Forse – ed ecco ci troviamo con il krux 3, so i'm gon na fireit up on a 2s battery we're, going to put up to a 650 on there and i'm going to show you how it rips after that we're going to come back and we'll. Do a little spec check, i'll, give you my flight tune, status report and i'll. Tell you the overall quality about what i think about this quad, so let's go ahead and get started. Let'S do a little bit of flying with the crux 3.. Here we go you're going to be impressed: Musica, Musica, Musica, Musica, Musica, Musica. So put some comments down below what you think about the the flight characteristics of this. Credo, on the high end of the throttle was where i was wishing for a little more kind of refined tune on here, uh precise tune. It was lacking on the tune on the high end of the throttle for me, so it could be these props. I could change out these props and try some different ones on here, but the frame held up good. This is a unibody frame and it looks like about two and a half millimeter bottom plate here, tiny bit of flex, non molto, but the motors are on solid. All the bolts on here were nice and tight when i got it from happy model. One of the things you guys want to always do is take a driver, go over every single bolt on your quad or airplane or heli, whatever you're flying if it's rc and you get it in the mail bind and fly from horizon hobby or china.

Dio, please go over it with a driver because it's kind of our responsibility to go over these things, because we're flying them right so um. I think that this quad it is a fantastic release. I think around for the price that you're looking for if you're somebody that wants to move up from a tiny, hawk and start playing around with some serious freestyle and learning some really fast, flying and pushing some really ultra small gaps and trying those power loops. This is a this is a great quad to move up to also anybody that is kind of experienced any of my friends that i know that fly fpv for the last eight years would fly this so yeah. I do have some guys that have been flying for eight years plus but let's go ahead and put this down on the bench and let's just check it out a little closer up. So you guys can see what's on board the crux 3.. Here we go so it does really look fast, just sitting there and i decided not to go back to the studio yet just because, Onestamente, all this stuff is still fresh on my mind and i just wanted to go ahead and get this review underway um. I think that for the price it's it's good, i think that it could have a little bit of a better tune on there. Ovviamente, at the high end of the throttle, some of these quads do require tunes and if i can tune it, i'll share the cli dump for you guys for the tune, and you guys can copy it to yours.

I think it also comes with a pretty nice case. The quad fits in there, you've got space for your batteries and it does come with an insta360 go mount that goes right on the top. If you want to put your go on there, i didn't, Perché, honestly i i didn't want to add the extra weight of this on there. If you want to do some cinematic sort of semi cinematic stuff with the gopro, you could do maybe a gopro naked on here as well, so um but you'd have to find a special mount. Maybe on thingiverse there might maybe someone makes one or we'll design one, because this is a pretty simple design. It just pops through the top, and then you twist it this way and it's on and it should stay on. But i just didn't want to add the extra weight and i wanted to show you guys what the amp camera looks like now again, my my battery of choice was the 2s650. If you're a beginner, you can also start on a 1s battery. Maybe you can find some 1s 350s or 450 it's, probably the range you want to go for. If you're just cruising, i think with a 652s, you could get close to four minutes, which is pretty good if you're really really ripping you're going to get like three minutes and that's doing a lot of high end high throttle punch now. The motors on here are happy model branded motors.

They are ex 12025 motors and those are 6400 KV. They'Ve got four bolts on the bottom and it looks like we have around a two millimeter bottom plate. There is a little bit of flex in the arms as well, which i thought was okay, um. The good thing is that when i did bottom out and i smacked down going pretty pretty much full throttle under that treethe arm didn't break off, and i thought i was going to walk up to kind of a mess. Maybe a broken frame or one of these sort of uh grommets broken where the canopy attaches and that's, usually what breaks. But i used a couple rubber bands to put my 2s650 on there and this battery is just so heavy. It did fly off so um. I found the battery in a couple minutes and i it took me a while to find the quad. It was face down and really kind of hard to see, but i think that overall, you guys are going to really love the way this flies um. As far as the components go, i think the components are okay, i don't think they're top shelf or anything, ma la cosa buona è che, if you're on a budget. This is one that you can pick up. You can start flying it relatively cheap and repair. It cheap so that's that's, davvero buone notizie, but again like hopefully i can get this tuned for you guys and share the cli the link to my google documents.

You can find a lot of my cli documents for tunes on various different quads, uh and i'll. Try to put a link down to that, but one thing is for sure. If you guys are trying to bind this up to your taranis, it does have an spi built in receiver, and i would also recommend that you put an xm plus on here, because you have plenty of room back there, but on the bottom right here. If you look on the left hand side of the quad looking at it from this direction, you can see that little bind button in there it's a little gold bind button, that's right next to the r1 tab, and what i do is i take a bamboo skewer And i push that down after i plug in the quad and the quad is on. You will push that down and then you'll start the buying process, and it takes a couple seconds and you'll hear telemetry recovered on your taranis and once you do that, you should be good to go. So you can go into beta flight and your stick should be moving around, but i was really happy to see that this came out and i was only notified of it a couple days ago and it's already here at my doorstep, so i really really enjoyed flying This one today and it was itwas kind of crazy, so it was fun to be back on the 2s train and having some fun um i'd like to see a little little higher milliamp, maybe in the vtx as well, so really fun to fly.

Quindi grazie ancora per aver guardato le mie recensioni, guys take care, and this has been a dashboard review.