Should I buy the Integrated Display Controller – Phantom 4 Pro+

Phantom four Professional+. When you’re undecided about shopping for the Controller with the Built-in Show, then this video will present some assist.

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  1. So this integrated screen has its own wifi so you don't need your iphone for anything as far as flying the unit at all?

  2. Just found this videoGreat info on the P4P+ Screen.
    I also chose the P4P+ because of the 1000 NITS brightness.
    I would have liked to see a screen size option when ordering.
    I don't regret my choice.

  3. Could you please tell me where you got the music track for this video?

  4. Why people think that you should use powerfull phones? No need to get iphones
    You can Use any android phones with quadcores 1-2gb ram is enough and good to go

    Only americans will say, you should use iphones or ipad series

  5. I just spent frickin' 2200$ on the whole set of phantom 4 Pro plus and goggles….🤑🤑🤑🤑

  6. You also forgot to say that if you own a Samsung device then this screen is for you

  7. My P4P V2.0 always got "DJI 4 Go isn't responding" both in flight and while staying still. I got it returned to the dealer.

  8. Should the screen break, u can still use dji goggles

  9. I'm afraid you don't mention the most important aspect of the RC Plus version. It is a closed system that doesn't allow the installation of applications like Pix4d or many other non DJI applications. This makes the plus version in my opinion very limited or even useless for most professional use.

  10. The correct answer is YES. you want this. 🙂

  11. Ciao. Grazie per la recensione. Can Litchi be downloaded through the Amazon store and will it work with this display?

  12. can you not add a sim card for data from carrier

  13. You make me so glad I chose the model with the integrated screen. Your tour is packed with information. What a fabulous professor you must be. Thanks for the hard work you put to help us newbies as it is greatly appreciatedawesome tutorial!

  14. If you really don't like it you can ship it to me I'll pay for shipping 😄😄😄

  15. What happens if the integrated display malfunctions, or is damaged in some way? Can you discount and replace the display independently it is the entire controller trashed at that point?

  16. I will purchase a dji phantom 4 pro plus drone 1799 il

  17. Can you run Litchi on the built in screen on the plus? Planning to perhaps get the Phantom 4 Pro v2 when the 5 comes out and the P4 gets discounted. Che ne pensi?

  18. Is it available on advanced plus Phantom 4 anche?

  19. Can you use an external device to control the drone with this controller rather than using the integrated display ?…

  20. Grazie… this was a very helpful video

  21. #1 e #6 sono gli stessi….arnt they?

  22. Ottimo lavoro!… good and understandable review you made. Subscribe is a must.

  23. Will this compatible with the old DJI Phantom 4 ?

  24. Capitano. Any idea if DJI will make a HDMI Module to install on the P4Pro-V2 controller without the display? The module for the P3 pro and P4 pro is not compatible with the P4 pro -v2 controller. I'd like to use my fatshark goggles on an HDMI output. Grazie

  25. Ehi, bel video, regarding vthe simcard, did you try to connect an internet dongle on it?

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