Annuncio FAA

Alla fine del 2019, l'Amministrazione federale dell'aviazione ha rilasciato un avviso per la proposta di regolamento, una serie di nuove normative che vogliono mettere in atto. Non siamo pienamente certi del modo migliore per gestire questi regolamenti proposti, but what we do know is that there's a lot about them that is very […]


FAA / DOTDrone Press Conference, What you need to know.

Oct 19th 2015 – FAA/DOT Interview regarding a nationwide UNITED STATES drone registration and pilot data source. This is Drone Camps RC's commentary on the FAA/DOT Interview today concerning having a "drone" registration for each and every pilot. What you need to understand. Don't go nuts yet. The guidelines and guidelines are still not 100%. […]

What the HELL is a NOTAM or TFR ?

What is a NOTAM or TFR? – Drone Camps RC walks you with the basics of what current TFRs as well as NOTAMs are. RC Aircraft are also consisted of in FAA TFR news. Online: DJI as well as Horizon Pastime Dealership Shop: 844-DRONE-RC