SKYDIO 2 Test di portata in profondità – Fino a dove andrà? Tornerà? (Beacon & Controller di!)

I think I'm also gon na just use the beacon, just in case it loses connection. I'Ve heard some stories about. Sometimes it just lands way out there. So we're gon na see, if that's the case anyway let's stuff power. This thing up, get it up in the air and see how far we […]

Skydio 2 Unboxing dal vivo

Grazie per esservi sintonizzati su questo livestream improvvisato. I know it is awesomely crazy out there right now and by awesomely I mean hugely crazy, with people staying home from work and school and all that kind of thing. But I thought I would make the most of it I'm actually here at my […]

Live from Colorado

As matter of fact, I was probably the best part of the show. Purtroppo, but we are here, we are live. Goods Channel. Ci siamo, live if you just refresh that you'll get it here in a second. You have to actually go back, but we are live from Colorado. I'Ve got a drinker […]

Who’s Buying Skydio? – A Nerds Perspective

The sky do now. I called this clip who's buying sky. Do I promise you that wasn't clickbait I've spent a lot of time studying the company going all the way back to their Gen 1 prodotto? I thought that was incredibly disruptive. The first drone they put on the market right through their latest […]

SKYDIO 2 Flight Test Review with Controller In depth – Pro & Contro

Do two here, we're gon na, do a flight test with the controller here's the sky to go here, got it all powered up, got two batteries and if you've missed couple of my videos, I did a really in depth. Unboxing on this really inspecting it close up and also an initial kind of […]

SKYDIO 2 Maiden Flight Test ReviewOn/Off Road & Tight Woods Fails

Do today's gon na be the first flight test got my Sun kyun over here. He'S gon na help me film. I'M up on Maui Poli Poli, we're gon na start launching here and have it track us into the woods over there. We'Re, actually camping, we're gon na go into the woods and then […]

SKYDIO 2 Parte di revisione del drone 1 – IN PROFONDITÀ [Unboxing, programma di installazione, updating, Pro & contro]

Is the sky? Do two drone from sky do themselves? I haven't reviewed the first one I figured. I would go ahead and drop the coin on the second iteration. The second generation, because it looked pretty good as far as what sky do had been working on, they finally got a three axis gimbal […]

Skydio 2 Panoramica del doppio caricabatterie – Accessorio Impressionante!

Fai due doppio caricabatterie che ti consente di caricare due batterie contemporaneamente per tornare fuori e volare molto rapidamente. Now I've had the product for a couple of weeks. I'Ve really been testing it to try and understand exactly how it works. So what I'd like to do […]

Test di tortura #1 – Skydio 2 Vs. Il bosco spaventoso

I know that we've got a little bit of low light today, which is something that you definitely want to be aware of, because the sky do works best when it's got contrast between dark and light. So I'm, really putting it to the test: cuz there's, some small trees, there's a lot of bramble […]

Drone Valley Vlog #17 – Nuovi droni – Skydio AccessoriesFAA Proposal ThoughtsMore Free Stuff

This is my first vlog of 2020, and so much has happened in the last couple of weeks that I couldn't wait to sit down and start talking about it now. Some of these things are incredibly exciting, while others honestly are terrifying and I'll. Give you my thoughts on all these topics in a […]

Skydio 2 – Sguardo più attento e impressioni iniziali – Incredibile!

Fai due droni e mostrarti alcuni degli accessori che le aziende hanno rilasciato. Questo può davvero migliorare la tua esperienza di volo. But before I get into this, I know some of you are probably thinking Rick. The drones been out for a couple of weeks. What took you so long? Bene, honest truth is I […]

È lo Skydio 2 Un assassino mavic?

Skydio ha semplicemente lanciato la sua seconda era di drone autonomo e sembra essere abbastanza superba. In questa clip vi presento un contorno delle sue opzioni e chiarire la tecnologia dietro la sua capacità di navigare profondamente in un panorama elegante mentre volare e seguirti nelle vostre avventure. Please let me know in case you have […]