The jeff jeff was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that's. What is the shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review. Another neat new drone. This is the rlr 10 Drone. What is the rl r 10 drum? This is an oddball one. Gente uh, you don't see many like this it's only it's, not really a quadcopter, because it doesn't have four arms, but it does have four propellers. So maybe it is a quadcopter i don't know, but it has two arms it's, two armed quadcopter with opposing motors on each arm to uh, give upward thrust on each arm to keep it balanced. Uh forward and aft notice there's a little bit of a distance between the two that'll, give it the uh moment arm. It needs to try to maintain that balance while it still has a very large moment arm right and left uh or distance between the two motors. The two forces so let's put it down first for a second here, i want to talk about it a little bit first now this is available in uh three versions. I believe one with optical flow, which is what i got and i'll describe. What the optical flow is there's also a version with they call it the one camera version and it's the two camera version, and what that is is the one camera version you get this camera and a two camera version.

You get a uh. Bene, you get the camera down here either way uh, but this is the optical flow camera and the the two camera version. I believe you can record uh through the belly through this optical flow camera on the belly here, a mio parere, gente, i would go for the optical flow version and i'll just be describing that here shortly. Why that's the better choice of the three now again it's only two collapsible arms um, one thing about it: you know this is a toy drone. Primo, i want to stress that first, this is a toy drone. ok, so don't expect uh performance equal to professional grade drugs with this particular drone, you're, not gon na get it. This is for a beginner flyer to learn how to fly a drone, ok, that's. What this is forand it just happens to have a camera on it and i'm going to be describing that camera here shortly too so um it's now i mentioned itdoes have optical flow capability. Let'S speak about that right now. What optical flow does folks? This camera looks at the ground beneath the drum and by looking at the ground, it can automatically maintain its position and hover without drifting around okay, and this actually does a pretty good job indoors. ok, i haven't taken this outdoors yet, but flying down in the basement, this held rock steady hover. I was actually pretty impressed by how well this thing hovers, but um again.

That makes it very easy for beginner pilots to fly. All i do is get it in the air press, the altitude or the automatic takeoff button and it'll just hold its position there and you can just leave it through there throughout the flight or you can give it slow maneuvers with your controller as you learn how To fly a drone so that that's neat in itself um, it does have altitude hold again. I mentioned altitude hold what altitude hole does. Is it maintains the vertical position above the ground automatically so you'll you don't have to monkey around with the throttle to keep it. The drone in one place vertically in altitude, so this will hold its position using a onboard pressure sensor, a barometer built into the drone to maintain that it does have headless mode so that if you turn activate headless mode, it doesn't matter which way you're pointed the Drone will go in one direction if you push forward on the stick: it'll go in the other direction. If you push the opposite direction on this on the right, stick and again it doesn't matter the orientation that's. What headless mode is for this particular drone headless mode is for a to help. Beginners fly so that if they lose orientation on the drone, they should be able to still bring it back by going forward back right left until it comes back to their position. It doesn't matter which way the nose is pointing on the drone, and i mentioned one.

It also has one key return now. What is one key return? Uh when this drum takes off? It will remember the direction it was pointed when it took off. If you press one key return, if it will fly the exact opposite direction that it was pointed when it take what it took off, that does not mean that this was is going to return up to you and land where it took off from okay. If you're off to the right or off to the left of where you took off from this, actually one key return could actually make it fly away from you. So keep in mind that all one key return does is. It remembers the direction that the front of the nose was pointed whether you took off and if you press that button it's gon na no matter where it's at it's going to fly the exact opposite direction. It was pointed again that is not true return to home and landing, so don't depend on that to bring it home for you, gente, you you see that in toy drums, they they tend to advertise. What key return is it as it's a if it's a return to home and landing feature? It is not okay, it could get you into troubles if you depend on it. ok, other things about the drone. It has very bright leds in the front here headlights on this to help maintain orientation. Quindi, se si, if you're curious, which way it's pointed and you want to bring it back, you turn it until you see those headlights and then you know that it's pointed toward you and that then you can help bring it back toward you, so that's.

What those headlights are for on this particular drone, it is powered. The drone is powered by a 3.7 Volt 1800 milliamp per hour battery that's that's, a pretty large battery for a toy drone, and that should give you about 12 minutes of flight time and let's talk about the batteries. This is available in one two or bundled with three batteries. If you intend on keeping this drone and flying it for extended periods, i recommend getting two or three batteries for it, because you will not be able to buy these separately i'm telling you that right now, if you want to buy it, if you intend to have Extra batteries with this drone buy it when you purchase the drone and have it bundled with the drone at purchase. ok, do not uh depend on buying extra batteries because you will likely not be able to find them um the charger for that battery is here it's a usb type charger with a plug that plugs in to this port right here, and then you plug this into A usb port, such as on your computer or on a wall charger phone wall charger and charge it up that way, a little red light lights up on the charger and when it's fully charged that red light goes off. Extinguishes. ok, now let's start talking about that camera um first off this uses uh. What is the name of that? It uses the wi fi uav, app okay, available on google play and itunes to view the video from this drone directly to your phone.

While the drone is flying with that app, you can also record the video to your phone now that video and photos it also takes photos is recorded in 10 or not 1080p it's recorded in 4k resolution. But let's talk about that folks. This is a toy drug. ok, don't expect true 4k video from this drone that video is interpreted interpolated from a much lower resolution camera on this drone. I believe the camera's resolution is either 720p or maybe even 480p it's, non molto buono. ok, i looked at it, but what it does is it goes from the drone via 2.4 gigahertz wi-fi. A proposito 2.4 gigahertz works with just about everybody's phone. You don't need a special phone or you know: five gigahertz phone uh, five gigahertz wi fi phone to use this uh. This uses old fashioned, 2.4 gigahertz, wi fi, but anyways. The video is transmitted to your phone via the wi fi. And then you can view that video on your phone using the app while that app also simultaneously electronically enlarges the video image, along with the photo image and and before that, before efforts enlarge, is stored onto your phone. So what it in fact does is stretches that video, so it looks like the same original poor quality sensor, except in a much larger, stretched out resolution. Quindi, di nuovo, don't expect to get a true 4k camera for the price range. What this is going for, gente, ok, you're, not going to get it most most of the drones that you see.

Advertising 4k in the under 100 range or even 100 150 range do not have true 4k uh cameras on board uh, instead it's usually uh much lower resolution, either being advertised as 4k or being interpolated to 4k, using the app for that particular drum. ok. Now let's talk about what comes with this particular drone. Si ottiene il drone, you get the batteries either one two or three, depending on what you ordered. You get a manual for the drum uh written in english and chinese and, along with a manual for the app it's, a very basic app written in english or chinese i'll demonstrate the apple. We fly it uh. What else do you get? You get the uh carrying case, which is actually a nice carrying case with this particular drone, uh that's that's, one of the things i like really like about it. It comes with a nice carrying case and you get the controller now let's talk about the controller uh. With the controller you get a little phone holder to hold your phone and view the video while you're flying, and then you get these control buttons on this particular controller. They are really not with what these symbols match up: ok, they're, very confusing uh. This one here looks like it would be either a compass calibration or a headless mode, but it's not this is for doing flips. This drone can actually do flips it's a flip button. So when you press it and then push the right stick right or left, the drone will either flip right or flip left.

I do not believe this is going to be capable of flipping forward and backward because of the small distance between the front and the back motors so, but i think it does flip right and left this button. Here is your rates button. It looks like actually a white point button, but it's rates, which means you press it one two or three times and it changes the the amount of pitch on the drone which changes how fast the drone can fly. So if you want to fly faster, you press this button until you hear two beats or three beeps for maximum speed uh. This button here looks which looks like it would be. A uh one or one key, take off one key landing button is actually one key return button, so you press this button and the drum will fly backwards, the direction it was pointed when it took off or if you hold this button down for two to three Seconds that turns on headless motor turns off headless mode on the drone. If you want to fly in headless mode and this button down here that looks like a drone, is your uh take off and land button? So if you want an automatic takeoff, you press this button here and we'll. The drone will take off and go into the air and you press it one more time and it'll land. I believe you need to first start the motors first by bringing both sticks down and out to do.

Such we'll confirm that when we go for our first flight down in the basement, e infine, these buttons here are trim buttons. If the drone is drifting to the left press this button repeatedly until that drifting stops, if it drifts to the right press this button repeatedly until the drifting stops going from the right and if the drone is drifting forward, you press this button repeatedly to bring it Back or if the drone flip or drifting backwards, you press this one forward repeatedly until the drone stops drifting backwards. So that's what you get with the rlr 10 let's go for flight folks and see how it fly so hope you enjoy these flights good morning. Quadcopter 101, with a test flight of the rlr 10 Drone. ok, uh we're out here at pleasant ridge park, now keep in mind. You can fly this drone indoors and equally as well outdoors, but one thing that you notice here folks look at the bottom propellers here. They are very close to the ground, so you are going to need a relatively flat, actually a very flat takeoff surface, to prevent these propellers from hitting the grass in this case or if you're flying at home. You might want to have a piece of cardboard on the ground to prevent the propellers from hitting carpet if you're flying off of carpet. So keep that in mind for this particular drone. You need a really nice flat surface to take off from okay.

To start this up, we are going to press the on off switch on the back until the lights are flashing and they are flashing and put it on that flat surface that i got there then we're going to turn on the controller notice, how they're flashing right Now then, we're going to go up and down on the throttle, stick and that binds the controller to the drone. So the controller's, seeing the signal or the drone is seeing the signal from the controller. Next thing we need to do is turn on your phone and connect your wi fi, La tua 2.4 2.4 gigahertz wi fi to the drone's, wi fi signal and then open the app and i'm gon na do that now so hold on folks. ok, this is the wi fi uav app from google play and itunes, and all we need to do here is hit start, and we see that we have wi fi fpv reception, now i'm going to hit record and the recording has started now. Innanzitutto: i'm going to try is automatic takeoff without starting the motor, so let's press the automatic takeoff button and see if it starts it. Oh there we go and let's see how that optical flow sensor is working. ok. I am not controlling it folks, it is just hovering by itself. Let'S go up a bit higher. ok, i'm. Just gon na hold it like this a little bit bit of a breeze from my back.

You can see it bouncing in the breeze, but that optical flow system is doing a relatively good job. So let me get into the picture and say how do you, come la mia giacca oggi, it's kind of chilly out here folks, Anche, chilly to be wearing a um? What do you call it tie dye? Okay first thing i want to do is we're going to go up a bit higher and see where that optical flow stops working with this wind. speriamo, we might even be able to see lake erie so going up slowly, i'm. Going up slowly, folks until i see it start to drift and it's drifting right about there, so coming back down, that's about uh 15 feet up or so i'm guessing, i don't know if you saw lake erie or not, ok, it's it's, holding its position again now. So let's rotate slowly and as we rotate notice, it drifts a little okay coming down reducing the throttle, it's right overhead. Now this 4k video again um what you're seeing here folks, uh it's, Sai, it's, not true 4k um do not expect true. 4K. In a 20 o 30 Drone 20 A 30 drone it's, just you're not going to get it it's, interpolated and that's electronically enlarged, is what it's doing electronic enlargement of the original, e, credo che, it's only 720p or 6480p uh video pushing forward doesn't want to go Forward into the wind here i mean you have to go to higher rate pressing second rate, see if that that'll bring in fight that win, and it is let's, go to third rate, so fighting the wind, if it's, only a six knot, wind um, Cinque, maybe even Four miles per hour, it's slowthis is the highest rate.

Folks let's come down a little bit lower, so you can see this drone so yeah. This is meant. ok, let's try to do some acrobatics with it and right now. Gente, i want to make sure i got the video that i recorded just now so i'm going to hit, stop recording and right now, i'm, going to get into the picture again and i'm going to try to take a photo let's show the photo options. Go up a bit higher and one more good there. Andiamo. ok, so see those bright headlights on this. That is how you're going to help maintain your position outdoors. If you are flying outdoors, so let's turn it around and go out a bit and i'll show you turning it around and you keep turning until you see those headlightsand you know it's coming back toward you, okay and stop it get there now let's try some Let'S see how maneuverable this is not super maneuverable and the batteries are starting to flash a little let's see. If i can do a flip. While we still got battery power now, you really have to do the flips in early on in the flight or the battery power is too weak, but let's start that video camera one more time. Music and sync it up seek out the cameras. So again do not expect 4k. It doesn't look too bad, but i'm guessing it's, 720macchina fotografica di p. ok, put my hand underneath there and start the wobble, but it's pretty awesome.

Looking little thing again, this is probably meant mainly for indoor flying folks. Okay in your house playing around in your house, but you can't, take it outdoors on a low wind day, like i'm doing today, um to fly it then i showed its camera but uh. ok, let's try one of these advanced things like uh uh. Cos'abbiamo qui? You don't follow me, but i don't think that's going to work. We'Ll, try it falling turn on. ok, doesn't see me so i don't think it's following me: No, ok, how about waypoints and for waypoints all you do is slide forward and it should follow that track, but it's not doing such. Maybe i need to be flying with the app to do it. If you're flying with the controller, these features don't work okay, i'm, starting to see flashing lights, which means our battery's getting low. I do have a second battery, so we'll try that second battery also but uh. It gives you a warning when the battery is getting weak. So let's get closer to the pad because i don't want to land in the grass because the grass is wet today. ok, let's push forward going up a bit higher. Maybe i better grab that no i'm afraid to grab that thing, because there's no way to grab it safely before it hits the ground at least i don't see any because the propellers are right. There see so i don't see a safe way of grabbing.

Unless i go like i'm gon na, try it but uh while we're here let's go up one more time and recording we'll go one more time to see. If we can see lake erie, which i don't think we'll be able to but we'll try. Can you see it folks and then coming back down again i'm rotating as it comes down, because i don't want to drift in the wind yeah that battery warning came on early folks, it seems to have a lot of power. ok, is it going to the ground yeah that's, it ain't, no more so that's the flight time that we get out of it. Let me pop a second battery in folks and we'll, continue on with the flight so hold on a minute folks. Okay for this second flight we're gon na fly it with the phone, and i have the phone connected and wi fi connected, and the wi fi connects nicely to this um and the app does not need to be restarted in case you're. Doing such the app seems to automatically connect, which is good so starting the video recording and automatic takeoff is this button here. I believe in the lower left and i am correctlet's check its stability. Why did i hit ringtone come on go away there? Andiamo. ok, how'd that happen again. ok, first thing i want to try is follow me. Let me get into the picture let's see if that works this time hitting okay nope.

Let me go up a bit higher using the virtual joysticks got ta, be two meters away: two meters, ok, i don't see it seeing me and i don't see it following me. So the follow me does not work. How about that wait! Points let's slide forward. This time there we go, waypoints works this time, let's go to a higher rate too uh. Where are the rates button? I don't see the rates on this so uh. What i'm going to do? Is there there and back so that's its waypoints feature folks, because right you know, and there it comes back so not much to see in waypoints, ok, um, but let's turn off the waypoint feature and let's try to fly. I am recording okay, make sure watch that ringtone keep coming up go away. ok, i don't know why this is doing it folks, but it's annoying oh i'm, hitting the bottom. I see why i'm doing it the way that's doing see. If i can flip this upside down there, we go so that don't happen again: ok, giving them more throttle on the stick i'm using my thumbs to fly this folks now, while i'm there. Let me sync up the camera. In realtà, this flies better with the contr. Con questo, or this it's, not too shabby flying it with the uh controller, now let's try hand gesture control the way this is supposed to work. Is you put your hand up? Oh there we go it sees it.

Then you move it down and it follows your hand down move your hand up and lost my hand, so let's turn it wi, fi uv is stopped, so let's hit start again, give it a more throttle, so that feature is kind of iffy. ok. Uh next thing is photo control: ok, let's, provare! It took a picture let's see if i'll do it again how about starting video? This is usually the way to start video, no that didn't work, but you can take pictures with it. By going like that. ok, i lied. ok, other things you can do with this um let's. Try that headless mode, credo che, modalità senza testa. Is this button here in the upper right let's push forward so that's headless bow direction now notice. If i turn sideways, let's turn sideways and i still push forward. It still goes in that direction. It don't matter which direction the drone is pointed. The orientation becomes unimportant. I can rotate while i'm doing this. I can fly backwards. Let'S, go up a bit higher let's hit record okay record, go up a bit higher and doing up and away pushing forward up and away so you can do padding shots with it. Um that's the feature of that's, where uh headless mode comes into play. Ora. Let me come back down again. Let me turn off headless mode and push forward toward me how this mode is turned off or is it or is it i'm walking over to it push forward push it forward on pitch doesn't seem to be going forward so coming back down again now those lights Are blinking already again um with that in mind, pushing forward, Credo, ha detto: this boat is still on again, so be tr head, headless motor and see if that turns it off.

Oh, you know what let's turn that and then go like that turn off. These advanced features and see, if i got control of it now, nope still in headless mode, so headless mode does not turn off once you turn it on, quindi fate attenzione con questo. So we're going to finish off the flights just showing the camera um again syncing. It up again not true 1080p, but it don't. Look too shabby don't, look too great either so keep in mind. This is a toy drone actually mainly meant for indoor flying in your house i'm flying it outdoors, showing it can be float outdoors on low wind days, but uh a toy. You know for christmas interesting, looking toy the way it flies. Look at that very unusual. Looking drone all in all, ma funziona, it does fly, it does have advanced features. Let'S try that mv here i believe you can add music to this and i'm, not going to do that because, once i add music, i lose youtube permission to monetize. My video, what they do is youtube's going to monetize it for themselves so i'm, not going to use that music feature because i'm sure that music has not been uh properly licensed for use with this app. I find that out the hard way once one day folks but uh. Oh no interesting drone, let's try pulling backward okay go off backward, pushing now it's working. I guess when i close that uh, but it won't go into the wind.

It doesn't want to go. in questo modo, because the wind's coming from that way so again really you're meant for outdoor or indoor flying and there's the end of the battery, so that's that folks, let me close that stop the video recording and give you my final thoughts yeah this. This is a toy drone folks, and you should expect it to be a toy drone, especially for the price again, not true. 4K don't expect 4k in a 28 30 drone you're, not gon na get it okay, um interpolated video. At the high resolution. I can see myself there actually dynamic range isn't too bad on this way, i'm, seeing it look there's a sun in my back sun in my face so which one gives the best the colors are kind of odd, ma oh, No, not too bad toy drone for Beginner flyers so hope you enjoyed this flight. Questo quadcottero 101 firmando hi quadcopter 101. Qui di nuovo hey. Se vuoi avere il tuo grido in uno dei miei futuri, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, basta andare alla mia pagina del canale e fare clic su che iscriversi e anche assicurarsi di fare clic su quel pulsante campana a destra. Accanto al pulsante iscriviti in questo modo ricevi una notifica quando rilascio immediatamente un video nuovo di zecca e ti do la possibilità di ottenere la prima ripresa in modo da provarlo.