The way brother i've washed it like four times in a month, you've washed it four times in a month. Oh sì, is that more than usual and it's due again uh yeah a lot more than i watched the escape Laughter. I'Ll. Tell you what i need you to do some help with me today. If that's okay, because you saw that dan was over uh, we did a two wheeldrive uh fairly uh. You know quick brushed, uh little truggy there's another one. These are called mini. T 2.0s from low c might as well try something smaller and faster and see if we can build some jumps in the shop man, all the jumps. All the jokes well said that was on our other channel on on rc sparks tv. Also that's right and you saw medo a brushless uh truggy with lyle yeah, and we ripped around here, and we had a good time right like crazy hi. Are you ready to have a new rc? Can you can you handle a new rc? I could yeah yeah something new. I always need to add something to the stable look at this look at go ahead, open that no one has seen this yet they've just released. It well maybe a few people have seen it: the mini b, the mini b, my man whoa, look at this waterproof dude, nice i'm glad to see that uh. You know what that's something that normally people don't think about with these little things, but puddles the whole deal.

Sì, this should be fun here we got to get a blade for you, here's a here's, my shaving blade you'll, see why i have a beard, so i've got uh the brushless chuggy and the brushed one as well here. This is what is this brush? Oh, Perbacco, i don't oh that's, a yeah it's, probably tagged in there with one of them, so the charger is in here it's just a usb charger. It comes with four aaa batteries for the radio and you, my man. This is really in there cut that off like this right here. Oh got it brilliant look at that a nice metal base as well. That feels pretty good. In realtà, dude let's get a look at it. We haven't seen it yet it's sticky that little beauty dude it just looks like stealth mode. It looks like an insect man. Wow look at the preload on those shocks, even it's, piuttosto fresco, molto cool, Oh sì, all right let's move the box right. Do you have any room for an rc like this in your garage? I think anybody has room for this. One that's exactly right. Exactly man, no let's lift the lid let's have a look at the battery on the inside yeah it's, going to be a pin here. There'S no pin there does it lift. Che cos'è? Che cos'è? Oh, there's, a circle on this side and you slide it forward. Oh bello, yeah spectrum, servo uh, a 2s lipo battery move your hand.

There let's get a scene at it: 650, milliamp, 20 c discharge on that it's a brushed uh brush yeah 280 can motor there, 20 Amp, esc and receiver combo. It looks like yeah yeah. First time, we've got the battery out for everyone to look at we've heard that uh in the comments section. Guarda questo, the reaction 2 650, and this has a scan with dynamite dashboard app look at this there's, a qr code on it 7.4 very cool here is his radio. There is a clip right here at the top steve you just open that up. This is where your batteries go. Underneath this clip be aware, anche se, as soon as you put the batteries in here, these two little things are live. So if you want to zap anybody, just go Laughter: the new low c mini b, the rebirth of the mini class, waterproof esc, servo and receiver ready to run everything you need in the box. I will leave a link in the video description box down below if you're thinking about getting one of these are you ready to rip around here? I set up some jumps. We moved the table i'm gon na get out. My brushless one has like little knob tires on there, but a simple track: let's just go around and round and see what kind of uh craziness we can do i'm into it. Let'S do it. Sì, nice look at the wing on the back of that it's huge yep whoa, two wheel drive steve one of the most difficult vehicles to get.

Sai, uh a handle on two wheel, drive yeah. It took while took lyle and i and dan, and i several laps, even just to get the vibe of it you're my dog whoa i'm loving the buggy man. It just looks amazing, it's hard yeah. Take your time. Oh same thing, i'll go on course with you. This is my brushless 6000 KV, uh low c uh mini t 2.0, 6. 000 6000. It is also rear. Wheel, drive, let's, get a shot of these two together. Even let's, see look at that a little longer yes and skinnier tires, plus the tires on the rear. Aren'T, the knobby ones, but the same ones on the uh brushed mini t 2.0. Just these are different. Yeah rip out of here, buddy ultimate traction on the back tough little things too. My dog wants to eat them for sure. As soon as you get dusty tires, you know you're gon na be spinning out that's, where the skill comes in. Like look at you. Judging how much throttle you need before you turn on the brake old pro emphasis on the old Laughter still young at hearts: loose that's the best thing about learning how to play and keeping up that playful spirit, that's, buono, that's, good it's, keeping you alert! I got home advantage, so i'll start behind. You should be the other way around inside lane should be back. Thank you for that completely useful tool. Watch the camera okay and i'm.

Looking for my radio, okay stir slooster first one uh to lead three laps ahead, wins three laps ahead: three laps ahead, Pronto, you're, corsa 6000 kv right, that's, true and i've run it before three two one go: ok, i got the lead early. Oh sluice takes me out: sluice is in the lead, tight corners coming in oh nice, oh flip, over when there's a flip over. I automatically have to stop on the orange x until he's, Pronto, don't worry that's, the rule man driving back in three two one go good sportsmanship. I like a good race, is in the lead, oh just so scared of your celery. Oh sì, Oh! This is me in the lead. Oh here comes one laps loose. You got to go fix your car dude. I am one lap ahead. Oh that car wheel, Uno! Oh sì! Sì, i believe that is two. Oh here's, two right here, there's two ahead. I can feel it in the air man. Victory shall be, mine just need a half a lap come on. Oh, what is yeah winner, dude good. Provare, good try on this slippery floor. Man and it's, not fair i've got a 6000 brushless come on. Ho capito. Brushless he was doing his very best. I was just having a hard time maintaining the speed i was going. I could go as fast as you almost, Ma sì, i would agree you. You can go very very quickly in these um.

His brush motor can go very fast uh. I think i have just a little bit quicker get up and go like. I can accelerate over the jump and kind of seem to get about 12 inches further, better tires and a hotter motor. Sì, i have i'm gon na leave a link uh to both of these products down below. If you guys want it for birthday christmas, whatever you guys want uh. What do you think overall? Is it something that you'd get for fun? It'S, pretty awesome man? I can't wait to rip this around with the warehouse nice man, bello.