X8 2020 giveaway it's been a long time coming, but i have been mentioning in my videos for the um kind of the combo edition. I got that i would be giving away the standard edition and just to make it uh kind of a bonus for you guys. I got this extra carrying bag […]

Summer of Drones GiveawaysAutel Evo Winner

Was he happy to hear from us? I sent him an email and i said glenn you won the drone. Get back to me. Give me your address, so i can ship it and he got back to me and said this can't possibly be true. I never win anything. This has got to be […]

Spinup – Suggerimenti per YouTube – Vinci un'aria di Mavic 2 – Aggiornamenti del canale RSD

Innanzitutto, voglio collegare il mio evento, che si chiama spin up. It is happening september 12th and it's coming up very, very soon, it's going to be online because of covid and such this year we wanted to make sure everyone could attend, and people who couldn't travel would be able to […]

Happymodel Mobula6 X2 GIVEAWAY!!! – ENTER TO WIN A FREE DRONE ?

Welcome back to my channel today, I'm excited because we're going to give away to mobile. Oh six is here from happy model. These were super popular on my channel's little 1s brushless woop that really rip. So if you want a chance to win either one of these, you have twice the chance coming […]

XK X100 3D ACRO Quadcopter Giveaway!

All you have to do to win. Is you got ta subscribe to this channel and you got ta like this video you're going to like this video and you got ta leave one comment anyway: good luck and see you in the next giveaway.

Christmas DRONE Giveaway! – Hubsan ZINO PROMele Kalikimaka!

There it's an awesome, Drone, I've reviewed the Xena one and it wasn't that good and then they released a bunch of updates and it got better. This is the Z no pro which I haven't even reviewed yet, but I do have another one to review and that's going to be coming up pretty […]

Free Bugs 3 Drone – 12 Giorni di Drone Valle Natale Giveaways 2019

Drone fans Rick here again from drone valley, welcome back to day nine in our 12 days of drone Valley Christmas today, we're giving away another drone to get you up in the air and enjoying this amazing hobby. But before I get to this, I have a bit of a Christmas riddle for you. […]

Free Drone Valley 4-in-1 Memory Card Reader – 12 Giorni di Drone Valle Natale Giveaways 2019

Back with day a in our 12 days of drone Valley, Christmas and boy have. I got some cool drone Valley gear for you today, but before I get to this, where do you normally find a Christmas tree right between a Christmas 2 and a Christmas 4 on the eighth day of Christmas? Drone […]

WyzeCam gratis – 12 Giorni di Drone Valle Natale Giveaways 2019

Cool technology. Vertrge mooi want hij nooit, you guys dom comeback van de prise as you you for the incredibly pony jobs and the amazing thing: op bio, risico people, kunnen hebben, natural viewer de holiday's, claustrophobic, jullie john magic christmas banen for this christmas stroom politieke familie, ok en nu Whitepapers erp dat, zweer, […]

Ingranaggio gratuito Drone Valley – 12 Giorni di Drone Valle Natale Giveaways 2019

Drone fans Rick here again from drone valley, welcome back to day three of the twelve days of drone Valley Christmas and today we're giving away a bunch of really nifty drone valley gear. But before I get to this, what do you call a group of chess players bragging about their best game ever […]

Free AT&T Power Drum Charger – 12 Giorni di Drone Valle Natale Giveaways 2019

Welcome back to the 12 days of drone Valley Christmas. We have an incredibly cool giveaway for you today and it's only day. Two now before we get into this, why should you never build a snowman in Transylvania because you might get frostbite on the second day of Christmas. Drone Valley gave to me […]

Gratuito Tello Drone – First Day of the 12 Giorni di Drone Valle Natale Giveaways 2019

Now a lot of the guys around the shop we're asking me Rick in years past, you told a joke: you did a little bit of singing you're, not gon na go through all that kind of nonsense. Again this year are ya, and I was thinking about it. Yesterday and I don't know, Ho […]