The BEST Mini Drone Money Can Buy! DJI Mini 3 Recensione Pro!

But if you have been holding back buying a drone im gon na share with you. Why now its a great time to get this one? So ive personally bought this drone for this review. So all my opinions are not influenced by any party or dji themselves. This is my second drone from dji, […]

Holy Stone HS280 Foldable (150g) 1080p Adjustable Camera Drone Review

This is the hs 280. Now this is just a little brush powered. Sai, entry level drone, it doesnt have gps or optical flow, or anything fancy like that. So im just gon na do a quick overview of the drone here. Just use my head cam a little different than usual, while youre […]


I want to give you a video about my overall impressions about this drone, the pros the cons, and would i recommend it to you guys so, if youve never flown a small drone like this before your first impressions are going to be what the hell have. I done this is absolutely tiny, ma […]


com ive, been flying. Il dji mini 3 pro for the past three months now, and i say three months because it was released publicly about two months ago, and i had it a few weeks before the release date. In order for me to do my review and when they did release it, esso […]

Drone Pilot CRASHES the SU-57 and SU-35 RC Planes – Recensione

I have the su 57 and the su 35 im gon na fly both of these rc planes today. Now the difference between the two are: this one is more for your family. If you bought something for your child and youre going out flying with this one, and you wanted your child to have […]


Impressions of the dji mini 3 pro lets check it out, Musica, Va bene, so we have quite a lot of information to cover so lets. First start with the size, the weight and the build quality of this drone. I think the biggest strength of this drone is the fact that its a 249 […]

Hot New FPV DroneThe CINELOG 35 HD PERFORMANCE – Recensione

Let me give you a bit of history. So not too long ago, geprc released the cdlog 25.. I reviewed this. This is a pusher drone. I think it was one of my favorite drones at the time, its really really good and its called the 25, because the props are 2.5 inches. Then they […]

OriginaldoBo DJI Mini 3 Pro – DJI RC Love Handle Lanyard KitReview And Installation

Hey ive got an interesting product to show you today. This is going to be a fairly short video, but youre going to be interested in this. So if you own the dji rc with your mini 3 Pro, this is something youre going to be interested in. So our friend original dobo, ken dono […]

In alto 5: Drone migliori 2022 | Recensione del drone in 2022

Prima di tutto, the evolite plus goes directly up against the air 2s, capable of shooting 5.4 k footage at 30 fps using a one inch sensor. It shares a remarkably similar spec sheet, but it also both leapfrogs the air 2s and the mavic pro 2, with its 40 minute flight time and adjustable aperture, […]

The New PAVO 25 FPV Drone is so Very Nice! Recensione

5 pollici props un sacco di potenza volo super liscio se sei un principiante o un professionista che stai per amare questo bambino, le protezioni del puntello stampate aggiungono un altro livello di sicurezza. Quindi, se stai facendo cose sciocche come stavamo facendo qui volando intorno a noi andando tra le nostre gambe andando tra le nostre braccia, quindi […]

Maple Wireless Mjolnir Pro Review: Antenne per Occhiali DJI FPV V1 V2 sorprendenti! Vediamo Perchè!

I vari test che ho fatto perch sono stati veramente tanti e mi hanno anche impiegato diverso tempo allinizio, esteticamente potete vedere sono fantastiche, ma quello, che ci interessa sono anche le prestazioni partiamo un attimo dalla particolarit di queste, antenne oltre, al design, e poi, vediamo tutti. I vari test perch questa introduzione, sar […]

The most important part of your FPV drone. Testing SO MANY 5" Puntelli!

The prop has more of an effect on thrust power, prop wash handling and top speed than almost any other component. That youre going to pick on the drone and not only that its also one of the cheapest and easiest components to change to get very, very different flight performance. In this video im […]