to mess around with some of the electronics in there like the compass, Per esempio, and screw up the way the compass sees north. So we'll have to play around with that and see. But looking at the drone, they've got a little diagram up here, where you can scan it with your camera and actually connect to the drone and I'll. Show you how to do all that stuff and, in addition to the drone I've got the controller, the beacon up, Mi dispiace, il controller, the beacon and the battery, so I'll open those next but that's the drone that's. What it looks like it again very durable. It seems very nice, I love the color scheme and this blue is my favorite color, so that's pretty cool and it looks like the gimbal lockis pretty straightforward. The only thing that I can pick on on first glance is I'm, not nuts about having the USB C connection on the top surface of the drone, now again, I'm getting nitpicky here as an engineer, but what I'm worried about there is that gravity? Is your enemy right, so if there's dust and debris and particles in the air they're gon na fall down and they could fall inside that USBC connection that connects directly to the printed circuit board inside I'm, just guessing I'm, non gon na.

Take this thing apart, like I've done with other drones at least we're, not for a couple of weeks, but if that does touch the printed circuit board and I'm flying this thing and it's a misty day or it's a rainy day that port right there is an Entry point to get at the electronic, so I'm gon na have to think a little bit about that and maybe we'll come up with a plug or something that can protect that down the road. But I love the design. I think it's really well builtand I really do like this casea lot it's a case that will hold everything neatly: it'll hold two batteries and it gives me pretty much everything I need in one spot to fly this thing so that's. The drum now let's take a look at some of the other stuff and I'll start with let's start with the battery I'll open that next. So again the battery is um. I think it's about a 100 ollar battery, but I recommend getting it because you're full time on these, this drill in particulars 23 minutes and imagine if you fly it down to say 20 you're, not gon na get 23 minutes out of it. Obviously so you probably get 15, Forse 18 minutes out of it. ok, so there's. The second battery basically comes in the box. Oltre a ciò, Nient'altro, just the battery okay, so that's. All I really need is the batteries that's, piuttosto fresco, so there's.

The second battery and I'll charge that up get this guy outside and start flying. It now let's take a look at some of the controllers, so I've got both the controller and the beacon I'll open up the beacon first, because that's the one most people are gon na go for now. The beacon allows you to fly it further, so you can fly the drone with your cellphone, but you can only fly about 200 meters with your cell phone. The minute, you add, the beacon you can fly 1.5 kilometres, so it gives you just a little over half a mile of distance that's a nice little package. I got to say too that the packaging for this stuff is all high in it's, like you're, buying out a very expensive watch or very expensive cellphone. So again a getting started, guide, there's, the beacon and I'll take closer, looks and nothing else in the box. I'Ll take closer, looks at all these things in a minute just to explain what the knobs and buttons and connectors do, but that's the beacon again it's got GPS and GLONASS in it and it's the way. The drone knows where you're standing now it doesn't care where you're standing it cares, where the beacons standing so I'm gon na hang this from a tree and see if the drone pays attention to that or for chases me but that's, the beacon, pretty cool it's got A nice little lanyard hook on the bottom of it so good on you guys for that, and then the last is the controller.

Now we all know that this is a parrot controller. That'S been modified with firmware to allow it to control the sky to go. So you can't use this to control your parrot. You can't use the parrot one to control the sky. Do they're different, Va bene, so inside the box there's the controller, a getting started, guide, let's, see if there's anything else. I imagine there's, probably something under here like cables are saying there we go so there's two sets of cables underneath there, Perché, just like with the parrot controller you've got to connect your phone physically to the controller and I'll. Show you how to do that one. I do look portion of it, but there's a connection on the back that's USBC that connects up to your phone, so in here they've included two cables. One is the USB C to Apple and the others USB CD USB C. Allora, stranamente, they didn't include a USB C to micro. So if you have an older phone, maybe you can't use it with this. But I'll do a lot of testing and let you know about that. So those are the start guides of QuickStart guides and that's. The controller and again it's the same controller as the parrot anafi, which I like a lot. Ho, like the form factor of the controller so again, I'll take her closer look at all three of these in a minute but that's. Fondamentalmente, what you get if you open up all the containers and all the stuff you get in the Box is pretty much in front of you here so good on you guys that you include the ability to fly with your phone, which would take you, 200 metri.

The ability to fly with the beacon, che è 1.5 Chilometri, and if you use the controller, you can fly 2.5 Chilometri, che è di circa 2 Miles, so you can get quite a good distance out of it. The reason you're limited on your phone obviously is because the Wi Fi signal in your phone can only transfer so far and you're gon na have you know some limitations on that, but stay tuned, and what I'm gon na do next is take a closer look at The drone itself explain some of the stuff about the drone point out some cool things that they've built into it then I'll take a closer look at the controller, the beacon and show you what goes on there so stay tuned for that we'll start off by taking A closer look at the sky do 2 drone it's a really interesting design. The unit itself looks like they've got a bottom section and a top section that are sandwiched between this blue frame. I really like the color scheme of this, but this nice blue frame is sort of the central point of it. Then the bottom is attached that, and the tops attached to that now on the top of the quad you've got three cameras that are used for the autonomous flight on either side and one in the back. One thing I find interesting on there's some got through a little research is that there are little fins right here and I aerodynamically this one makes sense because I'm fly in this direction.

That'Ll help to keep the quad straight, but these two are actually diametrically opposed to the the motion. So the winds going to hit up against those, so I don't think they're there for aerodynamic purposes. My suspicion is they're there to sort of help. The cameras decide where the stitching takes place. Remember you've got to create this 360 degree bubble around the quad when you're flying and each of these cameras have to know where they're stitching ends and the next image begins. So maybe that's helping them figure out the stitching on the bottom of the unit. Again you've got three additional cameras. One two and three right here same fins on the bottom you've got a lock on here for your gimbal, so that when you're not using it, you want to make sure the gimbal locks on nice and tight that keeps the gimbal from rattling around the connection. Sul fondo, for the battery is magnetic and again I'm curious about that, because a big magnet like this close to a compass inside of the unit, they must have some pretty cool engineering to keep that magnet here from interfering with that TrueNorth magnet inside there. So the magnetics just basically get it closed and it clicks in it makes all of its connections on the back right here. They'Re very well protected, but I would be careful about dropping this down on the ground to get dirt and debris inside there same thing here.

These seem pretty fragile, so my suggestion would be when you're transporting this in the case you're, ok, but if you're transporting it out of the case, make sure you keep the battery on it. So these stone these pins down here, which are pretty delicate, don't, get bent. You don't get dirt inside there here's the microSD slot. You can put a standard micro SD card in there. I'Ve got a 64 Giga in there, but you can put a bigger card in there as well. The charging port is on the topand I mentioned this briefly before I'ma little bit concerned about that. I'Ve got to spend some time figuring out if that's going to be an issue for me or not, but I'm, not really comfortable having an open port on the top of the quad like that, perché ancora una volta, when you're flying it gravity's, not your friend, you're gon na Have dirt and debris falling down from the skies you zip through the air and that is gon na find its way into that hole or if you're flying it, it gets a little bit rainy out or misty out all that water is gon na collect on the Surfaces and as you fly, it's gon na be pushed back. It'S gon na find that hole that hole leads directly down to the printed circuit board, underneath so that's sort of like an open manhole cover for all that water to get down inside across the electronics.

So I'm gon na spend a little bit of time, try and figure out a solution to plug that up when you're not charging it now to charge the drone you've actually put the battery in the bottom and then you'll power up the drone and connect up the Usb cable from here to the charger that came with the unit, not nuts about that, because that means I've got to power up the drone every time I want to charge my batteries, and that means the electronics are gon na, be powered all the time and that's, Not something I'm really a big fan of so I did order the two battery charger, which is a separate unit where you can clip two batteries to it and then connect up a USB C connection to the charger and charge both batteries. But if you've got a single battery or didn't buy that charging kit, you have to charge it through the drone. A couple other things I want to mention: the propellers have interesting markings on them. So I'll start with the top let's. Take a look at those. Quindi puoi vedere, one has got sort of a blue banding and the others got a silver banding. The way you remove those propellers again, if you have to change them, you want to make sure you match up blue with blue and silver with silver, but the way you change them is basically to hold the base like this and push down on the propeller.

Let me get underneath it and make it a little easier, but if you hold the base and push down on the propeller and then twist the base, you can see how it pops off and then the propeller is off. So to put it back on you. Fondamentalmente, just Center it on the pin, you push down again and twist the other direction, and there are two little arms that will lock. On top of that now one thing I'm gon na recommend is as you're flying this for a bit of time. You definitely want to make sure that these two are intact and they're, not chipped. You also want to do an inspection on the propellers every so often to make sure that there's no issues with those and one other minor detail, which I think it's really interesting and it you'd miss it. If you didn't look close, is that the back edge of this, not the leading edge but the back edge, the trailing edge has a little hook at the end, there's a little hook right there and that aerodynamically helps to reduce the amount of noise. This creates because you want to have sort of all that wind heading back and off the back that way, so I bet that's there for noise reduction so I'm going to spend a little bit of time listening to it, sort of comparing it to other quads on The market and how they actually generate noise and how it sounds next to those but that's, basically the overview of the quad itself.

Now next we'll take a look at the sky, beacon and then we'll move on to the controller. Ora, I'll take a closer look at the sky. Do to beacon this accessory is sold as an add on to the sky. Do two drone and I think, it's a really good accessory to add to your kit, Perché, even though you can control the drone directly from your phone over a Wi Fi connection, most phones have a very weak Wi Fi broadcast signal which will limit your distance. Our control to about 200 metri, the minute you add the skydo to beacon. You increase that distance to 1.5 Chilometri. Oltre a ciò, the unit has gps and glonass inside which will help to really accurately pinpoint your location to make it easier for the drone to follow. You now i'm going to talk about the technology in a minute and explain all the buttons and connections, but before i do, i have to comment on the packaging they put together for all of their accessories. I think they've done an exceptionally good job with this, because any time a new product like this comes out, the engineering team spends a lot of time deciding how big the products going to be what it looks like. What kind of features are built in and they're really trying to design a product that separates them from everybody else in the market? And i think the sky do engineering team has done a really good job of building a cool product.

That'S got artificial intelligence built into it autonomous flight and in a lot of ways, it's disruptive quad in the market that everybody else has got to pay attention to and really up their game. But once they finish with the engineering, the product has to be marketed and the graphics department gets involved the marketing it's involved, and they basically have to tell the story of the consumer of why that product is different and that story starts with the packaging and what Scott EO is chosen to do here, Credo, is pretty brave, they've actually taken a black box essentially and put a wireframe diagram on the front of it that mimics what the control looks like now, it'snot a picture of the control, but it gives you enough Information to know what's inside the box, but the minute I see that even before I tear open the box, this picture immediately screams nerdy future technology, advanced technology, heavy engineering. So I see that and get really excited about tearing open the box, but I immediately know what's in there it's the beacon I can tell just looking at it. The other thing that's interesting is there's, no branding on this there's, no sky do logo or name or anything on front. That really wants you to focus on that diagram, che, again to me, speaks volumes about the engineering behind the technology. Now they did put the name of the product on the side: it's black, on black right, they're kind of subtle and at the bottom they've got a tiny little logo.

Now most other companies don't spend that much time. Thinking about the packaging and they'll put a basic white box out with a picture of the unit, maybe their big logo on the top of it and it's pretty boring. And I spent a lot of time in my career around marketing and development of products. And I can tell you this is a pretty risky move to start off with this radical a package and I'll also tell you that this is very iconic and you're gon na see other companies they're gon na copy this down the road, and when you see those Other packages you're gon na look at this and think that was first seen on a sky do product. So these guys are really setting themselves apart, not only from the technology but from the marketing side of it as well. So good on you guys at Scotty. Oh for that, all right let's take a look at the tech, so the actual beacon itself is very lightweight it's. Si adatta al palmo della tua mano, really well it's easy to grip. It it's made out of high impact plastic on the bottom of the unit. There'S, a little bit of a speaker vent in the back and you've got a little slot here, where you can put a lanyard on it to keep it on your wrist. So I imagine, if you're on a skateboard or a bike, you might want to keep it on your wrist on the front of the unit.

You'Ve got an LCD display on the top right here. You'Ve got two buttons, two arrows and these increase. I should say they change the direction of where it is so. If you tap on this, one it'll swing around this way. If you tap on that one it'll swing around that way when it's following you. This is the power button again subtle, but it is that I do logo right there and then below that you've got a plus and a minus plus increases the distance away from you and minus increases that or decreases the distance towards you. So if you want it to fly further away tap that if you want it to swing around right, tap that one, this is the power button to turn it off. So if you hold that it'll actually power down the remote, it also forces the drone to land. So very simple unit to use very, very intuitive in a lot of ways, and I think they've done a really good job with it. Also included in the package is a getting started guide, which gives you really simple diagrams to explain how you can sync up the remote with the actual sky do so how to connect the beacon right to the drone charge it up. Primo, connect it up to the drone turn it on it'll, immediately pair up and then there's a really simple diagram right. There that'll explain pretty much the buttons I just went over so again beautiful packaging, great looking product.

I think Scott Hero is really gon na shake up the market, a lot with their technology now we'll take a closer look at the sky. Do two controller again: the box has got that same wireframe diagram if the controller inside very high tech. Looking on the side of the box, they've got the word controller, so you know what you're buying and, sul davanti, a really tiny Scott EO logo and again I love that they're staying consistent with the branding of these products. Once you open up the box, you'll find the controller inside there's a getting started guide and underneath the plastic insert you'll find two short cables. These are about 12 inches long, this one's a USBC to an apple lightning, and they also include another 12 inch USB CD. Usb see this end connects to the back of the controller. The other end will connect to your phone now if you've got an Apple phone, you're good, if you've got a newer, Android phone or a tablet, you can connect this up as well as long as it's. Usb see, I do find it interesting that it include a USB c2 micro, so I'm, not sure if they don't support older phones like that or older tablets like that. But I'll definitely do some checking and testing and see what we come up with, but very nice cables very heavy duty make it really easy to connect the getting started guide. Shows you how to connect the controller up to your drone.

You'Ve got to sync it up. The first time so that the drone knows the controller can talk to it, you'll charge up the controller open it up. You'Ll connect up the USB C connection from the back of the controller right into the drone power. Both units up the syncing will take place and once it binds the first time, you're good to go and then you'll disconnect it from the drone and connect it up to your phone, and you can put your phone in the holder and actually start flying so let's. Take a closer look at the controller. You get the box out of the way, so the controller is pretty straightforward. It is a ask. I do controller that was made by Perrin. We'Ve talked about that before I think it's a great design. I really like the Parana Navi controller it's, very comfortable in your hands. It'S got a good weight to it. The way you use the controller there's, no onoff button. The way you power it up is just opening up this fold here and that immediately powers up the controller. The other thing it does, which i think is really clever, is that the antennas are right here. So when you power this thing upand you flip it upyou'll mount your phone in here, it's expansive, but you're also putting these antennae in the perfect direction facing downfield and flat against your transmission pattern. So it kind of forces you into the perfect place to have the antennas broadcasting downfield inside the little hinge assembly.

There are two buttons here: the first one here is the home button. That'S, a return to home button you've hit that it'll come back to your take off point the one below it is your launch and land button. So if you want to automatically launch it, you hit that it'll take off and hover. If you want to land it, you hit that at Al, and you can also do the same startup by pulling both sticks in and down and then fly the unit. Joysticks are pretty much standard on all the drones that are out there. So you use this to elevate and descend. You can spin the quad this way this will go forward. This will go back. This will go right and left. ok, pretty straightforward. On the back of the unit, you've got a couple of different controls. You'Ve got on this side. Is your record button, so you can take a picture or you can start recording with this one. This one's kind of interesting it's a boost button, so I think when you're flying it, if you hold this it's gon na, get a lot faster, it's gon na go into like ludicrous speed, which is a reference to Spaceballs, but it allows you to go a lot Faster with the drone, so when you're flying it hit that and you'll get that boosting speed zipping by on this side, it's controlling the gimbal up and down, so the gimbal actually can pivot down or pivot up and that's what this is used for on this side, You'Ve got digital focus or it's a digital zoom that allows you to zoom in and zoom out, which is pretty cool there's.

Your USB sea connection you'll also use that to charge the controller, so the USB C connection will be used with the standard controller that comes with it and there's an LED to the right of it and that'll be off. If it's not doing anything. The minute you plug in a charger and start charging if it needs to be charged, it'll, be red and once it's fully charged that'll turn green. So you know you've actually fully charged the unit that's pretty much it not a lot to see on the bottom. Ma ancora una volta, I like the form factor of this controller, it's small enough and light enough and it's really comfortable in your hand, so I think that wasn't a great job partnering with parrot to actually build the controller for the sky do in this section. I wanted to pass along a few tips for charge your Scottie, Oh as well as your accessories, because this drone has some pretty specific charging requirements and your first clue should have been the battery. If you check closely you'll notice, it's an eleven point, four volt battery now that's important and it's got forty to eighty milliampere hours of capacity, which means this little battery pack will keep this drone up in the air for a long time at a full charge where It gets tricky, is the charging port in the back? Is a standard, USB C connection, so you might be thinking. I'Ve got a lot of chargers laying around the house.

I'Ve got a computer, I can hook it up to. All I need to do is buy a cable that'll connect up with the USB C end on it, and I can charge my drone. Il problema è, most of those chargers are standard, USB chargers that have a 5 volt output and maybe an amp or two, and you can't charge an 11 volt battery of the 5 volt charger, so Skye do throw into that. They'Ve included a really nice heavy duty, charger that's, also PD or power delivery capable, which means it's smart enough to check the battery when it first connects and determine what voltage and current it consented that battery is safely and quickly charged. It they've also included a really nice heavy duty. Cable that's got a USB C on both ends, so to use that charger you plug it in plug it into the wall. Ora, before you connect it up to the drone, make sure you've taken the gimbal lock off the front, because if this drone decides to go into power on self test, it's gon na want to wiggle at the gimbal around on the front and if you've got a Lock on there you can damage the motor so always pop that off when you're charging it. But then you basically connect it to your drone it's going to take a second and negotiate and then you'll see it pop on and start to strobe charging. So it does a real good job of charging the drone quickly and safely.

The challenge is: if you've got multiple batteries, you've got to rotate those through to get them all charged. Now you can buy that multi battery charger, which is what I did, which allows me to charge them outside of the drone and, I think that's a good solution, but even still I've got accessories that need to be charged as well and for me, I'm, a very Impatient guy I want to get outside and fly and any time on, wasting charging stuff his time out on that outside up in the air. So I wanted to come up with a way to charge all my accessories. While I was charging my batteries now, I could very simply add three more of the USB chargers put cables together with USB C's in the end and charge all these devices, but then I've got three chargers and cables all over the place. So I love these kind of engineering challenges, so I went through the team at your own Valley and said: look can't. We design a cable that has three connectors on it. That'Ll, allow me to charge all three devices from a single charger and that's exactly what we did. So we call it the hydra 3, which has got a USB, a connection on one end and three USB c connections on the other end. So you plug this in any standard, USB charger or your computer, and all three of these connections become active at the same time, so it allows you to charge all of your devices at simultaneously now.

The other thing we did was build this to be as high a current as possible, so it'll handle two and a half amps for each of these connections. So if you have a heavy duty charger that's great, you want to use to charge that at least is 2 Amplificatori, because they're gon na drink a lot of electrons and the bigger current you can provide the safer you can charge using the faster you can charge Them, but essentially you can use any standard USB charger plug this end in plug it into the wall and again the beacon has got a USB C connection on the back I'll plug that in now the beacons charging the controller's got a USB C connection, I'll plug That in and that's charging now you're thinking well that's a USB C connection, Rick what if i've got an apple product or an older phone that uses micro USB? Bene, if you've got a newer, Android phone, you can plug it directly in, but if you've got an Apple phone or an older phone you're not going to be able to use this. So we thought of that and we're, including in the kit, to adapters that convert the USB see on this end to a micro, USB or the USB see in this end to an apple connection. Ora, nel mio caso, I've got an Apple product, so I basically snapped the adapter on the end. I plug it into my phone and I'm off and running and it can charge all three devices at the same time, so it's just a really quick way to charge.

The batteries and the drone heavy duty kind of charging going on here with more of a trickle charge over here at about an amp each of these. So when these finished these will be done and I can head out and start flying now. You might also be thinking Rick, I don't even want to buy an extra charger. Why can't? I just use this cable with the charger that came with the sky deal. Bene, the challenge there is that this cables got a USB, a connection on it, because we wanted to make it as compatible as possible for chargers you may have laying around but you're right. If you want to use the charger that came with the sky, do that's a USBC connection, we thought of that as well, so we're, also including a USB a to USB C connection. You can slide on this end and when you make that connection, you now have a USB C end that you can plug into the original charger and charge all these devices simultaneously. So it allows you to use one charger to charge all your batteries a heavy duty charger to charge all your accessories or you can use the second charger to charge them. So we give you a lot of flexibility there. So if you're interested in this product, i've got a link below to the sky, do accessories page we've got a few other sky do accessories on that page, but we think this is a pretty cool cable and for me, charging quickly and getting back out fly in Is really what it's all about so I don't want to spend a lot of time watching lights blank I want to get outside put the drone up in the air and just have a lot of fun with it.

So that's, all I had to say in this section I hope the overview and closer looks were helpful and showing you what the sky do to any accessories are all about. Now I have a lot more clips planned for this guy over the next few weeks. I'M gon na take him out in the field and set up a series of torture tests. We'Re gon na try and see how good the artificial intelligence really is for tracking me and I'll do that with the cellphone, the beacon and the controller. Proprio così, we can see the differences between them. My suspicion is I'm not going to be able to shake this guy, especially if I'm carrying the beacon or the controller it's gon na lock. On that GPS signal and I'll tuck behind a treeand I bet when I come out from behind the treeit's right there waiting for meso it'llbe kind of cool to see how spooky this really is for tracking people. I will compare it as well to a mapping to probe Mavic to zoom the parrot anafi in the USL Evo, just to give you a real good comparison between the technologies. These different drones are using I'll, put some footage up of pictures and videos, so you can gauge which of those you like best and case you're in the market, for a drone like this. in questo modo, you have a little bit more information to help you make that decision.

Devo dire che, anche se, out of the gate that I really am excited about this you can tell that this is drone to merepresents sort of a disruptor in the market, space it's different than all the other drones that are out there. So all those other drones I mentioned a minute ago do a pretty good job of crash avoidance and they've. Had that feature for quite some time and all of them do it different ways, but they all do a pretty good job that, if you're flying through a landscapeand you come up to something that you're gon na run into it'll, stop you from running into that That'S crash avoidance, what the sky do twos doing is different it's, not crash avoidance, it's autonomous flight, which is a whole lot more complicated, because the drone has to look at an environment again, it takes a million points that it analyzes every second to find not only The things that it could run into, but finding a path through those things so it's got to have the artificial intelligence and deep neural networks to actually think almost like, like a supercomputer flying it's got to think about what's the best best path through that bramble it. This guy Rick is running through that. I want to chase him through, so I think it's got a lot more intelligence than the other once it's running the Jets and chipset, which I talked about before, is that Internet of Things chip said it's really what's used for a lot of the cutting edge devices On the market today, all those brains are inside this product and it's built to do one thing really well and that's.

Follow you so we're gon na see how good it does that over the next couple of weeks. But I think that this is gon na Harold. In a new market for the drones, I think all the other companies I talked about a minute ago are hard at work, it's, something that does similar things to this with their next generation of drones, e devo dire, to sky, do good on you guys For pushing this industry forward because I'm, a huge fan of competition and when something like this comes out, it's good for all of us all of us that are flying today are going to benefit from a company like this that's taking risks to build a product that's Different that sort of rocks the other guys back on their heels for a second, quindi, when they lean back in everybody gets better. So I think it's a really good thing for all of us, so that's all I really had for today. I'M. Mi dispiace, if the clip is a little longer than normal, I'm hoping you're gon na fast forward for the parts that you like, I promise you there'll be a lot more cool content coming and we're, also working on a lot of accessories for the brand new sky. Do two as well I've got I've got a car charger for it that works really well. We'Ve got a multi headed cable that's, coming we're, probably gon na work on some kind of cover for that charging port in the back.

I'Ve got a bunch of stuff in the work so stay tuned to the channel.