HS110W pietra Santa Drone recensione!

Holy Stone HS110W Drone Assessment! Test it out: https://goo.gl/AEloyz https://goo.gl/YzdYzb Hope You Guys Are Having fun with The Crew Colours, Make Positive To

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  1. I have this drone and its very good but the only problem is weak battery so i recomend buying more batteries(sry for bad english)

  2. @DroneWorship They are obviously "toy" droni , eh? Just perfect for what many people want to use and can afford. It's a matter of how much you are into it. This is a great drone for my needs (yes drone)! You need a hug dude. You're a borderline troll.

  3. This is not a legitimate review

  4. that's not a drone it has almost no classifications of drone it's a quadcopter with a crappy camera.

  5. I like the Deorro intro song my man! You we're into the gaming community at one point I can tell?

  6. should i buy this drone? i have a good 1080p camera I could clip on (learning that by watching this video) and it's only $100 Allora…should i buy this or save up for a Phantom 4?

  7. actually this drone does not need to be registered. it's under 1/2 pound.

  8. Wondering if you've removed the battery yet? I bought some replacements but not sure about removal. Grazie.

  9. where u ever in a clan that was called VIP

  10. Hey krytonic, i recently found you channel and I subscribed and i hope you grow! 😊😊

  11. Like the new profile picture! 🙂

  12. It's cool but I want a drone where you can go anywhere while being at home

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