This is the capisce 5.5 capisce. Welcome back to the channel guys. Can you believe it there's an entire race quad inside this box? When i first got it and i looked at it, i had both of these boxes in stack inside the box, and i thought oh new flight controller, probably some other type of fcthat they want me to demo, but no there's a quad in this box. That is cool is the capiche 5.5 carbon fiber race frame or freestyle. È molto semplice: it has five millimeter arms. Ha un 225 millimeter front to back motor to motor setup and it's a stretch x. Ha anche 30 da 30 stack mounting points. Only so no 20 da 20 su qui, some of you guys, might be disappointed in that, but that is the way that this frame comes and it comes ready to set up with the f7 flight controller that they also released. This is the z's four in one 60 amp and f7 combo pack right here. So this is new company designed out of italy, which is kind of cool different than i've. Seen before and upon first look at it, it looks like it's, really nice and cleanly designed all the printing on the top of the board looks very easy to read, and you also have two different setups on here for tbs, rx and vtx. So if you want to use any type of tbs stuff, it also has voltage selection on there, so you can do either 5.

5 volt or you can do three volt for spectrum receiver. So either way you go, you can do just about any type of receiver or vtx combo setup. You want to do on this flight controller. It is pretty advanced looking, but first let's go ahead and take a look at the capisce 5.5 on the bench and then we'll dive into the f7 flight controller and 60 amp esc's bl heli32 on here, anch'io. So up to 8s on this flight controller kind of crazy we'll do some weigh ins as well and i'll. Show you how much things weigh and after that i'll give you my final opinion on this new company z's design. Here we go all right guys. There is the box for the capiche 5.5 from z's, still can't, believe there's, an entire race quad inside this box with the hardware and it doesn't seem like the arms would fit the length of this box, but let's go ahead and open it up for you, disease Design top and the carbon arms and the carbon looks pretty decent. Both have rubber bands on them, so just go ahead and take those off three points for mounting motor, so you'll save a little bit of weight just taking one piece of that hardware off those look. Abbastanza buono, we have all four arms right there and we have a hardware bag. Four post standoff pretty simple: we have m3 hardware in there and what's nice about this.

Is it is all recessed hardware as well, so they do some countersunk stuff here. We'Ve got some inserts and looks like the bottom plate. The bottom and middle plates here are two millimeter. So a lot of frames out there are usually 1.5 and it's nice that this is just a little beefier and then the last thing we have here is the sidewalls for your camera, and it has multiple mounting points here for your camera, che è bello. So those will stick into these holes here in the front and to the very topand this is the top plate so go in through here and down through. The bottom looks like this might: stick off the front just a little bit there, but look at all the mounting holes and go crazy, most likely you'll mount it to that center point right there, Music and just about done with this entire build. So you could drop in your 30 da 30 flight controller here. You also have access to the mount points which is nice, and these are also sort of looks like they are countersunk style screws that go through there pretty sweet, and then we have our top plate. Just goes over top like this, so that is your capiche 5.5 stretch x, 225 Millimetri, five millimeter carbon arms looks like beveled edges on here three posts: three bolt uh pattern for the motor mounting and plenty of space up front for mounting your micro style cameras.

Allora, on the scale all together, let's see what it weighs 76 grammi, not bad let's go ahead and check out the f7 flight controller. ok, my friends we're going to go ahead and check out the zs f7 and the 60 amp esc via le32 setup. We have here so, if you're trying to organize your escs, make sure you're not trying to use just bl heli configurator, because it won't work, you'll have to use blheli32 looking pretty nice here, i want to check out this esc setup. Primo, davvero, nice high quality. Looking chips on here, ha, it looks like it has a little bit of conformal coating on here. It looks like we already have dampening grommets in here on each corner, which is nice and it's. Chiaramente, labeled positive and negative here so just above that will be your flight controller and it looks like it will appear to be going. This direction looks something like that, and this looks also looks really nicely printed. The quality looks to be kind of a plus quality as far as all the chips and layout and printing and everything let's go ahead and take a little closer look at this fc so right away. We have some pretty interesting things going on here. It is sort of a different layout that i've seen other companies do for their flight controllers now right away. We have these two spots here and one is for your vtx. If you decide to put tbs on here, you can put a tbs vtx here and you can solder it directly down to these using the pins that came in the box.

You have some pins already set up in the box here for soldering up to your vtx or your tvs receiver on this side. Now this flight controller does have six uarts on here, so you can kind of go crazy with all the different types of accessories that you can put on here. You can also do camera control, che è una specie di fresco. Some of you guys might not have gotten into that yet, but it's it's very nice to be able to control the settings in your camera, using your sticks from betaflight inside your goggles pretty neat option, but we also have uart2 there tx and rx. We have ground vrx there and over here designed in italy, che è davvero bello, the direction of travel, the front of the flight controller. So this will be the rear and the front there obviously 30 da 30 mountain options, and we have down here the setup for the vtx, so you're using tbs nano it'll perfectly fit over top of this spot right here and solder into place, che è cool. So we have the u3 there, video out ground, ground and vtx there, the video btxand you have these two spots on here, che, if you look a little bit closer, they can be bridged for 5, volt or v bat. So you have v bat on this side for the full voltage from the the battery terminals coming down up from your escs, or you can do 5 volt vtx so depending on.

If you have a full voltage range um vtx, you can run full voltage range or 5 Volt, so you don't want to fry your vtx. Ovviamente, so you want to make sure you select one of those two or otherwise this this setup won't, they won't they won't fire up so same thing on this side for your rx, you can come over here and you can select 3.3 right there or you can Do five volt so bridge these two on this side for three and the bottom two right here for five volt and then we have camera control up here, which is really nice and you can turn that on and off inside betaflight and then our top rail up Here is another five volt where camera n v batand this is uart six for your rx. If you do an external rx, not using this tab right here, che è una specie di fresco – and we have a usbc betaflight usb connector here, which is fairly modern, jst connectors on the very bottom right hereare for your leds. So when you're ready for plugging in your leds, they just simply plug in and they go out on the arms of your quad, che è davvero cool. So so now you have all your leds in here and pretty simple to plug in now you're ready to go ahead and build up your stack by using these little tiny standoff. These are kind of cool because they are m3.

They are threaded on the bottom and you have these four top anodized aluminum sort of little tiny nuts. There we're gon na go ahead. Put these four through, and you also get four extras of these inside the capiche 5.5 frame kit. So they'll come up from the bottom they'll screw into these bottom posts here and that will mount your esc and your stack to the drone racing frame. So we're going to go ahead now and take these other four individual standoffs and we're just going to screw those onto this part of the esc and cool thing is: is that we've already got our four posts here and grommets ready to go it's kind of nice? That they put those in because those are kind of a pain to put in sometimes, if you're doing it with your fingers. Now that slides right on the top there and before you put that on, you can go ahead and plug in this harness looks like pins down there, but let's go ahead once we get these nuts on here, let's go ahead and put it on the scale, see What all this weighs together, we'll also put the xt60 connector on there with the 12 gauge wire and one of the capacitors. Quelli sono 35 volt capacitors, so we'll go ahead and set the stack on there. Primo, with the leds see what we get 37 grams that's, not bad now with the xt60 and the 12 gauge wire 49 and one of the capacitors just under 50 grams that's awesome.

But i think overall it looks like a pretty good stack. Setup looks like a high quality design and uh the qc on this looks to be pretty high, so i think they're they got a pretty nice release right out of the gate, so you're probably going to see a lot more stuff coming out from z's design because It looks like we're leveling up on quality here for the foreseeable future and i'm interested to see more of their frames coming up as well. So it was easy if you're listening, send me some more stuff i'd like to check it out and show the channel. But thanks again for checking out this demo of the zs design, flight controller and the capisce 5.5 guys i'm justin davis take care.