SMRC ICAT7 Pro 2 Axis Gimbal Camera Drone Flight Test Recensione

Sunjin era fresco di dire prima in uno dei miei recenti video e quindi vince questo grido fuori. Quindi congratulazioni buongiorno, quadcopter 101, qui con una recensione del nuovo smrc icat 7 drone pieghevole pro. Un'altra gente pieghevole di droni qui per te, uh what's special about this particular drone, is first off i […]

Unedited Bugs 12 EIS drone 4K video

X73 JUMPER MINI FPV – Recensione completa – [Unbox, Ispezione, Volo/Crash Test, Pro & Contro]

This is a binding fly, so it's already got a receiver built in there's, already a little fpv mini camera up top with a VTX built in already video transmitter, and so all we need to do is bind it to a controller such as the trance, which I'm Going to be using here and […]

Bug MJX B7 7 Esempio di video 4K non modificato

Bug MJX B7 7 Video 2.5K di esempio non modificato

MJX bug 7 B7 Nessuna Registrazione GPS Brushless 4K Video Drone Flight Test Recensione

Entrambi sono stati i primi a dire prima in uno dei miei video recenti ed entrambi quando il grido in modo congratulazioni buongiorno, abbastanza copter 101 qui e ho una recensione di un nuovo drone pulito che è appena arrivato, e questo è il bug mjx 7b7. So what is the b7 well you're, guardando […]

BEGINNER RACING DRONEStay at Home Build Video! – ‘NEW 2020 EDITION ?

If you are just getting into fpv racing or you want to do your very first quad build. Questo è un 2020 updated beginner build series on my channel and i've done a ton of build series, but this one's using new components on here we're going to talk about everything on here. Si può […]


Today I have a really cool review for you. I am excited to have an insta 361 R. This is the twin edition version of the camera. It has multiple attachable reattach of all lenses that you can use. Ha un 360 option on here. Questo è il 360 lens with also an extra […]

A un prezzo stracciato & fantastico! – $113 NUVOLA DI RETTILI 149mm 3″ Cinewop – RECENSIONE & VOLI

It is one of the cheapest sand, whoops out there it's 3 Amp 4 s, capable it has a 4 bolt top plate, which I love and a GoPro mount on the front. It is not TPU, Tuttavia, it is also an XT 60 in the back and a wheelbase of 149 millimeters on this […]

Runcam 5 arancio – È buono come la sessione GoPro 5?

Recensione: Runcam 5 “arancio” FPV / Action Camera con funzioni extra!

These are two runcam 5s. This is the original run came 5. This is the run. Came 5 arancio. I wonder why they called it that I don't know anyway. So we've got run. Camp 5 it's a new one, we're still gon na black button. How about there they couldn't actually get around to […]

KAI DENG K60 HD Mini QuadCopter – [Funzione di inclinazione della telecamera remota]

Fondamentalmente, in my first review, I kind of missed the camera function that has a actually the camera has a tilt function. So I wanted to show you guys that really quick I'm going to go ahead and record some video of it tilting as well, so you can um. You can also see that […]