DJI Crystalsky. I actually purchased one. But do I like it?

The DJI Crystalsky displays have been round since 2017. On this video I present you the way I connect mine to my controller and a pleasant use I discovered for the Micro SD Card Reader.

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  1. Does the HDMI output work with Fatshark or similar googles?

  2. This is a bulky old and expensive monitor that is a HUGE waste of money when a person can get a tablet for half the price

  3. Doesn't even have a 4G network capability.
    My Note8 is much better and easier choice.
    Modifica: network connection is highly recommended to keep you up to date about local flight zone conditions.

  4. Stabilità, lack of competing software for wifi abd and GPS/ location info resources, and other clients on a phone result in regular disconnects to a drone which is highly irritating and potentially dangerous. I swear by mine for my P4P and mavic air, and use the 7.85" Versione. Also the updates are far more well thought out, less regular and far less buggy. But safety, security and stability of connectivity is far superior. Oh, and lag between camera and screen is rapid compared to a phone. Battery life is far superior to a phone also, and you can hot swap them

  5. When you bought the autel and it has a screen built in. It feels pretty good I must say

  6. Just a note for anyone about the Velcro he used. It can be found in large rolls or small strips at home Depot. It is 3m dual lock. It is great stuff and very strong. I use it for many things.

  7. Just found this review after seeing you use it with your hiking Spark video. It would solve the hassle I have with trying to scrounge devices for our club drones. Will it work with any drone in the Go and Go4 apps?

  8. hey there Captaini saw this video clip on Crystalsky & wanted to know whats your opinion on this….

  9. Does your note 8 work with otg on your Spark

  10. After I started using Crystalsky, I don't want to use anything else, love this screen:-)Greetings from Iceland:-)

  11. Nice review 👍 I think compared to pricier CrystalSky, this 10in Android Tablet will be nice choice, at much lower price point, for Mavic 2 & Mavic Enterprise, for commercial/public-safety drone operations, as it has 'Micro HDMI' out.. 👏

  12. Buon video. Got me to looking what my phone has as I can't see it in sunlight at all. One site rated it as poor (287 nits). Allora, time to upgrade. Besides, it's 4 anni.

  13. Just grab a cheap xiaomi phone only 100+. It can do the job well.

  14. would I be able to use the crystal sky for my GoPro vlog setup instead of a drone?

  15. If I have a Samsung S8 phone that displays at 1020 nitts would I even need a 5.5 crystal sky?

  16. My iPad mini 4 seems to lag when I'm in a warm environment, not to mention the dim screen on sunny days. This would be better for these issues mentioned. I think if you Fly a lot, esp in very warm environment and use it for biz, the Crystal sky is the answer, until someone else comes out with one similar but at less cost.

  17. Very fine and good ideas VELCRO!😉✌🇵🇹

  18. DJI just released the new Mavic 2 controller with built in monitor of 1000 nits. Expensive but worth it for the professional.

  19. just wanted to share something with you for your crystal sky CS knurled thumb screws; uxcell M5x10mm Carbon Steel Step Hand Screw Flat Knurled Head Thumb Screws Bolts 5 Pcs

  20. So glad i subbed, can you tell me will this work with any camera as the monitor.

  21. So the CS has or doesn’t have GPS to get maps? Presso 2:22 you say the CS has GPS. Confused on the review on your vid about buy or not by the new smart remote where I think you state they do not have GPS? Grazie!

  22. I read that somehow using the Crystal Sky monitor will help to avoid or get around some of the required updates and other things that DJI can make you go through before you fly.
    If you're using your drone for some professional work and DJI won't let you fly until you do some horse crap it's really a deal breaker. If using this monitor will help you get around that stuff it would be worth the price

  23. Hi Captain Drone I liked your videos..😉👍🏽 excellent!!..Tappo, what’s the name of the Velcro?? Can this CrystalSky do the editing for your videos on the DJI GO 4app?? Like when you put music on it? from dji GO 4app?? and Can you share it straight to Facebook or YOUTUBE too??🤔🧐 Thank you Cap, Buona giornata. 😉🙏🏼👍🏽

  24. When i hook up the crystal sky monitor to my mavic 2 pro it just does not work. All the satellites disappear. Hooking back to the phoneall the satellites are back. Is there some setting that i am not dealing with correctly? I have not found any way to make the satellites come back.

  25. Hi Captain drone,

    First of all, I would like to say that I love your every single video posted on your channel. Infatti, most of your review on the dji products more or less influence me whether to buy dji stuffs. Mantenere il buon lavoro.

    Ora, back to the main point. I am planning to buy the 7.85 CS from DJI. Tuttavia, I have read a lot of posts in the DJI forum that DJI din't maintain very well on the CS firmware and DJI go updates i.e very slow on pushing the updates. Since you have a CS, I was wondering whether these complains are true?

  26. Capitano drone. I am buying a crystal sky 5.5 and I am not sure what power cord to use to charge the battery with. Can you please let me know which one I should get. Grazie

  27. Another video with everything answered!👍👍👍👍thank you👍

  28. capitan Drone, I would like to ask you a question: in your opinion and if you have experience, can you use crystal sky as a monitor for autel evo? if yes, could you explain to me how to load the app and use it?
    Thank you for your attention and possible answering

  29. Nice 'trick'! Grazie! I have Crystal SkyReally nice monitor. And I've installed Litchi in it too!

  30. Ciao Capitano ,grande vid , did the video files and pictures on the sd cards go to them directly from the drone as you were filming or do you have to transfer them from the drone cache . Regards John .

  31. How well does it fit in your hands with it connected via Velcro? Seems like you could mount it to a blade of aluminum that fits into the controller and it might sit better in your hands. I am still trying to decide if I want this or an iPad Mini 4

  32. Video grande come sempre. I have a question on the HDMI port. I’m assuming that’s an output and if so can I connect a set of fatshark dom v3’s?

  33. Hi really great videoSubscribed and watch all your vids thanks. Just bought a ChrystalSky really great product excellent display….

  34. The velcro attachment is a great idea!

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