This is the new heli. Far Turtles 135 it's a little 3 inch x frame quadcopter and it looks like it's about a four millimeter unibody bottom plate on here. It has a beeper on the back LEDs. It has really cool anodized purple hardware and best of all it has a runcam micro on the front that's fully enclosed top to bottom. Nothing is sticking out on this design, so I think they've been paying attention to what some of us have been saying about these camera protection sidewalls. So they're not the super thickest front end, but it does have two poles suit's standoffs in the very front for protecting it top and bottom so it's totally sandwiched in, and you also have a flat top on this quad, che è bello, because if you decided to Run a top mount battery, you could probably do that or you can run the bottom out there or you can add some type of go procession on here, because this 3 inch quad will definitely carry a go procession. But let's go ahead out to the field now and let's do a little flying with this let's do some line of sight flying and then we'll do some fpv after that we'll come into the studio. We'Ll do a little bench time with this little turtles, 135. Millimeter. Qui andiamo Musica, Musica, Musica, Musica, Va bene, guys welcome back to the channel we're gon na do another review today and we're gon na do an fpv racing quad.

This is a three inch quad and it looks like it's from a new company I've, never even heard of them called heli far. This is the Turtles. 135 Micro, drone da corsa fpv, it's running a 3 pollici. Jim fan props on here and those are ones that I added that are not stocked. They did have a little bit of vipers in my first initial flights. If you want a little bit of a softer flying prop, this is going to be the better option for that they came in the box. These are quad props. Tipicamente, I fly the Tri props just because they have a little less amp draw and sag from the battery. So you probably going to get a little bit longer flight time flying these, because they're gon na give a little better a little faster rpm. If you want to put a speed prop on there, you can do something like a two bladed prop but you're using this quad for freestyle. I would definitely recommend, try props on here now. This one did need a little bit of hid tuning because when I first initially punched out with it, it did have some noticeable vibration, and that might be the because of the way the cameras mounted up here. It might not be totally solid right here, but this is a one point: five millimeter sidewall and it does have some standoffs top and bottom here for total protection right here. If you look at this a little bit closer here, you'll notice that it is indeed covered up, so no problems with a frontal impact impact.

If you hit a gate right, lì, you've got plenty of clearance right there. Look at that that's at least six millimeter, but between the front before you're gon na hit that run cam micro lens now it's nice that they did include the run cam micro because it's a pretty respectable camera out in the FPV community right now, it's. What a lot of people want so, when you see a binder fly that has a run cam micro now you know you're going to get good video and also they have a video transmitter. Speaking of that on here, that is capable up to 100 milliwatts I've got my dipole back here and I added a little bit of an zip tie right here with a little bit of extra heat shrink, just to keep that up and away from the props and For my receiver, it came with kind of just dangling behind the camera right here. They knew that you needed to probably put that down and put a little zip tie here for your antenna with a little bit of heat shrink. But it was super cool that in the Box it did come with some zip ties, some smaller zip ties and some heat shrink because they knew you were gon na. Do this setupand I just mounted mineit already had a piece of VHB on here ready for me to just stick it down right underneath the camera so it's nicely hidden away back.

There I'm not really worried about it getting hit or anything like that. It'S. Looking good now on the top of this frame, you look. You notice that it does have that flush, mount it's, molto, very flat here, so you could run you couldn't mount a camera up here or you can run a top mount battery if you wanted to and just move your antenna back here for your VTX, which is Cool, so you have top mount or bottom mount now. Also on the side, the box let's super impress they give these type of straps along with it. Sai, I'm, not a big fan of these. They don't really hold up that well and they're kind of a pain to use typically and traditionally I'd, like a buckle, stile, cinghia. It just holds a little bit better on the battery, and I put a piece of velcro down. Here is just a hard velcro on the bottom part, and soft part goes on my battery. Ora. The battery I chose was the 4s 850 now it's pretty standard for your three inch style quads. This nanotech. I called these Nano puffs because they generally puff up a lot after some hard use so that you will see some swelling on these I'll. Try to put some links down below for a better battery choice for the turtles here, but let's talk about performance at 12 A 34 throttle this one flew the best full throttle it needed.

Some tuning, like I said, right out of the box, the f3 flight controller on here. I was expecting to have zero problems with vibes so kind of strange, because I did have brand new Jem fans on here and those are the 3050 2's. If you want to pick some of those up, si potrebbe, but you might just start out with these on this particular quad and go from there, but I got ta say as far as a freestyle machine. This one did exceptionally well when I backed off the throttle. A little bit and just kind of found my way in and out of those trees, I had a lot of fun with this quad. The power to weight ratio is not too bad. You do have 1306 motori qui. Those are called the GT 1306 and there's 3100 kv so kind of a higher kv motor for running a 3 inch prog, which is totally acceptable. You have a beeper on back, che è grande, because if you do crash out in the field, you'll be able to walk up and find it. You have LEDs here and for my power supply, my cable coming off the back for my XT 30. I would definitely put some type of larger zip tie right there. Just just keep that snug. Try not to get it too close to the arm right there, so it doesn't sever that power cable, because you get a big short out.

Se lo fai, but this will keep it from tugging on the ESC right here. If your battery, it checks off the bottom of your quad and that'll, save your your tabs on your 4 Amp 1 ESC. If that breaks off you're gon na destroy your ESC. So keep that in mind and on the bottom of this quad it looks pretty clean. The whole layout here looks good. They have zip ties on the arms that are securing those motor wires, so they don't come up into the props I've seen other setups recently that didn't have that so that's kind of a pet peeve of mine when companies don't do that. But it looks like how far did their job there and, Come sempre, go over all the bolts on any China quad that you get make sure that everything is tight, especially the motor bolts don't over tighten them, Naturalmente,, and you can come back and use a Little dab of Loctite on your motor bolts, if you'd like to just to make sure they don't come vibrating out now. The bottom of this, like I said before it is a unibody style frame and we're, looking at three millimeter thickness there and 1.5 on these top plates and the front side walls for the camera. Now I got my scale on let's just go ahead and weigh this little bad boy. Let'S put the turtle on the scale and see what we get 122 Punto: 3 grams there and that's the dry weight without a battery, so let's go ahead and add my suggested battery on there at 4 s 850 and we're under 200 grammi, which is kind of Crazy because I just reviewed the King Kong 200 GT, I don't know if you guys saw that review, but the dry weight on the GT 4 cinque pollici.

Quad was 198 grams and here's a three inch with a battery that's under 200 grams that's, a pretty pretty respectable takeoff weight for a three inch it's, not a real heavy quad. So with the latest beta flight on here, I think that's going to smooth up some of the vibe issues I had. It did come with a earlier version of beta flight than the newest one out there so update your firmware 23.3. You should have a smoother flying. Quad and with a lot less vibes and actually a lot less pit tuning because tuning hey it takes like an hour to get some quad smooth now so running 20 FPS ease on here is totally fine for 4s and it is a foreign one. So it has a pretty clean look on the whole thing and I'm actually I'm, pretty happy that a lot of these quads now they're coming with beta flight OSD, che è impressionante. I was just talking to a friend of mine, the other day about running minim OSD like three years ago, when we had to hook up all the extra wire inside here, and it was a lot more inside the stack. So this beta flight OSD really cleans things up a lot and allows this particular quad right here to kind of have a low rider profile, which I really like a lot it's a very thin profile. It'S not super tall, and a lot of these racers are now looking shorter and shorter, which is what I really really like.

We'Re getting away from that super tall tower, look like we had before a couple years ago, so pretty cool quad in here for the turtles, 135 micro it's, actually gon na be in my collection, I'm gon na hold on to this one for quite some time and Keep flying this on 3 s, but I'll try to put some links down below for you guys for a suggested battery, because then again I don't really suggest nano techsan fpv racers, because we do have a lot of throttle burst and doesn't really seem to handle it Too well so keep them flying out there guys and check out this Turtles 135 in the link below and again I appreciate it, you guys watching the channel if you see other people out there that need help this spring and summer. Please do help others in the fields always pass on that knowledge. You get from the drone camps channel to the next guy. Quindi grazie ancora, guys for watching I'm Jeff and Davis.