SJRC Z5 Foldable GPS Drone review – Volo di notte

SJRC Z5 evaluate. Night time Flight with this NEW SJRC Z5 GPS 2.4G WiFi FPV Foldable RC Drone with Adjustable 1080P HD Digicam, Comply with Me mode and 14 …


9 Commenti
  1. Nice review of a nice flyer looks good at night 👍

  2. Good to see it can fly at night. My Z5 is on its way from China and I don't want it to get lost over the Indian Ocean.

  3. Night Walker, Visuo's one is.better.

  4. Ciao Bill, another great night flight and very fantastic👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Really cool night flight, it looks a bit like aliens are landing😎……..pollici in su Bill👍👍

  6. Great vid Bill. Enjoy the night flight vids

  7. Excellent night flight Bill! Molte grazie per la condivisione. 👍👌✌

  8. Pretty nice quad, uomo! Grande volo! 😃

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