Where is it in langford? What of all places? That'S right in bc, that's right wow and your name is afro the owner i'm, the owner and operator of this little piece of heaven. Sì, i used to break stuff let's go. Capisco. You'Ve got a whole bunch of awesome toys here, there's something unusual about this place that i don't often see. In my travels. Look at this beautiful drift course all the way around who remembers my learning how to drift series back in the day, unbelievable how far uh the drift hobby has come afro. I have to ask you, Signore: is this a big part of the hobby where you're from yes yeah gigantic? Definitely it's been part of my life for at least 30 years now between rc drift cars and obviously real drift cars, but i've taken the experience from real to put it into a small car on what is your background? If you don't mind my background, is i used to be a crew chief for a real drift car team within formula drift and i've worked in japan on d1 grand prix, unbelievable yeah wow? I was the head judge as well for the world drift series, which is in china wow. I i have to ask you how the how did you go from being over in asia and doing that kind of thing to coming over to the british columbia island i'll. Tell you i'll, try and make the story as short as possible.

Things became a little scary for myself and my family in africa, and i had the opportunity to come to the us to work within a drift team and while that was all going on, we applied for canadian citizenship and funny enough. We had all the right qualifications to become canadian citizens, quindi sì, Grazie a Dio. This drove you to open a hobby store that was i've, always been into models and one tenth scale, cars and stuff i used to race. I used to try and drift them back. Then we didn't have anything you know for them uh. So the only thing i could think is to keep on having fun with what i know, and i wanted to hang out with people in an area where it was safe. Yeah without you know, any problems and stuff like that. I had a track in vancouver at first, but saw the island was more my style and my laid back of things right, yeah and then you know i closed that place down because they demolished the building and i moved to the island and then eventually found this Area for myself and my friends and i might as well make a little bit of money to keep the doors open, yeah that's. Why we're doing this video right now have we ever met before? I wish well i'm here now and i one of the things i noticed afro was your name on the wall over there.

Did you actually paint that or is it a sticker or what that's been painted? You did it. My wife actually did that. Why shout out to afro's wife, because that looks spot on? Grazie, baby yeah yeah, i got ta tell you my wife's family is actually south african as well. Oh, Sì, oh yes! Straight through! So i know the stories well and you know i've got to say i got ta see you do some drifting today. Is that even possible hell, Sì, ok, he finally uh gets a chance here. Of course he has had no practice today since i've walked in you. Can go anywhere on the track. You want whatever works for you, whichever works yeah man? Oh, i know man whoa, bello, coarse modification, so people have been asking me to get into drift cars again, Naturalmente,, where i live. There isn't really a much of a drift scene whatsoever, but this is definitely making me want to do that. What a great floor can you imagine that afro actually has half of his store half of the retail space dedicated uh just to having fun with some radio control models? This story is inspiring nice. I got ta ask cause. I know people are gon na. Ask right now: hey what model are you using? I am using a yokomo yd2 sx. Three purple edition is that the one on the wall back there? I see twos, Sì, yeah so that's, why they do e okay, which is the stock form it's, more intro chassis? So you know it's not a hyper modified, hyper specialized chassis yeah.

The price difference is huge uh, you know sure you can buy the latest and greatest, but if you don't know how to use it, yeah you're kind of in trouble right, that's that's the thing about drifting that i like so much it's like you can buy anything. You think you can, but if you don't know how to set it up and drive across yes, i have to ask an inflammatory question because you seem to be in the full size world, as well as in the small size world, when your tires are turning almost To 90 degrees is that still considered drifting when it, when it's not really done in full size, or is it done in full size, it's done in full size, too there's a couple of companies that do make a kit that's a bolt on application? Ovviamente, you need to still do the tow in the castle and all that good stuff that goes with it. Ma sì, there is companies that make 90 degrees close to 90., so in the sea, world it's totally just scaled down, then generally yeah. ok – and this is copy and paste are, are you using rear wheel, drive front wheel, drive rear wheel, drive only wow yeah. This whole club is rear, Ruota, drive. AHA, can you explain the difference between all wheel and rear wheel and drift? Imagine back in the day we didn't have the capabilities of uh sensing right when your car is starting to step up or step out right, but funny enough helicopter and plane guys had that technology available.

But us as dummies we need to know we can use that stuff right so back, then it was a all wheel, drive or four wheel drive chassis, which is more like a powerslide, well it's, more like a rally car you're. Turning towards the corner for the rear to come out and stay out right and then we started doing uh, canister or cs counter, steering where we were changing the front differentiation to the rear difference. Sì, così ora, Sì, your rear is pushing more than the front, and now you can kind of kind of steer kind of react, Sì, cool right and then a couple of us broke our front cbd's or your front belt. At that point right and then you know because of that now you've got rear, Ruota, drive but then at some point a very smart monkey found a helicopter gyro that was part of his receiver and he put that in his car and he had countersteer like it Was turning for him? Essenzialmente, if you think about it in a real drift car, you have caster bolt into the front end or in a real car for that matter, and that helps you park and self steer itself when the rear gets loose. So in a real drift car you'll drive towards corner, you know initiate a little bit of a counterweight you'll accelerate the rear, will come out. You let go of the wheel and the wheel will self correct right, but there's no way that you can feel that in a remote, controlled drift car right, you're sitting here, that's your steering, but you don't feel anything there's, no connection between you and that.

So you don't feel the weight shifting out you don't feel the weight moving and or nothing you don't feel anything well. The gyro is the caster in the front end, you give it a little hip it kind of steers for you, you get the steering smooth with your head and accelerate nice. Nice well said yeah. One is definitely power sliding when you have your subaru rally, car and then true drifting, i would imagine, would be rear. Wheel drive is drifting front, Ruota, drive, also no drifting in the front wheel. Drive car would be more like a rally style thing or a gymkhana. A timed course: ok, that would be you know, you're using the handbrake excellent answer. That kind of thing give us a rip around here. So if i, you know finally balance the steering and let go of it it's all still in aha because of the dry rule right. Sì, ora, if i just go with the accelerator, it'll start straightening out the wheel. Sì, i see that's when your car will go. Da questa parte, you turn that way, a little bit lift over again yeah. Yes right, small small steering input a lot of small steering inputs. Sì, we'll give you that big donut and then let it go this way and there we go beautiful beautiful. Thank you for the lesson yeah. If people want to know more, they can come down to the store. Please come down in the shop or message me on facebook, what's, the facebook page, facebook pages afro, rc club wow.

This is so much different than what i'm used to it's been years, since i did anything drift. So i'll point out to you what what is here this is my esc or my computer. Obviously that distributes the power between the motor from the battery to the motor from the battery to here from here to here or from here to the gyro from here to the receiver, which communicates with this guy, which communicates one in turning right wow. Così ora, if i shake my rear end, you'll see the countersteers yeah right uh and then, if you look at the radio it has rpms on it. Yeah wow, not working there's, so much rpm, i think i'm, non funziona, not working that's, ok, that's, very typical. When we go to show something that does work there, it is there it is very good yeah and this one's got turbo, so it'll rev up and it'll boost up wow yeah wow. What turn is your motor uh? Ten point. Cinque. Ten point: five ten point: fives because it's the easiest between them. At that point we just changed the gear ratios between the motor and the spur right, the printing spur. We changed that usually like a 30 A 84. I can't remember what stock is but yeah pretty cool, unbelievable yeah and then the wheels is tetched in which is a uh offsetable room yeah. So you can change offsets by simply undoing the back and then moving the barrel in or back out.

Do you sell all these parts here? I sell all of this if that's sitting on the table here, yeah and i custom build stuff for customers too, so i'll show you a custom bowl. This is also a yd2 uh, s6 wow, three black edition, and you can see the strongest fan on there. I'Ve made some spaces yeah. I see socks they're very bouncy yeah. Is that a good thing for body roll? Well it's good for body roll? If you have a surface like this or cement, that's super smooth, yeah you're trying to get as much traction and movement in the chassis right. If it was a high traction surface, we would stiffen it up more, like a race setup, Sì, sì, you remind me a lot of my old buddy crawler ted that did a rock crawling course in his garage. You seem to be the guru of drift around here. Grazie, guru of drift, rc amazing yeah, what a beautiful looking ride yeah. So this is both especially for a customer. He wanted a honda body yeah and you got it body. I still have to do. The 3d um intake so it'll be an nsxr there's, a 3d intake, oh cool right, and then i still got to put a wing on it. Wow yeah. I know how many people love scale garages and look at this right up at the front counter boo, Sì, there's, two cars. Look at this with the you can't go beyond the fence no one's allowed.

Ora, if you're, if your name is on the list, you might be allowed to be on the ground that's, why the security chicks are here. Oh my little dog, my buddy rookie right here would love this he's right into this kind of stuff. There you go little gundam girls as long as they can sing some some death metal he's into the thrash model, quindi sì, but look like that baby pop yeah, unbelievable okay.