DJI SCINTILLA – Gimbal, Camera and Sensor ProtectionGimbal Guard Lens Cap Camera Lock

Among the best gadgets for the DJI SPARK to guard the Gimbal, Digital camera and entrance dealing with Sensor for journey.

Might be bought right here: http://www.lightake.com/p/Entrance-3D-Sensor-System-Display-Cowl-Digital camera-Protecting-Cowl-Lens-Cap-for-DJI-SPARK-Drone-Accessories_2228042.html

The journey case for the DJI Spark may be bought right here:

5 Commenti
  1. Where you get that travel case if you don't mind me asking sir?

  2. How much is a spark i need a drone 200$ with camera any suggests

  3. Awesome I ordered one just last week ✌🏻

  4. Have you tried flying with the protector in sport modus so the gimbal doesnt moves

  5. This cover actually push the gimbal a little set back in. Is this okay ? will it add stress to it and damage the gimbal?

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