It is it’s called an airship obstacle. Avoidance drone um. These fully caged drones are actually getting popularity, um è, in realtà, probably something without even flying. È, probably something i would recommend, Ho detto – probably let’s get started. Where did i open? I open it on the bottom. questa volta. Hmm, look at that it’s, a full cage: ok, Hmm, sensors right there, real tiny props um! This is probably more of a well i’m. Pretty sure it can work indoors outdoor doors, it has a gpx. So is it possible? This drone is made by gtx it charges by a usb which is right there. ok, let’s see if it works. Guarda, ok! Allora, ok, i forget now. This is an ir receiver and this is an ir transmitter, infrared which means it. The remote operates by line of sight like your tv, remote does. ok. This is definitely a toy drone in every sense of the word. Um it has. No real functions. Has no no gps, no remo, not a rover mode. The remote control is basically is an on off switch, in modo da poter vedere, and even the remote is ir based infrared, so you have to have line of sight with it. Infatti, you have to actually hit that that’s aim for that free event to work. The power button just turns it on, but to turn it the actual drone mode on you push the button, so that means it’ll launch off your hand um.

This is basically a glorified drone that you basically float with your hand. Um i’ll show you how it works. I have to make yeah i’m making sure that the transmitter is when the eye. ok, ragazzi. This is a lot of fun called operation. It has an ir blaster on the bottom, that’s that little black dot, that little black shiny dot right there and the remote is basically the same thing: it’s like an infrared, remote and that’s how you actually operate it’s only on and off. It only goes by obstacle avoidance there you go it’s a fun little drone Music, così la musica, Music do Music, Cioè, basically the airship obstacle over boyd and strong it’s a lot of fun. Um price of this is under 30 dollars under 25 dollars to be more precise, um è, un sacco di divertimento. It doesn’t have a brain, doesn’t have a camera, it basically flies on its own um, i mean technically, it has obstacle avoidance. He has these eyes on the side and um, basically that’s how it avoids it. The avoidance system is not, Naturalmente,, è, not a real avoidance system um, and it has no real direction. It’S a lot of fun, è. Think of it as more of a more advanced form of a nerf ball that you would throw with other kids, basically that’s the best best way to describe it. It would float from one person to another if there’s a group it’s a lot of fun.

Come potete vedere, you get to chase it around, it has a mind of its own. The randomness is actually the fun part of it. Um definitely can fly inside a house safely. I mean the only dangers i could perceive is here. If it flies in somebody’s head with long hair, there is a chance. Your hair will get tangled there. No permanent damage, Naturalmente,, it’s the blades that are not that powerful to really rip any hair off. It will just be an inconvenience the weight. There is really no weight to it. They’Ll, probably knock off your you know very thin, buzzes or whatever you have in your house, but on that great fun for the price, great fun, if you have kids um great fun to have friends, um è, Fondamentalmente, an outdoor fun activity with friends. Drone, not a rail drive, just a toy drone but fun. Grazie. Don’T forget to like subscribe and share hit that bell. Grazie.