3 61 are on this new Freeman 110 scala, sort of a scx10 2 type of clone per se, it's, not exactly like it but I'm, hoping that some of the parts will transfer over. If I need to get new parts, Tuttavia, they do have a full listing of the parts inside the manual that comes along with this collar it's around the 319 punto di prezzo, but I'm gon na show you why it's worth that price and we're gon na talk about The specifics and some of the specs on this truck we'll also run it in Oregon's, most toughest rock environments. No, it is a really nice looking 110 scale body on here and chassis. All the electronics are pretty sweet too 2 3 s lipo option on here, and it does require some trimming and some painting and final finishing it also comes with 1.9 tires and wheels, which are pretty tacky. They are also not air filled. You can hear the air rushing out of them. The suspension is oil filled shocks on here, and those seem okay probably want to upgrade those a little bit later, but the the final finish on this truck is looking pretty cool. It has some cool scale details and this would sort of be in the class of scale Rock Crawler. I even have a little tool rack on the top, which I love and during my tumbles I only had these tools fly off one time, but it was a and all the way down the hill type of tumble, and I love the clip savers on here.

Just like the other STX 10 models have really really nice option for getting the canopy on and off, without having to worry about where your clips go. So they also have them on the front on the hood as welland I have a blank option here for my winch and my toe clips I'm. Just gon na pull the body off and we'll check out the chassis, Real, quick underneath here. Hai un 45 degree turn radius, which is very similar with the capra that I have, e un 10 kilogram servo it's, also waterproof, che รจ bello, Acciaio, steering links up on the front and upgraded differential covers which are sweet. Those are aluminum steel, suspension links as well, all the upgrade set, some of it even like the Wraith spawn doesn't have. It also has aluminum braces on the skids on the boat style Skiz, which is also nice for keeping those in check, and we have upgraded trainee, alloggiamento, uno qui, all aluminum and metal gears inside the transmission, as well as a Deans connector, che รจ abbastanza standard. But hobby weighing 40 Amp, waterproof esc, which is switchable between nickel metal and lipo batteries, which is sweet in your onoff button there, and it comes with a 2 s, 2700 milliamp lipo, which gives us around a 45 minute runtime, and it has a forward battery mount Like most of the newer crawlers have to get that cg up front, we also have LEDs up front and in the rear, ready for hookup and a waterproof receiver case, che รจ super cool.

It has a nice rubber seal around the front and the back and one on the side for your little receiver, instant, to escape out the side there and the GTX 3 channel radio with servo switching. You have throttle and steering trims as well. Your onoff switch and it takes four double A batteries inside that transmitter, but now it's time for the test will it survive. Oregon rocks and one of the most favorite places to crawl in our area for most of the hobby shop guys come out here and there's. In realtร , some competitions out here on this island it's full of some pretty heavy duty, terrain and it's, not the terrain that you would take a really bad good, cheap EDP special out here. If you bring out something with plastic gears or something with it, really cheap transmission. Drivetrain links, all kinds of things can fail out here. The servos don't make it out I've, had people bring crawlers out here and had service that lasted 5 minutes or less. So it puts a lot of strain on all the components on the chassis. When you come out to this type of area and one of the handicaps, I guess ride away up. This particular crawler is that the bumper does stick out quite far and I've seen that on the scx10 2 modelli – and you could probably trim that back. If you want to get more clearance, if you're not going to use a winch and those clips up front for your cable ties, but I kind of left them on just to see how I could navigate my way through these rocks.

And I think sometimes it was a little bit of a hang up, but if you can reverse out and then re angle, your wheelsyou can usually just about get out of any type of situation, che รจ bello, but it handles some subvert pretty well right here. It has a lot higher CG because I do have a 360 camera on the very top of the truck body, so it's giving me that extra bit of forward pitch but I'm still able to make it down some decent vert, which is nice and in the high Speed mode, it has some pretty good speed to it. So if you want to do a little bit of bashing around with your 110 Karla, si puรฒ fare che. With this truck, that doesn't seem to be a problem. It does great burnouts. It tests really really awesome. Burnouts it'll it'll do like a 360 little donut, it's, davvero divertente. It has a lot of power that 550 motor is super torquey and great on the high end, as well as the low end. Ora, before your moderate terrain, a lot of folks don't have really big rocks around where they live. If you use this as a trail truck, it would absolutely do pretty much any trail you took it on and I love that has that forward slowing battery. So we have a little more forward weight for some of that vertical ascent and it this is some more kind of out in the middle is a little bit lower terrain here, and it has no problem getting over this stuff and I've seen the scx10 2 out Here and it performs a pretty much the same as an scx10 2, which is it's good in my book, especially for a few extra upgrades that we have on this one in comparison again up and down no problem.

And this isn't one of those trucks that I brought out, that I didn't really have super high hopes with this particular model, and I was kind of afraid that I'd be out here for the first 10 minutes and not have a drivable truck and need to repair. It or get parts and fix it and bring it out and finish up the review, but it was surprising it pretty much handled any rocks out here that even my capra did. It will not go quite as vertical as the capra, because it does have a little bit higher CG on this truck, but it'll go about 80 A 90 of the places that the capper will and a lot of it depends on the driver as well. So if you have somebody who really knows what they're doing, they could probably make this truck go anywhere. That'S the axial trucks can go but moving right along. I love this truck now. I'M. Really really surprised and happy that it that is performing the way it is, and I have to say when I left after this full day of crawling with this truck, I went home and I was really happy to to have this truck. I did get it for free for review and I could be biased about it. But most of my reviews, if you've seen some of my reviews, I punished stuff and I'm pretty hard on stuff, and I also let people know if something's junk or not.

The only thing again that bothers me is that bumper hang up on this particular style crawler. It just sticks out a little bit far. I felt like I wanted a pair of snips to snip off those front, flip locks in the front there, but I'm gon na leave them on in case I decide to add it for that scale. Look later, I hate to destroy anything or change or mod anything too much, because this is not really a comp, crawler it's it's, a scale crawler and the big difference between those two types of crawlers. Onestamente, รจ che si sa, you're not going quite as vertical with this type of truck it's more like realistic type crawling white, regular type of 4×4 could do and it has no problem making a summit it's awesome and one of the other things that surprised me about this Truck was how well it actually does descend off of top of rocks with a decent amount of vert coming down, and it didn't flip over in a lot of instances, which was surprising and now going up here. I almost flipped over right there, and this is a pretty precarious situation right here that works kind of I'm at a bad angle right here, and this is all about steering, wheel direction and just kind of taking your time that's. The greatest thing about rock crawling to me is the the moment you're about to flip over and just and deciding what to do to make it out of that particular situation.

It feels really good to do that and get out of it and make a triumphant crawl. Probably everybody's favorite part about rock crawling making it up to that summit and just seeing your truck on the very top of the stack of rocks that you just climbed that's the most satisfying thing about crawling to me and it's, always again, it's not always about where You'Re going it's about the journey right and the greatest thing about this island out here is that is kind of like crawl or heaven out here there is a million and one different lines out here. Every time I come out here, I find different lines and spots to check out and crawl and film it's, just one of the greatest spots that I know of, and I got to say thanks to remote control hobbies here in Portland for letting me know about this Spot and I've been able to meet some other guys out. There make some friends in the crawling community, which is really awesome. So I guess one of the things that I like the most about this particular truck is that everything works on here and I didn't have to go to upgrades right away with the stock components that this particular crawler came with. Everything came ready to go and I I'm happy that I didn't have to upgrade or fix anything on the first day and I've been running this truck now for two to three weeks and everything on it is still working it's in my shop and there we go.

We made it down another really nice sort of vertical section there. Sorry to tell in some of the video how steep some of these rocks actually are, but it is again it's quite capable of getting up some pretty good faces. And again, I have to comment that the the tires, the stock tire is actually really tacky and they worked well. It was nice and dry out today and there wasn't a lot of moisture on the tires which does help days when it's wetter out here, it's sort of harder to get out some of the faces again coming down again here, a little bit of vert, almost going Vert there pretty steep axis for the front end and the front end hugs pretty well coming down, and it seems to be able to get away with some pretty amazing stuff without flipping over and scooting right up. On top of those rocks no problemand I actually did enjoy the process of putting everything on this bodyyou've got to take a reamer and put your tool rack on there. But it comes with some pins that actually do clip onto the inside of the door. Handles and your rear view mirrors have bolts that are bolted through with washers, so your rear view mirrors aren't likely to break off, which is a nice thing, and I spent I spent a good two to three hours, just enjoying the body finishing process, and I messed Up a little bit because I did get a little bit of paint on the windows which, when I get a little bit better at finishing, hopefully that won't happen again, but this truck is capable and that's what I keep thinking about it, it's it's, capable, I wouldn't Say it's quite as capable as my capra, but this is going to probably be my second favorite rock crawler that I own right now, I'm really happy to have this one, and this one will definitely get to come back out here again a lot of times.

I have a lot of filming gear and stuff to take out here, so I don't bring multiple crawlers out here, but I usually choose one caller and come out with a handful of batteries and I'm good for the day and check that out. Good save a little bit of reverse and flip back around awesome, and I was a little bit jealous. My friend has the scx10 Jeep Cherokee and he has this all refinished and it looks great he's added all kinds of mods on there. I think he's put over like 1200 wasn't working extras into his all brass weighted and everythingand you could do some upgrades like that on this one. Se si desidera, you can add your brass upgrades to the wheels make them a little heavier, get that cg lower, more weight, you add to it and be able to get away with some more vert, so I think it has a lot of versatility. I guess the scale look at it to me is just fantastic. I think it looks like something that you'd see somewhere full scale, davvero cool. Looking love the truck body on this one and the scale details that they put on there and overall I'm quite impressed and and satisfied with the power system on here I'm. Not gon na change this motor out anytime soon, because I think the 550 motor has plenty of top end power, like I mentioned before it does donuts, and it can pretty much Carl anything out there about 80 of the stuff that the capra did maybe 90.

Even I also like the fact that it came with these super tacky tires. The tires are great. If I could source those somewhere, I have to share those with you guys, so you could try them out they're pretty nice. Ho, like the scale detail that the clip savers on here the tool rack and the extra details on here and the bumper again it has the winch option on the front. If you decide to do that, I'll try to put a link down below so you guys can get a winch there's, an electronic winch. You can buy to pull yourself out, which is super cool and the scale detail actually looks pretty good. Ho, like the door handles and the fact that everything is bolted on and it has clips behind the door handles it does have not non air filled tires with one stage foam inside there and the back there with my trail map and the gas tank. I absolutely love the gas tank good spacing in between the wheel wells and the tires for suspension. I didn't have a lot of hang up. I hear a lot of banging around with this style body and I just bolted my tank on the back with two extra long, 3m style bolts turn radius was good as well 45 degrees steering in the front really helps out getting that extra torque on the rock To make it up certain phases, where you're kind of getting into some vert situations but I'm happy with the truck it came home in one piece, sembra grande.

It still runs so I'm gon na have to give this one two thumbs up from me, and probably one of the best china crawlers out there.