Very simple instructions very simple to fly, but does take some practice. This is my first drone and i really enjoy flying it around the house, not a very powerful drone. So i would stay away from flying it outside if there is any wind at all. This drone will get carried away with any wind at all experience speaking other than that, direi. The only complaint i have is the battery life isnt too long charge. Time can be 20 A 40 minutes if you use a wall charger and not your computer like it says in the instructions, since this is my second one i purchased after the first one flew away with the wind. I have three batteries and can fly this thing for almost 45 minutes if all batteries are charged, Divertimento, drone easy to control and great for Music anyone. I got this drone for my godson. That is almost eight years old. I knew he would think it was a very cool toy and because it stayed it was crash, proof and seemed targeted for kids. I took the chance, even though i knew drones can be very hard to fly, especially for a child Music. Questo drone è impressionante. It does have a one button take off and while he is still figuring it out a bit, it is easy enough that he can keep it in the air and maneuver it pretty. Bene, we just played with it for about an hour today, so i may have to come back and give more detailed review once we have figured it out a little better as of right now.

I am extremely pleased with this purchase and its ease of use. For my godson Music, i purchased four of these for a kids center. I run i’ve tried numerous other drones that are kid friendly, but this one is about the best one that you can find on: Amazon, Musica, the cowls that surround the blades are beefy enough to handle bumps to the sides of the drone, and it is light enough And sturdy enough to survive those times where the drone drops out of the sky Music battery life on these are remarkably long. Compared to what i expected, i docked one star because i purchased one that was somewhat doa. The drone would take off and run for about one to two seconds then shut off completely and fall out of the air Music. Per fortuna, i was refunded after returning that one other than that these drones are great for kids and adults.