I actually had the 2nd of november in there and bud pointed that out to me. Thank you bud for uh, letting me know. I think i think the last program had been on october, 2nd and so therefore um. I had used that as a template, and it said second but it's november, 6th first friday of the month. Sometimes first friday falls later in the week, sometimes earlier in the week, but this time uh it is the sixth i'm super glad to be here. It'S been beautiful the last few days i have been crazy busy at work. I actually was telling philip earlier that i had intended to go home today at lunch and from work and pick up some stuff for the show never made it. And then i didn't even have a ready set drone shirt. But i found this one stuffed in my office in a drawer and it kind of smells, but you know what i'm the only one here so yeah. You know you guys don't have to deal with the smell it's, one of the beauties of the internet. So i just want to say, welcome and thank you to everybody for tuning in tonight um. I am super happy that we can get together on this monthly thing and then, Naturalmente,, i've been doing a live stream. Every friday i've been doing the uh i've been doing the uh, velocità, dial and then also the weekly or the monthly um live fly ins with greg from ozby drone which, by the way next friday, will be a global fly in.

So if you join next week, um he's going to simulcast it on his channel and mine, but you can come in and fly using rmtp so that people can see your flight live, it's, it's, a pretty cool thing. You know that he's in australia and running this whole show globally, but i just want to give a couple of shout outs to folks in the in the uh chat here tonight. Great great group tonight i see stingray aerial solutions, sunrise, water media drone, shots dad random, mike miller, tater rogers, chris hope um. I think i saw mr george boy in there bob casey uh gosh. I mean it is like an all star cast art code, drone solutions in the house tonight ray kelly's here, jake's drone life um, you guys uh. Thank you for showing up lone star uav doc. Murdock is here um and doc's, telling me that my audio is out of sync. Oh sì, i do look a little um. I do look a little even like. Maybe my video is a little bit slow too. Let me see if i can do that during one of the video rolls doc, but thank you um trapper john. Thank you for being here. I wonder if trapper john is the name from uh mash. If you guys remember that show back in the day, geeks fauna, Naturalmente,, is here anyway and mappers 2. Con il 15 super chat, uh and yeah man, the t shirts i'm glad you're enjoying them.

I hope you wash yours more than this one because, come ho detto, it's been stuffed in a drawer at my office for a while but uh, but thank you john. I appreciate that um funny thing too mappers2. Your name is the very same name as my wife's cousin, così uh. Every time i hear your name, i you know have to verify that i'm talking not talking to my wife's cousin, who is also a drone pilot by the way so uh and and also uh dad random. I saw you had put out a video about the mini. I had intended to watch that i just didn't get around to it today, but i will um. I got an agenda for you right here: it's, not a secret agenda. I'M gon na share it with everybody. Tonight we will check in with philip from the road he has been traveling in his rv and we will see what he's been up to. We will also talk about the mavic mini 2 um. You know big release. I think most people have probably got a lot of the information from watching videos and such but i'll do it live q a and i have 10 fun facts about it that i'm gon na guess most people here, don't even don't, know at least five of them. That'S, my that's, my guess at least five of them will be news to you. So unless you're, just like a super uber dji fanboy nerd, like some of us, are um.

But if, if you're not, you may not know these things and if you're interested uh, we have a new video tonight from chris hope, .... Two minutes of hope it is a great one. I i got to watch it earlier today made me. Smile always makes me smile when i see chris hope in the house and sends me the two minutes of hope. So we'll see that a little bit um, we have a surprise guest who will come on toward the end of the show and hang out for a little bit i'm hoping we will announce the subscriber of the month uh and a few other little surprises in all These things so to get us started. I do want to ask one small small, favor it's. It requires no money and only a few seconds on your part, if you could, my company is called sparksite, and this is where we do our live streams from a lot of them, and i don't know if you noticed a new set back here, but we actually Built this little set for these things, which is pretty awesome um, we are trying to build a youtube channel at sparksite. Our theme is we make video easy now. I know a new a few folks watching are already subscribed to sparksite. If you don't mind, if you type in sparksite sp arksighht don't leave the stream to do it, open a new tab or do it later and just subscribe.

We just hit the thousand um subscriber threshold and i want to get well over a thousand. You know i want to get 1020 o qualcosa del genere. So if you guys wouldn't mind um, i would appreciate it not a huge deal if you don't want to um, but since all of that is said, i do have our favorite traveling, nomad uh phillip from the road is here ready to join us and i'll bring Him in now, what's up philip saying favorite doesn't really mean anything when i'm, the only one. Quindi no, No, no there's that i i have another phillip, although you know you know phil from phil here from the office but uh, but no you're, my favorite traveling, nomad you're, my favorite sidekick. I mean i mean a co host. Grazie mille. I appreciate it you're so um so i'm in galveston, Subito, galveston texas. I know where that is. Lo voglio. I do know exactly where that is. A dire il vero, you said you're going to be there for a couple of months, yeah and i'm staying in rv park with a lazy river that's awesome all that earlier, um i've been going there on my lunch break. So whenever i get uh stressed out from work, i just go to lazy river, become a little bit lazy and then everything's good after that. Bene, hey let's, let's uh. Take a look at that real, quick that's! Bene! I do wish, anche se, that uh it was light out whenever we were doing first friday, so that i could just do it from the lazy river.

This is the uh lazy river at the rv park that we're staying at and it's really nice, the water's a little bit chilly it's, Non male, but a little bit 73 gradi, it's it's bad enough that other people don't come here, but it's not bad enough. That i dislike it, it's actually really relaxing and nice here. So there you go that's that's, philip being lazier than normal, in the lazy river and and by the way ken herron, with the five dollar super chat, saying i bet his rv gets mileage better than my mazda. Bene, ken i i think i saw a picture of your rotary engine, your your, Credo, it's called a wankel engine uh a picture of your wankel earlier uh. Outside of your. I know you put a picture of your ding dong, your giant ding dong on on instagram. If you don't follow ken herron, the innuendos are awesome, but but uh, hopefully your motor has been fixed and your your mazda is is doing well. But thank you for the super chat, philip. What kind of mileage does that rv get let's, just put it out there, Allora, whenever i'm pulling it with my uh truck, it gets about nine or ten miles per gallon uh. Without it. My truck gets about 16 A 18., so so it cuts it in half pulling that pulling that big thing, but it's it's a big it's, a big honker. I mean that's a that's, a full on rv yeah it's, 16 000 sterline ' feet long, Sì, sì! No, se voi ragazzi, haven't, subscribed to outdoorish primarily on um instagram right, um, it's it's, a very good it's, a very good uh instagram place um.

I also want to give a quick shout out phillip, i don't know if you can, if you're in the chat right now, are you in the chat yeah? I am everybody go in the chat and if, if you are a um, a member of the channel part of the flight crew at any level, you have access to this set of emojis that sunrise water media made and i'm going to just hit them all with You here right now, boom there's, i think there's, 12 o 13 of them anyway. Uh we've got drone on fire. We'Ve got drone uh. What is it doing? It'S lifting something? Actually i made that one we got dude flying drone we've got surprised. Patrick we've got x waggling his fingers we've got big al, the alligator, the one who almost killed ken dono. While he was here in in texas searching for ken herron's uh drone we've got fpv, dude we've got fpv, Dude, saying wow and then we've got boozy. Bob we've got happy bob and just been punched by ken dono. Ancora una volta, bob and then we've got um. Don'T fly alone and finally, a brand new one from uh sunrise, water media, the texas one. So i really want to thank chris with sunrise. Water media he's been sending me one of those a week and they're super cool. And if you are part of the flight crew, you you get to use those things which is, Credo, it's pretty neat um that's cool yeah.

Bene, se, if youtube ever figures out how to let me have the uh the status on this account, instead of my main account that'd make me happy for now. I can't use those, anche se, which is dumb. Oh, wow, um well uh. Maybe you should log in with the other account, then i can't, i will all right well anyway, those those are courtesy of sunrise, water media. Thank you to uh chris for for for those sunrise. Water media, as you may recall, was one of the finalists in the uh ready set drone song contest uh the tatermobile by the way, gets 11 miles to the gallon highway. So tater, Spero, that's downhill with the tailwind um. I want to talk a little bit. You said you're in galveston right now, you've also been in a few interesting places, including um memphis right, phillip, yep yeah. So so this is a video of the sorry. So this is video of uh, mississippi river, near memphis uh. This part right here, we're actually flying over mud river state. I don't know if it's state park, but it's called mud river, which is actually a miniature replica of um, the mississippi river, but just beyond that is the bass pro shops, which is in an old big pyramid that used to be an arena in tennessee and uh. It'S actually really cool on the inside. I didn't get a chance to go to the inside this time, but it's a really cool structure on the outside as well.

What what did you shoot this with? This was all shot with your um, your mavic 2 pro mavic 2 pro you know um. I also just want to tell people something kind of interesting. I had uh i've been through memphis a few times, including just recently when i drove through to go to minefield to see uh ken herron at his birthday at his event, and you drive right past this pyramid. But i did not know. This is a little bit of trivia for people from the north or from far west or whatever, dove, where i am, that the um right at that point, where this thing is you're, basically at the intersection of three states right yeah, you are um because basically you're At the intersection of tennessee and uh arkansas arkansas, and then also iowa, No, no mississippi, iowa, yeah iowa, mississippi, really really similar um yeah that that was uh. That was a pretty that was a pretty cool uh set of uh footage here. What what's going on here hold on? Let me see i got ta clear this one go there: ok, still getting this wirecast thing down so um, so all of that said very cool footage if you ever do get to stop there. Se, next time i go through, i think honestly, i'm going to stop and visit that bass pro shop. There is a bass pro shop they're. You know they're all over the place there's one in springfield missouri, anche se, if you ever get to go to the one in springfield missouri, it is actually it's enormous it's where they started and so it's a really really huge, um huge, huge place, but it's it's, very Fun i best yes, i you didn't go in though i i didn't go in this time, but i've been in before, and i sent you a picture of it uh, at least from someone else's view and basically there's a miniature uh.

I want to call it a pond more or less, but it's big enough, that they actually have full sized boats there and full size. Docks and they've got a whole bunch of stuff inside there it's just like an activity center. They got a restaurant there, it's a hotel and it's just uh it's, huge and it's amazing definitely go in there. Se si, if you get a chance, yeah pretty much any any bass pro shop, you know whether you're into hunting and fishing or not it's, still a pretty cool experience and and this one in springfield missouri is pretty neat the one in grapevine texas, um. Those are the two i've been to mostly, but i will stop at the one in memphis next time. Detto questo, i want to just real quick say thank you to everyone, who's in the flight crew who's. Attualmente, in the chat um again, ken ken herron uh joined the flight crew just a week or two ago, and he now has a cue, a cool little badge next to his name, you'll see that there, if you're in the flight crew, you get that and you Get to use the um the custom. My custom made emojis that sunrise water media made. But that said, i thought you know i could talk about the flight crew and how great all you guys are, but why don't i give you the. I really need a drum roll effect and i'm just now realizing i didn't put one in so i next time i'll do a dremel effect i'm going to do the top 10 reasons why you should join the ready set drone flight crew.

So philip, can you give me a drum roll all right, that's, abbastanza buono, Va bene, so here we go number 10, In alto 10 reasons to join the flight crew. Um it's, like a motorcycle gang, only less dangerous. Cosa ne pensi di questo? One all right! Va bene, ..., here's, here's, ..., let's let's, go to uh let's, go to number nine, you get cool badge and emojis in the chat there we go. You got all the cool, badges and emojis for the flight crew. Yes um! How about number eight! You can tell your kids they're you're in a special branch of the air force. They pick you up on a short plane, Va bene, Wow, ..., the stickers and t shirts are pretty cool and uh for people who are on the flight crew who just joined this year. My intent is to do a drop of um, sending them out in december. Tipicamente, the thing is you get a shirt after six months in the flight crew that way that way, you've basically paid for the shirt at that point, but they are really cool shirts. A dire il vero, i think philip is wearing one right now. Let'S let's take a look at that shirt. Philip. Can you model for us? Oh, aspetta. I think i just uh yeah you, you put the wrong thing. Full put the wrong thing full screen there we go. Ciao ciao, you go. Guardare. You can look as good as him.

If philip can make that shirt. Guarda bene! Then then uh, you know i'm gon na say a lot of people can all right let's see what the number six reason to join the flight crew is most subscriber of the month. Winners are flight crew members. Now this is a dirty little secret. Quite honestly, um uh it it didn't start that way, but i find that the folks that uh, that i pick tend to be flight crew members, but i think there's sort of a correlation there, because they are super fans and super involved in the channel and stuff. In ogni caso, so so there you go that's that's uh, but that is true. Most subscribers of the month are flight crew members um number five: you get discounts on spin up tickets, so this year a free, regular ticket was free. If you belong to the flight crew. Number four it's cheaper than poker night with your buddies. Believe me: i've lost a lot of money playing poker with my friends and uh yeah it's much cheaper number three is chris halber and chris i'm sorry rick, halber and chris hope i don't need to say any more than that. Those guys are flight, crew, members and they're. The bomb uh number two. It does not make your butt look big joining the flight crew uh definitely does not. It actually is slimming for for the more husky, gentlemen and then finally, number one flying with friends will make you feel so free.

So what do you think, philip good reasons uh? I think my badonk can't get smaller just because it's, so juicy yeah, so it's been it's been the same since i joined well. No! No, i would tell you if, se si, if you let it expire, if you quit, it would actually get a lot bigger it. ok, i'll try that because it because it does make your it makes your bottom smaller um anyway, that all said uh, i want to say thank you to the flight crew. I also want to say now that i have some really awesome footage of the mavic mini 2 and it is actually not the mavic mini 2. It is actually the mini 2 and people um that the dji folks actually want us to call it. The the mini tune, dji mini 2, not the mavic mini 2.. I don't know who's seen all this footage or who already watched the videos but um it really for the price and for the size it really outperformed. Um philip, have you seen much about it yeah? I saw your video and i was actually really surprised to see that does 4k um. You almost sold me on getting one, but i have my mavic 2 pro so i'd have to sell that. If i got a mavic too many and you know just struggles, but if i, if i was in the market, it would be really hard not to buy this it it.

It is if you already have a mavic, 2 pro or a mavic air 2. I don't think you need you don't, you really don't need a mavic or you don't need a dji mini 2 because it doesn't do the as well as those do it's, really the convenience of the portability of the size of it and it's. Anche, just the the fact that it is such a hey, we got a new member and it is blue on green, so i cannot read it. Oh bontà, hold on ray kelly, oh ray kelly, bello. Thank you ray kelly. I thought rick kelly was actually remember. .... Bene, i appreciate that rick kelly. A dire il vero, i owe ray kelly captain. I owe him a uh, a drone that i still haven't finished. My review of so he'll be getting that, along with his um, along with his uh uh flight crew shirt. So um yeah, just just saying the fact is that ultimately, if you own one of the more expensive, dji more current drones, i don't know that it's worth the upgrade. I do think if you own an original mavic mini. I think the mini 2 would be worth the upgrade and what i would do, if you own, a mavic mini and you own a couple of batteries is, i would hold on to a few of those batteries. Oh hey is that your tello yeah you've got it. I finally got it working somewhat yeah.

What was wrong? Was it worth an upgrade over at hello uh? No, No, la coda! It was much better yeah. So the weird thing is uh. Even on this screen, it's it's doing weird stuff, so it's it's showing weird lines yeah on my iphone. It also was having issues as well. I don't know what's going on with it, but at least flies now: ben t, ..., Mavic, mini or mini two on the way should be here tomorrow. Impressionante, Ehi, well ben, you know actually um. I i got your message. I owe you a call at which i will be doing but uh. Thank you for the super chat and i would be curious to hear what you think about the mini too. So all of that said, i had teased a minute ago that i was going to share some they're, not really secrets, they're more just things that i have discovered about the mini 2. That i'm curious, if other folks know so let me see if i can get back to my uh, my second top 10 elenco. I went crazy today with the top 10 lists. Um, i discovered google slides, so i mean i know. People have been using google slides forever, but um it's, so cool and it's so easy to do. ok, so here we go let's. Take a look at the 10 interesting facts about the uh dji mini 2.. Va bene! You ready for this! Philip! You tell me this is getting silly, Ma sì.

You tell me if you've heard you tell me if you've heard each of these like, if you already knew that or not all right you'll be my you'll be my barometer. You have to be honest all right here. We go okay, um number one, they added one new quick shot called boomerang, which they've had in a couple of drones, but it wasn't in the original mini. I think you said that in your video i did. I did okay. Bene, i guess i guess if i said it in the video um, then uh then yeah you're hearing it twice how about it? Has a white led on the front that the original did not have? Did you notice that i did not there's a little white led that the original didn't have and and uh the the mini two? Has it there all right? How about this one? The props are backwards, compatible cross, compatibile, that's, good news, but did not know that that is all right. Va bene. Abbiamo ottenuto, we got one that you didn't know or maybe two, the mavic mini battery works in the mini 2, but not the other way around. How about that? Someone was actually just asking that in the chat, but i also did not know that. Oh sì, in realtà, i should be looking at the chat. Sì, so basically the uh, the uh shy nightmare uh, all caps. Thank you for that can tell me, can you tell me again, can i use the mavic mini batteries for the two? Sì, Si può, but you cannot use the mini two batteries in it, it's weird, because the mavic mini original batteries fit in just fine, but you can't put the the mini 2's batteries into the original part of the reason is they are different chemical compositions.

I believe one's, a lithium polymer and maybe one's a lithium ion. I was talking to felix um with quadcopter guide about this the other night and he was explaining it, but the the ultimate thing is um. The weirdest thing is the mini. Two'S battery is slightly bigger. It'S a little bit wider, but it weighs less. Did you know that i didn't so are? Are they different capacities as well? ...? Bene, they're. Both the same number of cells, that's, a good question. I actually don't know if they are different capacities in terms of the um milliamp hours. Is that what you mean like how much how much uh, how much juice is in it yeah yeah, so i'm i'm really curious, è, if you have the the map mini original battery, is it worth the upgrade to get the the mavic mini 2 battery um? Bene, teoricamente, so there's a couple there's a couple of things because the okayactually this isi think this is interesting. The battery for the original mini weighs more, Pertanto, to get the uh the quad under 249 grammi. The the original mini actually weighs without a battery weighs less than the mini 2., il mini 2 by itself, without a battery weighs more than the original mini without a battery um, they you know part of it is having to put more electronics in it. Ocusync and and some of the upgrades that they did to it, the better camera uh or the better processing that actually makes the drone itself minus the battery way more but um because they were able to take shave some weight off the mini two's battery um.

It actually still weighs less than 249.. Actually i weighed it it's it's, quite a bit less it's like 237, or something at least on the scale i'm using grams. But all of that said as soon as you put the original mavic mini battery into the mini 2. It shoots the weight up considerably and puts it over the weight, because the drone weighs more and that battery weighs more. So it goes over 250, so kind of defeats. The purpose of the sub 250 Drone. If you use that battery so michael wright says the mini two battery is 2250 milliamp hours and the uh mini battery is 24.50 interessante, but i think the difference, michael and and if you could do a little uh, if you could do a little research there, uh Uh or if you're able to look this up, i think the difference has to do with the um uh it's it's a high capacity, um lipo. I i wish i wish i was better prepared to explain this, but um so x crosses uh. Did i see that you can customize the front led somehow um and i'm the everything dude, oh uh, yeah old guy with the drone, also says that uh mini 2 is a smaller, smaller uh battery capacity, so actually mitch, se si, if you could explain, perhaps why They could have a lighter battery that actually has more juice in it. I would love it so uh shy nightmare once again, all caps.

Grazie. So if i buy the mavic mini 2, can i still use my mini 1 batteries for it? Sì, Si può, but you could be over 250 grams and if you are um, you are technically supposed to rehearse it or uh, not rehearse it. Um register it trying to read and talk at the same time. ok, so uh mitch is saying mini uh mini is lithium ion and mitt showed 240 grammi, so lithium ion versus lithium polymer. ok, so that would make senseand i see doc murdoch is saying the battery the mini one is 2600 milliamp mini 2 is oh, attendere. Mini one battery is 2600 milliamp hours mini, attendere, doc, murdock, you're, confusing me all right. I got to stop reading these uh because i'm getting all getting all disconnected here. I think the point is the mini. Uno. Battery has more capacity than the mini 2 batteria, che è interessante. Allora, teoricamente, if you use the original battery, you could get more flight. Maybe no no i've been told um, specifically by dji you'll, get less performance and less flight time is, is okay what they said. Va bene, Mini 2 does uh not work currently with the smart controller but may in the future, and that is straight straight from dji. They said that um they uh it's it's technically possible. They would just need some um uh demand for it. Um, did you know that one yeah but that's an ocusync 2 thing right? I mean as long as it has ocusync 2.

Theoretically it's supposed to work with the smart controller. I mean they did it with the mavic air 2.. Così bene. The enterprise was supposed to work with it for the longest time and it i don't know if it does now, but it was like months for that that didn't work. So does anybody know if the enterprise works with the uh um smart controller i'd love to know um all right, uh shy nightmare says he loves me. Grazie, cheyenne mayor. I love you too um. So next interesting fact here about the uh about the mini 2. Is if you rub it on the belly, it will actually fall asleep. You just have to roll it over give it a nice gentle kind of i mean you only do this when it's like agitated it's, you know not not able to sleep. Bene, maybe it's stressed about something i don't know, Ma sì. If you rub it on the belly, it'll fall asleep and then the next one to know is that they drop the word mavic from the name. They actually are wanting to just call the dji mini 2 and philipand i were talking about that earlierwe're kind of we're kind of wondering why that is any any ideas. Why why they would have done that? I think it's a bad move, because the the mavic brand is so powerful, like there's, so many good things associated with it. Maybe they're just concerned that it's doing a at this doing bad things for the mavic name.

Voglio dire, i think it would help. I think it would help people want to buy the mini two more, but it also might be putting a bad taste on the mavic name. I don't know it just doesn't make sense to me. Sì, i mean i mean maybe they're trying to differentiate the more kind of consumer level of drone and by the way, michael wright says, the enterprise is compatible with the smart controller. Now so thank you michael right, ok, um so and then finally, we've got two more on this uh awesome countdown list, which i think i think i have. I think i have i enlightened you on a couple things don't, you think philip, maybe yeah. He did okay. Bene, you always teach me things: oh wow, Wow, Wow, that's uh. I don't think i've ever heard that before all right here we go. The number two is the video recording is 100 megabits per second, which is almost as good as the 120 of the mavic uh of the air 2.. Ora, the significance of that is, if you don't know what we're talking about that is not the transmission rate from the transmitter or from the drone to the to the screen. That is actually the bit rate at which it's recording data, so the more data it records. The the better quality video you'll have there's video resolution, but then there's also video bitrate, so like right now, we're streaming this video at 4.

5 megabits per second. Quindi, fondamentalmente, the um, the video recorded on a mavic dji mini 2, è 25 times more data than we have in the stream right now, that's uh that's crazy. It is kind of crazy, um, all right and here's the number one here's. The number one thing you may or may not have known about the dji mini 2, and that is the pre release. Code name was ninja, i don't know if i was supposed to say that or not, but all the documentation that i received um when, when i was you know, kind of signing, signing, ndas and stuff uh said ninja on it, which i thought that was well it's. I guess it's a good thing. You signed an nda saying you wouldn't disclose any of that information huh prior to prior to uh, wednesday, ok, ok, it was all that was that was it. Potrei. I couldn't do it before wednesday. I don't think the the the the code was or the code name was never never really discussed, but i i thought it was kind of cool i'm trying to think back on um uh. They had one called unicorn. I think unicorn was the original mavic air and uh yeah kind of cool what their code names are: it's like ninja, ninja so and actually in the dji app. It was called ninja in the app too uh. So geeksvan is saying they dropped the osmo from pocket. Two as well, it seems they like shorter names at the moment.

ok, so so osmo pocket 2 is not called osmo pocket 2 it's called pocket 2.. So that's pretty interesting. Yeah i'm surprised that wasn't a topic for today, um that looks really cool better than the original um yeah yeah. So tell me what you think about it, because it's funny, because actually i have an osmo pocket, i rarely use it. I did use it for a couple of the shots in my um in my mini 2 recensione, but but what do you? What do you think about the two and why do you like it? So i like that it has a gimbal uh if i'm doing something stationary i'll tend to something else, um either my phone or the gopro hero 8. um. If it's something that i'm having my wife film, i don't really trust her hands to be stable, uh stable enough for the electric um stabilization, o qualcosa del genere. So i prefer to have an actual gimbal when she's recording just so that it looks good yeah yeah. The 4k60 is good too um, that is true: everything about it's, just uh cool it's, it's nice to have that small form factor and everything. The only issue i had with it initially was the autofocus issue, but they've since fixed that. So that was really my only beef with it yeah. I think that um. I think that the coolest thing you can do with the osmo pocket andand maybe the pocket too, but just do it at a higher higher resolution.

Is the um uh time lapse like where it tracks, where the, where you can program it from point a to point b, i mean it's kind of like a hyper lapse where you move the drone, but instead of instead of it's, just kind of panning and tilting At the same time, it makes pretty cool stuff, so yeah we're timing, people out uh sunrise water media, mentioned something that i think was pretty cool. One of the coolest code. Names was actually uh was actually um: ..., supernova, Sì, it's, ok, cool sorry, Sì, ..., yeah hope the mods will get in there for uh. Per questo. This gentleman that is uh getting a little getting a little uh testy on the on the chat um. So oh go ahead. I was just gon na say i tried to take care of it, but someone approved it before i could remove it any other. Any other question. Uh jaybird drone says any word on the mavic 3. No, No! I haven't. I actually haven't heard anything about a mavic 3.. I here here's the really weird thing um. I thought that when they came out with the um, i thought so what what happens is you get an email from dji? They say we have a product, um sign this nda and then we'll tell you about it and and that i thought for sure it was going to be their racing drone that's what i thought they were coming out with this time, and so i was pretty surprised When it was the mini 2.

it's mini 2, though honestly, when i heard it was the mini 2, before i received it, i had pretty low expectations. I was like okay, i mean the mini's okay, it's it's, a it's, a cool little drone, it's, definitely great for doing selfies and social media stuff, but it's, not one. I use very often, especially because of the dropout. I don't know if you ever flew the mini, but because of the wi fi it would get um, it would get out to a certain distance and then it would just like drop. You know drop the signal because of the wi fi interference, but now with the the mini 2 it really doesn't. I mean it is so much more reliable in that regard, ma um, i thought they were coming out the racing drone, so my guess would be that their next one would be a racing. Drone yeah i'm also curious, where the phantom 5 is have they just given up on the phantom line or yeah yeah um, the the the phantom 4. But i have to say, anche se, e – and i think you agree – il fantasma 4 v2 is is pretty is, is just a really really solid drone. Sai, it's it's, they're gon na have to do a lot to to uh out. Do that yeah. I i don't know i think, there's still some improvements that could be done, but we'll have to see if they uh, if they do anything to that line, Sì, sì, well um.

I also uh wanted to say that we have a special video tonight that we get to play every uh every month on first friday, it comes from our pal. Chris hope this one is a little different, because this is actually something that he did. That is out of his normal um, normal style, and we call this one two minutes of hope. So let's check it out: Musica, Applausi musicali, Musica, all right so hey that is pretty awesome. Chris hope um has been flying fpv for a very, very short period of time and i got ta, say he's getting better and better and here's the coolest thing um. He did fly that in stabilized mode, but he built that quad that's that's. Davvero. What i think is the coolest thing of all: is he actually built that quad? So you know props to him. That is you like that, props to him? That is the um, that is the uh um quad. That uh was recommended by old guy in a drone called the tyro 119 and it's it's a it's, a pretty easy build from what i understand chris you're in the in the chat. What did you think about the build there? Um i'd be curious to hear andand i guess, um philip, you know you and i have not built one together. I'Ve been part of building one, but i didn't do it on my own uh. What do you think about building a drone soon, so i basically got halfway through it.

Um i'm missing some components. Long story short: i bought a a bunch of spare parts from a guy in austin one time: okay and there's, not quite enough to make a full drone but it's almost there, and i just haven't gotten to the point of uh to getting the extra stuff and Building it, what what? What are you missing? What parts are you missing uh, so i need to i don't know if the motors i have are good or not, but i need to get longer wires for them, which isn't too big of a deal. I need to solder it to the board um and then there's. I think there's some electrical components: i'm missing, um to control the the motors um. What uh chris chris hope says with mitch in a couple of youtube: video: it's, not too bad um. So mitch is old guy with a drone or old guy. In a drone, i never remember which one it is, but um mitch definitely is a huge huge help, as is actually uh kai from lone star uav. He knows a lot about building stuff building the drones. So i would say um, you know we have a great support system to to make that work. If you wanted to build one now, i am trying to bring in a a secret guest or a special guest. I was hoping to do a surprise guest. Tuttavia, i am uh. We are i'm having trouble because uh the secret guest knows who i am.

I actually called him during the video roll and i i just secret guest. I just sent you a new uh. I just sent you a new link, um, a new rendezvous link. If you could click on that one, i just don't see you in the i don't see you showing up in the rendezvous, so i can't add you yet um that's. I i it shame on me. I should we should have done a test of this earlier, but if you can click on the link in the email i just sent a few seconds ago, that would be the best thing, Allora, philip any other thoughts on what you're going to be doing for the Next, three months hanging out in galveston, are you going to be flying a lot Music, ..., so i'm? Definitely going to be taking my mavic 2 pro to the beach um that's. I mean i always enjoy flying it around the beach there's ships out there that you can kind of fly out to. I actually have a video on my old channel of some some footage of galveston and it's. In realtà, some pretty new footage. I don't know if you've seen it or not um, but part of it was uh pleasure, pier at night, which is kind of like a miniature amusement park. Oh sì sì, Sì, sì. I have seen that one that's that is so cool yeah i'd like to get some more footage like that. Um just do some cool stuff, but we'll see what happens.

Uh it'd be especially cool. If i can get some more footage of a cruise ship, i think they're all pretty much offshore right. Now we drove by the cruise to terminal today and there's nothing there, but i might be able to track one down and fly out to it to get some footage and check on the status of the cruise ships. You know you know what's, davvero, Bello, Ehi, metro drones. Thank you bill, uh it's been a while, mi sento, like i hadn't, talked to you in a while. Thank you for the super chat. Yes happy friday for sure um. So what part of galveston? Where are you guys or where is this rv park like what what part of the island are you on so it's, actually jamaica, beach, so it's about 20 minutes from downtown austin downtown galveston? I know we're i've been to jamaica beach, um uh so last year. For my birthday, my wife rented an airbnb all the way down almost to what is it if you go all the way south on the or, Suppongo, it's, actually all the way north on the island, um and then there's a bridge you cross over. I don't know what that's called that's that's san luis past. Sì, Sì, so we were almost to there and uh she rented a house on the beach. It was awesome and it was october man and i actually really really think that galveston is prettier like i would rather be in galveston this time of year than in the summer.

In tutta onestà, during the summer, it's packed um even now, it's still kind of busy at least coming in on tuesday. It was crazy busy on the roads. I couldn't imagine it on saturday with an rv but uh it's, definitely less busy. Ora – and i couldn't imagine being here in the summer areare the are the beaches pretty busy? I mean are a lot of people out on the beach there's a bit of people out on the beach there's, not a lot of people out in the water, because it's kind of chilly, not too much but enough that it's uncomfortable for some people uh. So i mean there's people out there, mostly fishing, okay yeah, i mean i i i definitely. As i said it was. It was really one of my first times to be there in the in the um uh kind of off season. Last time and and uh it was, it was pretty neat and, and actually that was when i had the mavic mini, i shot a lot of my original many videos on the beach, so good place to fly, fly and film for sure um. Bene, i had hoped to bring in this guesti i know he said he. He said he clicked on the um. He clicked on the uh rendezvous link and he said he's in the green room, but i am not seeing him and that's that's uh confusing to me because uh, Oh, he said, he's restarting quickly, um, ok.

He said to give him a few seconds anyway. While that is going on, i do want to make an announcement because we're going to wrap up here in about 15 minuti. Innanzitutto, i want to say congratulations to our two previous subscribers of the month. We had two in october, so that was first time. I'Ve ever had two at once, but i felt like it was pretty appropriate. Both these guys were rocking and and have always been huge in the drone community. One of them is tony tropic uh, who i hung out with at spin down in colorado, had a great time hanging out with him bowling and flying and doing fpv and uh flying in the the um windy day that we had, and so tony uh tropic. A dire il vero, tropic you can see, i've got your if you're there i've got your sticker right. There um you made it onto the onto the laptop and then the other one was mike b aka. The drone ranger mike's been part of the community for a long time and mike actually just uh chipped in a 20 super chat, as did bill from metro drones, who is a former uh member or former subscriber of the month so congrats to um again to tony And mike b, i know mike b received a mavic mini and tony received a um uh ready to fly kit from um from uh uh, emacs, ..., tiny hawk and by the way i do owe a tiny hawk to one more person who just contacted me: uh It'S bob who's, Credo, was in the chat earlier so i've got almost every single package sent out.

I know one of them made it over the ireland. I don't think geeksvan had got my package yet that i sent him because he said the post is slow or maybe it's gotten lost, but it had some cool stuff in it, so i'm hoping he gets that anyway. Tutto ciò detto, we have a brand new subscriber of the month this month for november, and i want to make that announcement right here. Um phillip's going to stop beeping so that i'm not distracted, because this is very important. Um sorry put your phone down millennial! Um but you could fly drone yeah. I know i know it's the walkera rodeo 110, which is a great little quad uh. I want speaking of fpv drones. I want to say that the november subscriber of the month all right, another drum roll, please you're, veramente buono. At those all right, it is somebody who has been to all the spin ups and he has been a huge, huge part of this drone community. He is one of the most enthusiastic and nice guys i've ever met, and he will help you out in any way shape or form and he's. One of the guys i know who really is into both fpv and camera drones pretty equally like he's, he's, he's enthusiastic about both them. If you ever get around this guy, you will feel his enthusiasm. His name is chris, but he goes by doc murdock. So i want to say thank you to doc murdock.

He is one of my favorite folks in this community and i think he's here in the chat too. So chris man. Grazie mille. I i i really don't have a list of my subscribers of the month from a couple of years ago and i there's people that i know that i think maybe have won before. But if, if so um you you, you deserve um, you deserve to win more than one time. Sai, Perché, because you are, you are uh just like one of my heroes in this community. So thanks to doc murdoch. If you guys don't know him, say hello to him right now, reach out to him right now, and if you have any questions about a drone, oh wait a minute. I think i think we might have uh been able to uh. Add somebody to the chat yay. I think i made it work hey ho. Let me see if i can get this going here, let's see, Ehi, Credo, it's working, Oh, can only hear me. Ho, like your choice of shirt. Nice shirt see see if we're tweaking today, buddy i'm envious of the beard, though well it's, ok, hey you're, rocking it man you're, making it look good yeah. I don't know what happened it. I had this on and i was in the green room waiting and i thought maybe it's something on my end and i just kept messing with stuff and then i realized that i think he has to give permission for my browser to connect because it i was Trying to do some look looking online to see what the problems common problems are, and one of them is bandwidth issues and i'm like this is a gigabit connection.

It should have plenty of bandwidth, yeah it's, not you it's him it is, it is me. Can everybody hear us all now, anche se, you should be able to hear all of us all right, so so you're only going to be able to see uh, i didn't set up a shot with all three of us, so we'll switch we'll switch around here but uh. Unless i do, let me see if i can do this guy here hold on hold on you guys talk for a minute. Let me let me get this sorted, Non c'è problema, so uh how's, butters butters, is actually very good. She'S always barking, so i don't know if i can bring her on without making her bark we'll see all right, let's see now now this this hero should be better um tater talk for me, Ehi. How are somebody going today yeah, so so i kind of contacted tater last minute um, so i actually intended to finish the show out with your version of the ready set drone song, and then i thought, oh uomo, it would be pretty cool if i just brought Tater on to the show, so so here he is um well, thank you yeah and i like your drl hat that's, that's, impressionante, yeah and i'm rocking the uh flight crew, merchandise. Everybody go sign up to the flight crew, so you can get some awesome. Merch yep yep. No. I appreciate that tater's been taters og in the in the flight, crew and and uh tater.

I know you have a you: have a tiny whoop right um. How is your? How is your fpv flying going? Bene, it was going really good uh when i was able to fly the one i have is the indoor flyer and i try to fly it outside, but if you get more than three or four miles an hour, wind is just not enough power, so you got To drop it before you end up having to go across the street, to get it so i'm, hoping to get something with a little bit more power, so i can fly in the yard is yours. The easy pilot is that the one yeah yeah yeah that's right did, you did. Did you win? quella, Per me, was that the one yeah okay that's, my subscriber of the month, that's what i thought the easy pilot really is a good way to get started. I mean it's a good it's, a good starter, but you're right, any wind at all and it won't go yeah. My dogged inside i i love butter she's, so cute she is. She should do autographs, but i got a french bulldog that will eat any drone. It doesn't matter what it is as soon as he hears it. It freaks him out and he just he's on it could never fly it in the house. Purtroppo, until he passes away so well, you know he he he is uh. It probably is like one of the most exciting parts of his day when, when that thing comes buzzing over his head right, oh yeah definitely kill the drone.

How does voters react? ..., philip well that's, why i had to keep her away from me, because whenever i was turning on the fpv drone and stuff, she would go crazy, Sì, but she's been. She was asleep whenever i grabbed her, so she's a little bit cranky with me and and she's just a puppy she's like what three now two and a half she's a little bit more than two. Credo, ok, i don't keep track of that. My wife does yeah yeah well, she's, definitely a cute one. Ho avuto un. I had a corgi growing up like a cortege mutt, but he was one of the smartest dogs i ever had. I love that i'm uh. My next dog is gon na either be a corgi or a beagle that that's exactly what i was gon na say i've always wanted a beagle, although i heard that they howl like they will howl a lot. Oh, i didn't know about that part. I used to have beagles when, when i was uh younger, my dad uh had was big into rabbit training dogs for rabbit honey, oh wow, and he had about 15 beagles and some of those dogs were just incredibly smart but they're just yeah 15 e uh. They used to do stuff like dip them down in a barrel full of old motor oil that's, how they, how they got the ticks and fleas off of my guests. I don't know that is that is country right there.

Amico mio, that is old, school yeah dip them in some oil. Grazie, motor oil man so and the bad thing is you never want to pet him after that you're, like oh get away from me, so our dog, our dog, we have a pit bull. She got sprayed by a skunk about two weeks ago on a thursday and then on friday, our hot water heater busted. So we had. We had no hot water heater over the weekend and a stinky stinky dog who got like 10 cold baths in the backyard and my wife was like determined to, but you can't scrub away, skunk man, it doesn't matter. You you scrub and scrub and pretty much her fur smelled, ok, but her. I think she got the skunk because her breath ugh it was awful it's it's rough man there's a video on my channel about when uh louie got hit with the full power of this skunk. Oh uomo, he was foaming at the mouth and flopping around yeah.