Che cosa è tutti così bello vedere tutti là fuori. Vedo un sacco di gente nella chat di stasera. I see chris hope i see ray kelly. I see janna jano otto, i don't know if i've ever met jono otto but nice to meet you. I see roosevelt fly natural it's so great to have you guys all here. It is first friday i can't believe it's already october, getting a weird echo in here. So i'm gon na take them off for a second, but it is already october and hey fly natural 9.99 super chat. Thank you so much for that, as well as a sticker man, è stato fantastico. I saw a lot of people in there talking about spin down. We had such a good time at spin down uh, especially the last night. Everybody got to do a little bowling, which was uh super interesting to see how many of these folks can actually bowl and roosevelt is one of them, and thank you to the four eyed canine uh tim i actually got to meet his dog banjo. Who is the canine part of that uh? That was such a good time hanging out with you guys and artco and uh chris hope. Was there an original donor was there anyway, all good stuff. I don't want to go on about spin spin down too much right now, because i've actually got uh folks, a whole segment planned for spin down discussion, but for now i just want to welcome everybody to first friday.

This is the first friday of the month. So for those of you that don't know i've gotten into the habit of doing a friday live stream every week, hey ben ben thornton. Thank you very much uh. I hope you can make it next year as well i'm. Getting like. I have a little uh monitor over here with the chat on it and everything. Every time i see a bright light. I know it's a super chat, so thank you to roosevelt to tim and to ben for the super chat so far anyway, um. What was i going on about? Oh so i have a really good agenda for the show tonight, including uh, two minutes of hope. We are going to actually give away this drone here, um, which is the bugs 20 e. I s, credo che, and it's a pretty good drone. If you haven't seen my review of it, i recommend it it's it's, a pretty in depth. Review of this guy comes with two um two batteries, which is really nice and some other extras that you can see. We'Re going to check in with philips and see how he's doing we're going to talk a little bit about spin up and spin down. As i said before, i've got several videos i want to play. I have some cool fpv that i've done and just a whole lot of stuff. Oh, and also we will announce the subscriber of the month, for i guess it would be for october, so that's always fun, because i've got some cool prizes for uh.

For the subscriber of the month soand i i do want to congratulatei think it's jay santiago, who is in the chat right nowhe was subscriber of the month for last month. So all of that said, we have a very busy program. Uh it wouldn't, be it wouldn't, be a program, anche se, if i didn't bring in the guy that uh kind of helps me make it all happen in the backgroundand that is my sidekick phillip, so let's see where philip, where are you? Oh, Ehi, it's, kelly, what's up uh. Is it your birthday? You know i don't even keep track of mine i'm not going to keep track of yours. We'Ve. Had this conversation before oh crap i'll be right there Music. Why is this rv park? So big Music, hey what's up, hang on i'm doing all right. Let me close the garage real quick. I don't want any bugs to come in. Oh you, don't hear me um. Riesci a sentirmi ora?? ok, i got ta close the garage, Real, quick yeah. I can hear you because i don't want any bug come in. It is in the garage too, that has ramped up into uh. No, i literally just got it like a week or two ago, yeah let's see if we can give you a better camera angle, check check, Verifica, check all right, so we're trying to try to make all this work.

Phillip you're! Still there all right! Ora. Now i can't hear you: how about now? Did you change something on urine? Oh bontà, audio phillip he's there uh talk for us no i'm, pretty sure all right. How about now check check check? Let me see if i can get philip back while we're playing a video. We actually have another guest who is a surprise guest in in waiting in the wings, and i know his audio was working earlier, so let's see if we bring him in. If that solves everything else, so let's let's give this a try all right, Ciao, Signore. They can't hear you or they can't hear phil. I hear phillip now you hear me now yeah. I couldn't hear him a second ago, but i hear him now. This looks so weird. I think i might have got it all fixed. Can everybody hear all of us? Can you guys hear me sean? Can you hear me, i hear you you're, Bene, ok, all right and phillip. Can you hear me? Sì, impressionante? ok, i i think uh, i think i resolved it. I think this was a wirecast thing. We actually threw sean and uh, threw sean in kind of last minute and so uh not that's an excuse i'm, just bad at wirecast, but good to have both you guys here tonight. We just came off of an amazing uh weekend last weekend at spin down, but before we talk about that, philip tell us a little bit about this.

Golf cart of yours, ..., so it's, un 2021 yamaha drive 2 and it's a beautiful orange color. I installed like pretty much every accessory, you can think of on it. I'Ve got pod lights, led lights in every direction and a huge led light bar in the front so i'm ready to go off. Roading it's got independent suspension on all four tires and it's, pretty much just amazing to drive around what's the oh, Sì, the what's, the most important part about it, though the ready set drone sticker. In realtà, if you see that plexiglas i installed, uh we've been participating in an rv sticker share with a bunch of people, and we pretty much put everyone's stickers onto that, including our logo. Allora, ok, and is that, is that a bulletproof glass uh. It should be because i'm so famousand you know people love to hate famous people, but no it's, not this. This is actually like uh, like those presidential limo kind of things it should be, but it's not yeah, Purtroppo, A proposito, just just wanted to say. Thank you to fly natural for another um. Oh another, uh super chat where he said we should use um sign language. Quindi, grazie. Thank you for clarifying financial. Sì, i should. I should definitely learn sign language. So where are you at right now so i'm? In realtà, in gatlinburg tennessee, it's kind of like a a tourist trap, town in in the great smoky mountains of tennessee, ok, but it's, a it's, very beautiful area.

I don't have any pictures and stuff to share with you this area just yet, but i will soon so uh you'll see get to see some of it, but well you did. You did send me a video, so i'm going to play that real, quick and hopefully that doesn't mess up the audio but what's going on here. Oh, così, that's actually at hanging rock um, so that's that's hanging rock state park and that's in north carolina so um. I had a it's, a very short video because i had to do a very sneaky sneaky takeoff and and uh landing i'm. Not to say it was illegal, but you know it's it's tricky in those legal areas, but that's hanging rock right there and i was able to get a nice beautiful shot of it from afar, being nice and safe and everything, and it was actually a really awesome Area, Credo, of a picture of my wife and i up there as well i'mnot sure if you got that in there. But you can see the view from the background. Oh well it's a really awesome view. It took a while to get up there and it was really hard because it was just a big climb, but it was really really awesome. What'S the altitude. Do you know what the feet above sea level is? I want to say it was like 4 000 but i'm. Not sure i'd have to look it up: Real, Rapido, Wow, ok, so let's just say: 4 000.

. So just having spent some time with uh sean in dylan, uh dylan who's sean who's moving his lips but nothing's coming out. Uh that's you're you're it you're at 9000 feet and then we drove up and and flew at almost 12 000 piedi. And i have to say that that it was cold up there i mean it was like 90 degrees in austin the day i got back and and up up in uh up in in colorado at 12 000 piedi. It was probably what in the 40s oh man, Era, it was cold. I was cold and i live here and that was so cold when we went to the top that i was like come on guys let's go back down well, so so um as far as getting an rv up on those kind of things, where's the highest point. You'Ve taken yours, philip uh, so you know that i have a 40 foot fifth wheel and like a 16 foot truck or something crazy, Così, i don't take it very many crazy places, um so i'm, not sure what the actual above sea level altitude i've taken. It in terms of um, like actual high it's, what we've got i mean this we're pretty high right now. Sì 400 is not not nothing to slouch at for sure yeah. We didn't take the rv up there, though there's no way, Oh, okay, so so that uh hanging rock was at 4 000 piedi.

But where you are right now is less than that: ok, gotcha, gotcha, Sì, bene, it's, Probabilmente 25. it's, also a testament to uh there's. A guy named christian who he and his wife live in houston and their first rv trip was coming. Excuse me to spin down it's, dr pepper it'll. Do it to you? They came to spin down in their rv and drove through the pass like over the pass and through the tunnels, and i mean you talked to him about that right, sean. I did yeah. I thought that was really cool. They came up. I was just. I was just so flattered that everybody i mean it was just such a cool thing. It really was. It really was and i'm going to play a few pictures here, so we can uh. We can take a look at a couple of these uh photos that i have here. These were taken at various times. One of my favorite pictures here actually was roosevelt's phantom and then it this one uh geeksvana said it looked like we were all taking a leak. risata, it kind of does so so that water and that's uh that's sean's shop there that water in that and that river sean was really really blue. Can you share with everybody why it's so blue yeah, so there's, the pennsylvania mine, which is up up river from there, that is sort of still has a little leak and it's got some minerals that are coming off and coating everything white, so it sort of gives The impression of blue because it's almost like how a pool works with uh uh, what is it called? The chlorine yeah? Bene, not just the chlorine, but the the pull, not the pool deck but whatever the they coat.

The inside of a pool with that's white, which makes the water look so blue, so it's sort of a similar kind of thing, but it's it supposedly makes the water sort of poisonous, which is why you don't see any fish in it or you shouldn't drink it Right right and it and it's funny, because ironically it does look really really clean, i mean it looks you look at it. It'S, like wow that's, the bluest water i've ever seen, and it turns out, turns out not so much like, not something you want to drink, but yeah sean. You were an amazing host, i have to say i had a few moments that i just i just super super loved but before i say mine, what were some of your favorite things about spin up or spin down this year? I i got ta say bowling was so much fun like just everybody that was able to stay for the bowling. Thank you so much and, and i think everyone there enjoyed themselves, none of us were great, but i think that made it even better. Sai. Bene, you know a couple: a couple of people surprised me like roosevelt. He he actually uh. You know had his own bowling ball back in arkansas. He didn't bring it with him, but but he bowled a couple of good games and then uh irvin, fuller from from houston. He had this spin. I was calling him swerving irvin because he would put this spin on the ball like throw it way over to the side of the lane.

That would come back and if it missed it missed spectacularly, but if it hit it went right through the middle and knocked them all down. It was awesome yeah at the end of the bowling. In realtà, he and i we had 12 minutes left on that lane and we just practiced that one over after another the next day, i could barely lift my arm from all the well, and the thing is too, when i've done that move with the bowling ball. I'Ve always done it with a uh i've, always done it with a um uh like eight pound bowling ball, not like a 15 pound bowling ball. You know what i mean you guys were using big big ones. So you only put the two fingers in and i sort of did you just sort of palm the rest yeah but that's that's? Why your arm was sore because you're you're you're, Sai 15 pounds so so, philip, i imagine you're a good bowler you! You look like someone who could bowl well. Is that true, i kid you you not. I took a bowling class for a semester in college nice that is legitimate. What where, where was bowling? Where was the class? What what college was that that was at indiana state university, the uh, the bowling place was basically right across the street and i got to go twice a week every week for an entire quarter. Fondamentalmente, so you just fold you both you bowled for your class.

Sì, i paid for it too. I mean i'm like tuition, ma uh. It was cool totally worth it. It wasn't free bowling technically, because someone had to pay for it, yeah i'm, paying for it with my student loans, but um it was it was. It was for credit, so it worked out. It was really fun. Bene, i will say i will say to uh sean that bowling was one of my favorite things um. Certainly the fpv flying flying out there uh up on the pass, was awesome and then flying down in the um. You know down in that little river that that we were talking about that was awesome. You were loving that at the river i just remember, you smiling ear to ear as you had those head, the goggles on you were just so happy in the zen moment. It was so awesome to watch dude, it's it's, very rare, that you knowand i think this is true for drone people across the across the boardis most of us. Don'T have friends that are as into it as we are. You know whether it's a skydio or a mavic or fpv, or all of the above but being surrounded by a group of people that get such a great you know charge out of doing that and and and like they get a charge out of watching other people. Do it like i loved watching doc, uh doc fly, i loved watching roosevelt fly in that heavy wind man, and you got to tell because i haven't really talked to philip about this, but sean tell him about the wind that crazy wind came in well.

Innanzitutto, let me say about rosie: he was flying it like. He stole that thing that guy he just goes for it and it was awesome. Rosie just was was awesome all week. Everybody was awesome all weekend, but as far as the winds go uh, they started out. They weren't so bad in the morning and then come i'd say: 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock. There was this this out over the lake. You could see this this disturbance in the water. Just this one circle in the water and it looked like there was something under it just making this turbulence, and you could just see it moving across and it hit us and then everything blew across in our pavilion and and then it just all day long had These 45 mile to 50 mile per hour gust that would come out oh yeah and at some point at some point there was a there was a sailboat out in the water, and people were like looking out there going. Is that thing going to tip? Is that thing going to tip and it literally tipped all the way over? They got it back up, but i imagine that water's cold that's like all snow melt right, oh it's, it's, very cold yeah, you ever swim in. No, it would have been late if anybody had their drone out to film that, but i don't i don't, think i would have tried to be out in that wind if it was knocking the sailboat over like that yeah yeah it's it's, like it's, like the thing That'S causing the really cool thing happening is, is also uh.

Gon na probably smash your drone or i don't know. There were a couple times when those things like people were taking off mavics, and i noticed like as soon as you got above, the pavilion the the wind got worse, because i think the pavilion was maybe helping shelter a little bit and they would just go up There and then they'd have to kind of nose them in like this to even hold it in place. It was it was. We should have tried to fly the mavic mini at that point. That would have been good, Ciao, Ciao, Mavic, mini well, so philip, which which uh drone did you use to get that shot of hanging rock? That was the mavic 2 pro that's my go to nowadays. Do you have you gotten rid of all your others? I mean since you're living in an rv. Are you kind of like down to bare bones so the phantom 4 pro i sold to my brother for a really cheap price and um? I still have a fpv drone that i don't really use too much and i have the uh. What is it the tello, but i don't use that very much either. I have not. I have not flown my tello as a matter of fact, i am intending to send my telo to someone across the pond as a thank you um, a big shout out. I don't think i haven't seen geeks fauna in the chat chat here tonight, but uh geeksvana great great guy sean.

If you haven't seen his channel i'm. His name is sean as well go check out geeksfauna. He did the pre show for spin up and and sean you were here for spin up. Um i've heard great um comments from a lot of people, but you know we've talked about a little bit. What did you think of the format of doing it as a live stream versus versus? I like it yeah i enjoyed it like? It was really cool. Um i'm super into the whole technical side of all this stuff like, even though my my audio is so screwed up right now. Everyone in the chat says my audio comes in prior to my video, so i was thinking i could just wear this and now now that problem is solved. You won't know what i'm talking about. Does it look like it? Doesn'T look out of sync at all. No right now now it's fixed every dock. Did this make it work better? Let me know i'll take it off if it doesn't help um but yeah. I loved i loved seeing everything behind the scenes and that whole thing and that and the sort of the the the bonding everybody did, because we were all sort of really into that technical side of everything. I think it would be really cool. There was some way to to have some people there, because when we did that at the shopand we did the live thing, there was an audience that was neat that was cool.

That was actually one of my favorite moments too was was doing that live stream. I i and i want to just say real quick zeb, beat said something kind of funny that his telos in a tree outside for a year there's got to be nothing worse than having a drone stuck and being able to see it. But you can't get it down. You know it's, come sai, what's up there, but but no the the idea of having a live stream with uh an audience i think would be now that we've done a pretty decent, live stream by itself better than you know. I i don't do a great job with the technical side of this. I admit that, but we had guys that all they were doing was running the videos and running the sound, and i thought they did a pretty darn good job for us. So we didn't have to worry about it. We could just be on camera talent and not be down here messing with stuff, but to have that with say an audience of 100 200 people or even even 50 people would be such a rush. I think that would be so much fun yeah, because you could even have people like ask questions. You could have a couple of them come up on stage at some point and be part of the show. It can be very interactive and then you still have everybody that lives overseas or in different states that can't afford to come.

I mean it, it opens up yeah, everyone says they're muffled now all right. Bene, i i think, as long as they can hear you um so so um, i know sean you've recently uh gotten into flying fpv how's it going with the tiny hawk. You said you said it was having a little bit of breakup but you're getting better at it. How'S, your friend, i tried it in the backyard and for some reason in the backyard i don't know if i'm just getting some wi fi interference or what, but i was breaking up 20 feet away um. So i brought it back up to my studio and i went in between clients. I was breaking out and just sort of tried to do circles in the main lobbyi'm. Not trying to do like you guys did when you went up and over the uh, the ledge there. The little cloud of dust would come up every time. If i could get that good i'll just go dust all those areas i can't reach well well, philip. Allora, philip you i i know um, you know when we've been together, i've flown a little bit of fpv, especially when you've been filming, but you haven't done that much right. Have you had much experience with it? No, i think i've only flown your fpv4. I have an fpv capable drone, but i don't have goggles right now and i've. Not i honestly don't fly it enough without goggles to to warrant me going and getting the goggles either but yeah i haven't.

The only fpv i've done is probably like two minutes where it's uh on on one of my little guys, one of my little loops yeah, so so here's the thing and and sean's experienced this. Now he flew my dji digital system with the get bar c rocket. Um, which is a really great little beginner, i mean it's, just a it's it's small it's got guards it's very responsive and it works with the digital system they're, making these smaller and smaller, with the digital system and and then he went to analog now, he's flying A tiny hawk s with the um uh commander um, who makes those i'm trying to think of the goggles anyway omway the omway commander goggles, which is a decent set of goggles, but all of that said, going back to you, ottenuto ta, admit sean going back to That analog signal from the digital was kind of a step backwards right, Oh 100, because the reason i never got into fpv like seven years ago, or any of that was because i hated the breakup and the goggles so jumping to yours. I was like okay on the dji stuff, and i was like i like this. I can get into this and and it clicked pretty quick and now i feel like i feel, like i'm, sucking at it again already. I don't know if i just need to bite the boulder. The the tiny hawk is harder to fly honestly flying a small, tiny whoop indoors is actually harder than flying outdoors, because you know just you can run there's so much to run into.

But what i was going to say to you, phillip, is at some point. I i hope to get you in the dji goggles and give you a chance to fly. Um fly at outdoor, FPV quad, because it i mean it's, just so much fun, just especially up there in the mountains, where we're doing it with sean. But i found even for me if i can go into my backyard and fly one of those little digital ones, Real, slow and just go under the trampoline and around the garden and through the patio there's all these little gaps. I try to hit you know and it's, just like good practice for it. It'S it's amazing, i'm kind of curious because i'm thinking back to when tv went digital, i you would, you would have instead with analog at least you could kind of make out the stuff in between it breaking up the signal, but with with digital, it would just Come in and out in and out, so i think it'd actually be worse for it to be digital right. Or do you not see that breakup as much? I think i think when you lose signal in digital um, when you lose signal it is uh. It is like gone like it, but what the way that dji does it with their system? Is they actually when it starts to lose signal? They make the sides of the image worse and they leave the center pretty crisp.

So the center doesn't pixelate, but the sides will so you can still see where you're going um and then it'll get worse and worse. So you know it's getting bad, and so you want to um come back at that point. You'Ve, probably gone out of range or your antenna is not set right or something, but no i mean with the digital system. I i was flying and here, as a matter of fact, i wanted to show you guys. Let me go ahead and roll a little bit of video that we can. We can uh talk to here uh. Where is it gosh? I i have everything kind of on the on the wrong layers right now, all right i'm gon na seeif i can bring this up here and roll it um well and see if they'll talk. So this was up at um. Is this loveland pass? Sì, it uh that's loveland pass lake. So if we had gone up just a little bit more, we would have been at the 12 000 piedi, long pass and there's a little bit of music on this. So i don't know if the music's too loud um. I could i could mute it if i had to but um yeah it was. It was awesome because this was at 12 000 piedi. This was flying a tiny little um, a tiny little uh toothpick uh quad from that's called the it's, actually called the phantom hd and then going out over like when i went out over that cliff.

I it kind of made my stomach drop for a second. That is awesome. Looking i haven't gotten to seen all this footage, yet yeah yeah. So this was this was uh. This was that morning when it was really cold. Tony was with me and uh tony tropic, che, A proposito, i haven't seen him in the chat but tony if you're out there. I hope you're feeling better, because this flight made him actually ill. But it made him made him kind of queasy and you can see why right i'm, not the smoothest pilot for sure um, but yeah this one. This was this was up at 12, 000 feet and and philip um. Fondamentalmente, you see what we're seeing here in the camera. This was actually being recorded in my goggles, so this was. This was exactly what i was seeing. So you can see it's it's, ..., it's, clear enough that you know you don't really and i didn't go very far. Plus there wasn't much interference up there right, there's, not a lot of antennas or radio signals or anything yeah that's, Non male. By the way i wouldn't consider anything you do smooth um well, yeah see i i over i over rotated that loop, so so in a second here, it's gon na it's gon na come back in and i think we're gon na see the second location where we Flew um and it was definitely it was definitely uh, more less windy and less cold, ma um.

You know every time i went over that water too. I kind of imagined my drone uh just dropping in for some reason. You know losing power and dropping the battery nice thing about that. Water kelly is it's crystal clear, it's, just really cold, so and it's, not very deep, so we could have got it back it just we would have had to like hurry before you like you got uh fr, uh hypothermia, Sì, sì, i would have gone in. I would have gone in for it, Penso che uh. I say that now as i'm back in texas. Quindi questo è, you might have gotten that right at least 10 feet or so, and you might have changed your mind as you got in 10 20 feet uh. This is that river that sean was talking about. You can see how blue it is. I mean it's, just this really beautiful kind of powder, blue color and i guess that's from chemicals but uh. What is this near? One of the ski areasyeah you're, actually really close to keystone you're in between keystone and arapahoe basin, ok, ok, so this is actuallyand this is where you do a lot of your nature. Filming right, yeah i'll go out there it's a it's, a real, easy place to get to it's close um. I don't have to like hike way over a mountain or anything that's. The cool thing about here is there's, so many spots right by a road that you can hike just a few feet in and be like, like you're, in the middle of nowhere.

Even though you're not uh, i just saw geeks fauna popped in hello, geeksvani good to see you sean. We were just talking about you a few minutes ago, um sì, so this this is that little. This is that little river. The cool thing about this clip there's a there's, something at the end i'm gon na. Let it play all the way through, but sean. This is also where you lost your gopro hero. Eight right, yep i've been able to find it. The gopro h is down there. A little bit so and also by the way guys if you haven't seen it sean, released a uh vlog using the hero9, E così, if you're curious, how the footage on the hero, 9 sguardi, you can go check out cause he vlogged the entire spin down using The hero 9 didn't you yep yep, i did uhdid well there's some some drone shots mixed in, but yeah it's a it's all done with the hero 9, and it did a good job. I think it did pretty good overall. What did what did you shoot? 4K. 30. No, i did 1080 ... 30 for most of it yeah pretty much all of it, and you were pretty happy with how it turned out yeah. Il 1080 was pretty crisp. I didn't have any issues with it. Um, the winds were really high, but you can still hear me through the winds, which was impressive, but you know i bet if you put one of those wind socks on it or sponges, it would have killed.

That completely. Do you think, do you think that gopros uh cur former their their old um system, for what am i trying to say the old uh mic adapter would work if you wanted to put a mic on it? Oh there there was sean and doc it's the same set yeah. We just came back i'm looking for my gopro yeah yeah uh, so it's the same setup, Va bene. So here comes the shot. I wanted to show you guys so doc doc comes around and puts out his hat and shouts out for me to land in it. Oh so there's mike there's there's, mike from dallas there's rose and roosevelt uh, throwing his arms up, ed eccoci qua. This is coming into the hat, so it was either hit him in the face or land in his hat let's see what happened right in the hat baby, nice yeah, i was. I was in a pretty happy place with that flight. A proposito, i think that the gopro 9 has the same media, mod mic or mic mod that you can do with the hero8 and that's actually pretty cool. I have that first here right, it won't fit on the nine it won't fit on the nine. Now the nine is bigger, it's got a bigger diameter so that that case that goes around with a little shotgun mic won't fit on it. So you have to buy a whole new one. It sort of sucks.

Oh that sucks well is it usbc is. Is the mic adapter a usbc mic adapter? Sì, it's still doing the same. If you just do the adapter with one of those housings or if you had a house in that fit or some way to put a mic on it, it would still work. I think um, come sapete, i captured as much as i could, for you know that that video is mostly spin up. I just i my theory. My thought was kelly. If i make it about the gopro 9, then we're going to get a lot of people that click it to watch the gopro 9 footage and they'll see us all at spin up yeah yeah. No, that was me next year. They'Ll want to come to spin down and spin up and all that kind of stuff and we'll get new people yeah. Assolutamente! No, i think i think that's how you get new people in is using something that is uh, not just the not just the uh. The event but something people are searching for and by the way art code, drone solutions kelly for the hat trick. Where is my? Where is my i don't know if i can do one of these, let me see like a waka wakka wakka, sound yeah, i don't. I don't know if that's coming out or not uh anyway, ..., so the other thing i wanted to show you guys from up there on the mountain we had a uh.

We had a pretty cool thing with uh dobo. Remember this! Sì, i do so he does. This hand catch all the time right, but it was so windy up there. I was really kind of uh. I was really kind of nervous that he was gon na chop his finger but uh. He got it man, one more time this time here, Sì, sì, non è affatto male, um and then uh also uh let's see there was one other thing: oh this has to do with uh. This has to do with dobo um sean. Can you tell us real quickly in you know like five five minutes or so what was the story of dobo in austin when, when you were looking for ken herron's drone in the in the swamp, Sì, sì, so ken lost his drone for those who haven't seen These videos, yet i actually put together a really funny addition that i did with uh added sound effects with actual real alligator noises and scary music. During the night sean went out and recorded real alligators. He had a he had a microphone and was like because there's a lot of those up here in colorado right right, although it's awesome, it does have alligators. I i heard a lot of people arguing apparently, but so so what happened so uh ken's out there and he uh he's, just he's, not such a nature. Guy he's not real friendly to any kind of critter, and he is from florida.

He is from florida. So give him that this is dono not heron by the way, Sì, and so he was out there and he's screaming like a girl every now and then every noise we happen to have the camera recording and then he realized, we're, recording and his face when he Saw that we were recording was it was priceless, absolutely priceless, so so speaking of uh, uh doc murdock, who uh was at spin up at spin down and spin up actually, but he has been to spin up a few times. He actually got a little surprise for ken dono, so check this out, so that that alligator was called a big al, and i want to say that um sunwise sunrise water media, who is uh chris, who lives here in texas. He actually made he's a graphic designer he's he's, the guy uh sean, who did the the ready set drone song that you love so much the one that sounds like they might be giants. He made a um uh. What are they called emoji for it? So can someone throw up the uh, the big al emoji it's, a brand new emoji? If you are a if you're, a um flight crew member, you have access to these emojis um. You also get the little thing next to you, but there it is there's big al, Oh sì, Sì, you see he's got a little texas flag on his hat and uh yeah, so that's that's, big out that's that's, special just for um just for dono.

So man i'll tell you what, Se si desidera, if you want to have make your party fun, invite ken donoh, but if you invite ken and sean uh oz you're, they they bicker like a married couple like an old married couple. You guys you guys! Are you guys are like you know these people from the 1940s and oh sean? What are you doing quit poking me? Ah, i don't get it. I don't cut it out, cut it out. Domo you're such a no it's it's, it's fun. Oh everybody's, throwing up everybody's, throwing a big owl there in the chat, so nice nicely done well so sean as far as next year goes. I definitely want to chat with you. I want to chat with everybody. It would be awesome to do this in more than one location. You know if it was something where we could maybe have it dependent again on what's going on in the world right. It could be totally different next year or could be similar to how it is now we were limited to 50 people and we sold out, which was incredible but um, but you know i think that ultimately it would be great if, if we knew we could get Enough people to come to something in texas or colorado or west coast or east coast. You know i mean i would i would definitely go to more than one yeah. It was a blast yeah, così um.

Bene, i wanted to show one other quick video. I know i know you guys. Don'T have well uh. Philip. Has the agenda? Sorry sean! I didn't, send you one. This was something that you guys know. Jenna cook right. You both met her um lives in new york, she's been to spin up she's she's, one of our few uh regular female uh folks in the chat and flying drones. In ogni caso, she made this little video for spin up which i unfortunately didn't get until like a couple of days before so i never played it. So i thought i'd play it here tonight, so jenna. This is for you check it out. This is actually pretty funny. Freddy said drone, we must be trying for spin up 2020.. Sei pronto, i hope so let's? Vai? You see my my frisbees are almost as bad as packing, peanuts, they're ending up in the ocean and water bottles and they're they're, killing, dolphins and sharks. A proposito, did you guys tell that they're they're talking about making uh uh coronavirus, uh um vaccine with sharks? No, i hadn't. I didn't hear that, by the way that that's why i was taking my my frisbee, i lost it so that that's, probably mine, Oh, did you lose it in the ocean, yeah uh huh did you, did you throw it off the side of the deck of the Boat or something while you're on a cruise yeah, i brought it with me because i wanted to show it off to some people, and i said you know what this this race, that drone frisbee is so cool.

It works like a boomerang. I threw it out and i just didn't come back so actually a ready set drone boom. Oh you know it would be cool if you could get somebody who's a really good pilotand i i know a few um i'll bet. I'Ll bet uh i'll bet little eddie could do it. Uh is to have a fpv drone, follow a boomerang. How cool would that be it'd be hard, but that'd be interesting. You'D have to dodge on the way back and somehow do a quick turnaround to get it back in view. You'D have you'd have a lot. You had to make happen, but it you know be a cool shot. C'è un. There is rhoda riot. Did one with uh van over who is the um current champion at drl? He chased a uh did a bow and arrow. He like followed the arrow all the way to the target, which was pretty cool yeah. I think these guys, who follow the race cars like the crazy fast cars, could easily do a boomerang yeah yeah, i mean it's, not it's it's going fast, but not, and if you kind of watched it a few times and kind of knew the path it was Taking um so speaking of um, two two things sean. I know you and i had talked about this because you you do a little bit of gaming right. You have a gaming computer, Oh sì! Bene, not a computer, but xbox i've got every console pretty much made.

So the dr, the drl sim, is now available on xbox one and i would love to get um. I would love to get a few folks together and do um. You know some racing in the game just just for just to see how it works. Um. We are setting up a race for the winners we had. We had one guy who won clearly that's, jace andand i have to admit he's a friend of mine, but he did win. The the contest was send the picture of yourself and he didn't know what it was going to be. He did it first. Then there were two other folks uh. I i think uh one of them might be else meg else, megh head. You know who i'm talking about the guy who's his name in the chat, what's, Il tuo nome, uh and, and then uh andy is the other guy's name. I need to look but anyway, oh no mike they all um i'm gon na try and get two of those sessions going. One with nerc and one with jet jet is jedis committed um via drl and nerk said he would do it, but i think it'd be really fun if we could get one or two sessions going with professional pilots um so yeah, but but the main thing Would be to get on and and practice a little bit ahead of time, because i don't want to embarrass myself too poorly i was thinking of buying.

I i found it on the xbox one uh yesterday. I think it was um, but i haven't bought it yet. So um hold on hold on i i might be able to get a couple of coupon codes, and maybe i could give some away next time so um yeah. So so you just use the xbox controller with that you can't use a actual controller correct if you're. If you're flying it on the xbox, i think you can only use the xbox controller, but you know if you want to fly with a regular controller, you can do it on a pc or a mac and plug in uh, uh taranis, or an fr sky free Sky yeah that's just interesting, i guess i i i it wouldn't really be good practice. I i don't think dr flying. It was a xbox controller, but i mean i don't know. I think it would be because, Perché, honestly i have um, i have the x lite controller for the tiny whoops i use it and i use it for several of bigger uh analog, fpv drones and i don't know i feel like it translates um, especially with the Way, the xbox controller has actual joysticks that you can move. I mean they're i'm, a thumber too i'm, not a pincher. So i think that makes a difference for me. I think it i think thumbers are going to have an advantage on video games. Honestly yeah i'm right there with you all about the thumbs up.

Are you uh? Are you a thumber, ..., phillip or a pincher? I yeah i i try to pinch but i'm, not i'm, not good with it. So i just thumb it. You act like that's a bad thing like that's, some sort of a some sort of a well kelly made it a bad or kim made it a bad thing. Mi dispiace, not kelly ken made it a bad thing. So he's, like yeah all you all you summers out. There are just terrible people confused he's, getting confused in his old age. He doesn't know better it's, ok, he he doesn't he doesn't. Bene. So so i did also get a video that features some fpv um and sean i wasn't able to get to the one you sent me. I wish i was because that was such a cool shot um, but the one you were talking about with donut uh kendo flying down that um hill. But i do have a video featuring fpv that was shot by chris hope when he went out and flew fpv with those guys uh on saturday. So let's take a look at that real quick. This is a little segment. We call two minutes of hope because it's about two minutes, long and it's all about chris hope who is a rock starand he made this video i'm here with sully ken dono harley, my brother brad, austin and doc murdock, the kendo cliff face challenge. We are going to do a cliff face.

This is what they're, after right here, the wind ain't blowing too hard just 20 20 to 30s off. So this ought to be interesting. Y'All hang loose let's, see what happens this isn't, actually a good one, because my goggles hold that i've been on the same battery and slowly sure. Bene, when you power off, look at your goggles and see if they're good, nothing to it. Oh mio Dio. I hope y'all can see it there. We come down all right doc. Murray'S turn i'll, follow you as long as i can see it. Uomo, Oh sì, here we go oh cool. This is cooking. Oh it's, cooking baby got that tree yeah. Do it again? Grazie. Chris hope always so awesome to see your videos, uh and and he's been awesome about putting one together every month, since we started doing this two minutes of hope. So i i really appreciate it uh. I know he had a good time. He had a great time bowling by the way you had reminded me sean in the chat a minute ago about me singing a little song to you and roosevelt for a minute. Ho dimenticato. I had totally forgotten about that, ma uh, roosevelt and sean both have kind of shiny heads and putting it nicely yeah yeah anyway, uh ebony and ivory is a song if you haven't ever heard it you're, probably too young, but it's uh, paul mccartney and michael jackson. Great song uh, so i think it's about nine minutes.

In on that video recap, i did it's pretty yummy. Sì, se, if uh, if you and by the way, if you like chris hope's video, go to chris hope's channel and check it out, because he is definitely uh he's getting into doing some fpv stuff, that's been awesome, così uh, Ciao ragazzi. I think i should give away this thing. What do you think let's do it so this right here is the um bugs 20 eis, any guess what eis stands for electronic image: stimulation, Sì, ok, Va bene! I'M! Glad that i'm glad i didn't make that i didn't make that to trivia question, because that would have been too easy. This thing does not have a gimbal; it has these little. It has these little things here that you know kind of keep it from vibrating kind of jello, but this camera is not bad for 4k um. It has electronic image. Stabilization decently brushless motors comes with two batteries, which is always i always appreciate when they send two batteries and honestly, the only time it's ever been flown is i've flown. I think four batteries on it for the review um. Ho, like it it's it's a decent little drone um, you know do i need to keep it no, so i'm going to give it away. So i need you guys help in the chat to figure out um who gets the answer first, so everyone get ready. I'M, going to ask a question and oh by the way zeb meat says sharks.

Sharks livers contain uh some sort of chemical that chemical that boosts immune response when added to vaccines. ok. Bene, there you go poor sharks, um, but uh yeah we'll stay off that topic for the moment. Um so go out and get some shark fin soup. I guess so. The question here is and and philip you should have the answer and uh and sean. I will um, i will text you the answer, while people are looking it up, but is in my review of this video, how far away and how high did it get before it lost signal or when it first lost signal. So if someone can tell me how far away and how high it was, when it first lost signal, you will win this thing and sean i'm going to text that to you right now. So you can help me keep an eye out. Make sure can i have. Can they have it on the queen's measurement, or do i have to go has to be metric um because that's, what that's, what uh that's, what it was on the screen, that's how it was done on the screen? So anyone tell me how high and how and this is when it first lo the very first time it lost um uh, Va bene, i'm texting this to you and you and ed, because that's the first text string. I could find he's gon na go little eddie's gon na go what is kelly doing all right, so anyone tell me 1200 200.

No, this is this. Is meters uh uh drone shots, so that would be really really high in meters. That would be like 3 600 feet or something in the air. So i actually think i have a um 890. Remember guys, it's meters, so it's going to be probably lower numbers close on one of them. Someone get close, nope all right, phillips, keeping an eye out. It'S it's in that video, what's, davvero cool, is to go. Look at my analytics after one of these things and i'll see the spike on the video you know like just skip it around yeah yeah it's, like wow people, really didn't like this video. They skipped all the way through it, but all right well, Allora, while you guys are looking for it and you guys keep your eye on the thing for me uh, i am gon na also say that this does have lights on the bottom, like little led lights, That you can turn on and off, and it does also have the ability to tilt the camera remotely and the footage on it is really not bad it's, not super stable. The electronic gimbal stabilization is not anything to write home about, but the actual camera quality. If it is like not a windy day is, is really not too bad, so i i like i said i like it bugs makes good stuff uh jay, i think it's jjrc makes bugs stuff and all of them that i've had have been pretty solid.

As far as as far as drones, go yeah lots of guesses going on there kelly what's that when i look at when i, when i look at uh cameras to buy, you know not bad is what i look for. You know not good, just not bad it's. It'S it's cheap though it's cheap, it's, it's, uh it's. You know it's it's kind of the thing that you might do if you were wanting a second drone to let your buddy fly right, that's, yeah that's. In realtà, why i let shawn drive, fly that rocket, because i've actually crashed that rocket a lot and it's pretty pretty beat up. So it was like all right. This is my beat up one sean. You can fly it. If you fly a new one, you'd feel a difference actually because the props on that thing were kind of kind of dented, really yeah. It felt smooth, though right yeah, che ci credie o no. I actually let people fly my mavic 2 pro as long as it's. In a safe area like i don't really care if anyone crashes it because it's it's really hard to crash right, but yeah it's, whether or not the area is safe, is what i use to determine. If someone can fly it hey. I see kai in there lone star uav in the house, good to see you kai. We missed you at spin up um. He he our spin down, he was. He was uh going to come, but uh couldn't at the last minute.

We missed a lot of people. Actually steve carpenter wasn't able to make it kai wasn't able to make it um mel wasn't able to make it um man. Maybe this question was too hard: uh it's it's in the video i actually it's. Funny because i was looking for a good questionand i happen to pop right to the point where this came up so that's, where uh i'll give you guys a hint. It was right when i first started flying the thing uh. No, No, it wasn't right when i started first it's right after i fly it once and then i bring it back down. Um, so uh doc, murdock says the everyday dad says it just has to be good enough. I guess you know the other thing about the camera. Onestamente, philip is uh. The camera that you have with you is the best one right, yep that's, true that's that's, why the mavic mini is so powerful right because it's so tiny, it is tiny and always uh. All right all right, i guess i guess i'm gon na um move on well, while uh philip.