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Here is our overview of the Blade 350QX from Horizon Pastime! Try extra particulars right here: http://flitetest.com/articles/blade-350qx-quadcopter Thanks on your


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  1. One of my favorite first drone, I miss my Blade

  2. Great quad now that you can pick them up on Ebay for well under $100.00!

  3. I was just given one of these Drones yesterday with the nice gimbal camera and I am looking forward to trying it out. It has a full charge on the battery pack looking at the lights on the Drone.We have not located the charger or clip that holds the Smartphone but both can be ordered online at a reasonable price. The owner passed away so the roommate gave it to me. I much prefer the camera I got with it since I don’t own a GoPro of any kind. It was a nice gift from a great friend and the previous owner was also a very close friend. I noticed that you’re quiet does not have the GPS antenna on? I thought they all had the GPS antenna that you can raise and lower? I think the video and photography ability with the gimbal camera that came with the Mann makes it an awesome choice for Ariel photography unlike the go pro mount which is terrible.

  4. I have a 350qx and agree with the video wholeheartedly, Detto questo; it is my first larger size quad and Ive been flying it for about 3 years occasionally with absolutely zero issues although I did need to do the shielding mod when I got it cuz the gps wouldnt lock with the gopro on, It seems that you can get these birds very cheap in the used market and carbon frames are also available even though Im not sure Id spend the money as mine is still holding up well. Another thing to note too is at least on mine the framebody is quite flexy It's too bad the boards are so expensive because I would put the blade electronics in my 250 quad in a heartbeat!!

  5. just got my 350 up and running, many ins and outs flys well now

  6. with my flying skills I sure wish my quads had the safe bubble. ha

  7. Is this guy still with flitetest? His reviews are the best

  8. can you do a flip tutorial? my current quad has an automatic flip built in but I want to get one without it, where I would have to do a manual one

  9. Flight Test who ever you are, you should be happy that you have it. I can't get one where i live. If your not fucking happy with it, Dammelo, i'll give you my address. You should be thankful for what you have instead of complaining like an old woman.

  10. How do you do flips, I got myn used with no instructions but can't figure out how to flip

  11. Hmmm…I land like that sometimes too

  12. my drone is very good I've crashed alot but that was on grass I don't know how it would take it on gravel or cement one of the rear blades split in mid air about 10 feet of the ground but it took about five dollars to get more from ebay

  13. This vid was made in 2014 so its a little dated.. The feature he's talking about when he says –> "when I push the sticks away and it moves away no matter of its orientation" this is now called "Headless" mode for those of you that are just now learning this lango.. I'm not trying to be a know-it-all or anything.. I am just trying to save some of you the heartache of learning the hard way like I did! It gets expensive as hell when you don't have anyone to teach you like I didn't have! Learning from youtube seems easy enough right? Well guess what its not because so many of the vids you are watching are promos by the makers of the drones. BTW I HATE that term "Drone". I think that we would all be better served if we used the term "FPV Aircraft" FPV (First Person View) … "Drone" just sounds menacing and evil and people that aren't into the sport of FPV are going to support LAWS banning this out of complete selfishness and ignorance all day long.. If you don't believe me then just take a look at the laws that have been passed i9n the past couple of years.. Not one of these laws have made us safer but these laws have served to take our hobby rights away! Just telling ya folks!

  14. A Swedish homage to Top Gear… Ben fatto.

  15. Threw a walkera gimbal on mine with a go pro and I get phantom level video for 1/3 the cost. The only difference is that I can fly in acro on this and flying the phantom is boring.


  17. Bought one for 30 bucks at a garage sale today!

  18. This over price drone sucks my xk k350 will outclass it . My tarantula x6 has better throttled respond .

  19. Pick up a second hand 350 last night, been out playing with it today.
    As a complete novice having never flown a quad before I found it great, safe mode is very slow didn't take me long to move up to stability mode. Did loose it once but that's my mistake for not understanding the return home mode, luckily found it about 1/2 a mile away in a field.
    All in all I found it a good quad to start on as it gives you more flight input so you learn pretty quick.

  20. @FliteTest Great review, please keep them coming! Especially for the quadcopters. 😉

  21. Is someone do the test between Blade 350 and Quattro X quadcopter?? I need to know which one is better?

  22. I went with the phantom 1 instead of this. Glad I did the phantom is a great quad For video and fpv

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