HS210 pietra Santa $24.99 Mini RC Nano Quadcopter Drone Fligth Review

FLIGHT REVIEW – $24.99 https://amzn.to/2vaEHC6 Tenker 4k Digital camera


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  1. My transmitter (controller di) has been non responsive since opening the package.. have fresh AAA batteries , the drone is flashing red and green, and I hold down the speed button to connect ? But nothing happens.. my son is so let down

  2. Can you fly more than one of these at the same time?

  3. Does it have classic drone controls?

  4. Did you try down left down right simultaneously??? That usually starts the props

  5. If you fly it in speed 1, would you get any more time out of the battery ? I just bought one from Amazon. $24.99

  6. How do you check the voltage of this type of battery. I have an intelligent charger for vape batteries but is there a way to use a tester like a innova 3320?

  7. Just got my hg210. Wind is 5mph; I have not mastered the piloting functions, thus I don’t think I can fly it safe indoors. Are you familiar with the hg170G? I have been able to adjust to the wind with it, but not on the beginner speed. Would you say that the 210 is similar to a mini drone in outdoor factors such as wind and pressure?

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