Dowellin DWI D1 Micro imparare a volare Drone volo Test recensione

This flying ring quadcopter could be very resistant to wreck, but surprisingly maneuverable. A very good and low-cost first drone. Discover it right here and use coupon codes


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  1. These are pretty neat for the money, nice case. Wish they had chosen a standard micro usb charge plug.

  2. I have this and sometimes I get really frustraded

  3. I love this one.Can you give one free for me?Questo uno?How to get it free?

  4. I enjoy your videos. I'm enjoying this quad. It seems to be indestructible. My son can already do the flip and spin. At first I didn't think I would start to get the feel for it. At least now I don't get stuck to the ceiling as much. LOL

  5. How would you use the camera feature on this brand drone / quadcopter?

  6. my copter just blinks and won't turn on! please send me a pic of the directions to sseijas@yahoo.com🙂

  7. hola el mío se descarga rápido, es normal o me llegó averiado???

  8. Hi i am having an issue with this model, drone doesn’t link with remote. Ogni pensiero?

  9. Can you tell me the difference between upair one plus 2k and 4k? per favore

  10. Can you please do TKKJ TK116W Vitality drone review? Per favore?

  11. That is a nice little quad. Cute case, nice features and a great review! Grazie.

  12. In my opinion the most outstanding feature of your review when compare to all others is the bold inclusion of the total flight time ! Keep up the great job!

  13. I like the case. Do they sell the case separately?

  14. 8TH,,,,,,,,,,surprisingly I like it with the rings on there, but watch out, it will end up being a nice tree ornament, dangleing just out of your reach,,,I want the cute carry case,,,,

  15. hi sir i love your all videos and these are very helpfull . plzz make a review on this new buddy Hubsan H216A X4 DESIRE Pro Drone WiFi FPV https://www.tomtop.com/p-rm9564.html i want to buy it

  16. love your videos man! ++rispetto

  17. that would be super, if you could F.P.V. esso…

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