HUBSAN X4 H501S AVANZATO – Parte 2 – [Doppia batteria Mod / Scambio di antenna / Prova della portata]

Questa è la versione nera, come potete vedere, e questa è la versione avanzata con questo – a little bit upgraded controller it's a little bit of a smaller screen than the original one. But it's got the antennas mounted on the outside of the controller, and this is going to be an interesting […]

SKYTECH H100 Racing Boat Recensione – [Corsa dell'acqua, Pro & Contro]

Ora questo è un spazzolato, una piccola barca da corsa mini. You can see it's, not very big it's. Only about a foot look foot in length and here's the controller here, but anyway I didn't really do an unboxing with this one but I'm just going to run it we're just going to go straight […]

DJI PHANTOM 4 Recensione – Parte 3 – [Test di volo, Pro & Contro]

XK X100 3D ACRO Quadcopter Giveaway!

All you have to do to win. Is you got ta subscribe to this channel and you got ta like this video you're going to like this video and you got ta leave one comment anyway: good luck and see you in the next giveaway.

MAVIC PRO MINI (TIANQU XS809W) – Recensione completa – [Unboxing, Ispezione, Test di volo, Pro & Contro]

The first toy grade replica of the DJI Mavic, is here and it's called the Visio XS eight, oh nine there's, a few different variants of it. We'Ve got one variant that is just the quadcopter. The quadcopter with altitude hold, which would be a barometer and we have a camera version and a Wi […]

Mavic 2 Pro – Waianapanapa 4K ‘Black Sand BeachHana Maui Hawaii (Auto Camera Settings)

Geneinno TRIDENT Sottacque Scooter – Recensione completa – [Unboxing, Test dell'oceano, Pro & Contro]

Gamma illimitata pappagallo! 4G LTE + Li-Ion Mod – 25 Volo manuale da Mile MAUI a LANAI ??

DJI MAVIC PRO Drone Goes Further Than Mavic AirIao Valley, Maui Hawaii

DJI MAVIC AIR Drone Surviving Tropical Rain DownpourMaui Hawaii

GLADIUS Pro Edition ROVAmazing Hawaiian Sea Turtle CLOSE Encounter

TOBYRICH MOSKITO Smartphone Controlled Airplane – Recensione completa – [Unboxing, Programma di installazione, Test di volo]