Uno dei migliori droni basso costi! MJXRC BUG 5W

The BUGS 5W has inbuilt GPS, Brushless Motors, 1080p Detachable Digicam with electrical motor, 300 A 400 Meter Vary, Mi sono conformi, Orbita, e molto di più!

You should purchase the MJXRC BUGS 5W on AMAZON or elsewhere.

Or you may get it right here with just one battery:

MJX RC Residence Web page: http://www.mjxrc.internet/

AUDIO: Tascam DR - 10L:
Cappello di GoPro:

24 Commenti
  1. Ciao! Buona sera! Where did you buy this model? I am Brazilian (Brazil) and here I am not finding this model. Congratulations on the video lesson. Thank you very much for your attention!

  2. Grazie per il video – I'm a complete noob at this, but looking to get a cheap drone to use while beach fishing, to take the bait out beyond the wave line, circa 200 + metri fuori. So I guess this may do the jobor are there cheaper drones that can do 200 + meters and back ? I've seen many cheap ones, but they're mostly limited to about 100 m max. Anche : What is the wifi needed for ? I am guessing only for the phone, to watch the camera — Se è così, not necessary for the distance, which is determined by the radio controller's battery ? Aoplogies for the dumb questionhope someone can understand my question !

  3. I took my Bugs 5W our for its first flight today. Totally love it. A little scared to fly it so far away. Learned that when the drone battery gets low, the control beeps you should bring it back. I waited a little too long and it descended quite rapidly on its last flight. I caught it but got chopped once.

  4. Hello dear, between the x5 or b5w, which one do you think is better in terms of fpv distance?

  5. Because of your video I bought this it is really great

  6. So on this fast decent, I think I damaged the camera as it does not want to point straight down. Where would be the best place to look for a replacement?

  7. Good morning I wanted to ask the scope has a measured distance and without fpv camera max distance this drone.

  8. men pliss you! you can make a video that explain how i can use the controller? its my first dron and i cant fly because i dont know use the controller 🙁

  9. Hi.. Is the clip you posted edited or raw?
    Also which one from mjx bugs series is better? Please do reply

  10. which is better tello or bugs 5w?

  11. this is question more than a comment. I just lost my bugs 5 l'altro giorno, i was flying fine, battery good had 11 SATS. strong signal, fresh battery had the drone about 60 A 70 feet above and about 200 feet in front and i was controlling it away from me then all of a sudden it started to descend like a plane would. I went searching for it but couldn't find it. is there a way i could have found it with the controller?

  12. Are the bugs numerically Least to Best? So a bug 5 is better than a bug 3? Some of the videos I have watched have me questioning that assumption.

  13. what kind of phone are you using ive got a iphone 8 on verizon new phone 1month old will it work thanks fron south carolina

  14. if it had a option for 4k and a gimbal that would be sick

  15. can you take video or photo with just the controller and no phone attached to it?..Grazie

  16. Your reviews are excellent and I am very new to the game. SUB’D!

  17. This is my best drone. Had it about a month

  18. Will a 5g drone work with a 4g phone

  19. Posso usare un tablet da 8 pollici del supporto di controllo?

  20. Grazie per la recensione. I just pick this up for $162 con 3 batterie incluse. Looking forward to my first drone.

  21. Facile da pilotare, mio 13 year old flew it right out of the box! The manual is no help!

  22. Sir may i know your opinion, which is better mjx bugs 5w or sjrc f11? Grazie

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